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more emphasis on the little thingsFollow

#1 Jun 14 2009 at 9:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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even though it really plays no part in progressing, i'd really like to see some emphasis on the smaller aspects of the game.

one thing could be our mog houses (assuming they're bringing them back). more space, WINDOWS (with scenery), maybe even a balcony you can go out on with a view. and maybe have x amount of different models for each nation rather than just one model for each nation. they are apartments, right? well, give us a sense of height maybe. a lobby where we can access guild information, gather together for a party, just mingle, or something. not sure what the requirement would be for a small mog house vs. a larger one, but i know a lot of people really get into decorating their house. to justify it, maybe we'd have more options available to us when we're inside, and not just storage/job change.

another thing i see all the time in ffxi is the /dance emote. i know they added a few animations too, but they were ripped from DNC, and being a DNC myself, i was really disappointed when i saw that because it took away a special part of my job, even though its purely visual. maybe have a macro line for /dance emotes, but if there is a DNC job (by god there better be!), give them seperate, flashy dance animations so it doesn't feel like everyone can steal your thunder, in a sense.

more emote animations, period.

on the same level, instruments. i know in LoTRO you can play instruments, like literally play them with your keyboard. the addition of instruments everyone can play would be a fun time killer. of course, the option to turn off the instrument sounds would be available. and again in the same light of DNC, if BRD is in-game, they would have access to more notes? more instruments? i'm not sure, but more of...something.

terrain-freedom. i want to be able to jump (i know there is a thread about this), but also, i want to be able to swim, fall off a building, and well...i can't think of anything else, but you get the idea. i feel incredibly grounded in ffxi, and being a taru, it just makes things worse.

and the last thing that comes to mind is a more elaborate, less vague/strict chocobo raising system. like, i want to see a ranch, ****, maybe even several, where its strictly for raising. blues, greens, reds, blacks, all the colors, with special abilities, FF7 style but MMORPG-realistic. i'm not saying i want to breed a gold chocobo and fly/tread water/climb mountains all the time, but something exciting. maybe tie in quests where you need x chocobo to reach y destination, or just make it a full time thing, ex. only red chocobo's can travel on volcanic/otherwise hot atmospheres, or get a speed bonus. somethinggggg.

i apologize for my late night rantings.

anything else small you'd want to see emphasized/added?
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