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Whats everyones MMO expereince?Follow

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So theres alot of people around these orums. Alot form FFXI alot from WoW and some of us from other games entierly. So I was wondering what everyones MMo resume so to speak is. Since I started this I'll go first

My first real mmo was Asherons Call 2. That didn't last past the trial so I dont really count that as a real mmo expereince. But I was there....briefly

. My first real experience with MMOS. EvE was an interesting beast and to this day I think remains the most unique mmo of the crowd. I had a great corporation behin me and we used ot have alot of fun doing even mundane things like mining for hours. Unfortunatly EvEs heavy emphasis on pvp and the Devs attitude of letting players exploit the game in any way they could imagine drove me off that game. But I still have great memories. I went back briefly a few years ago and was welcomed back to my corp. I blinked when alot of the new corp members introduced themselves to me and to ld me what an honor it was to meet me. I blinked and asked why the **** that would be. Well noone ever forgot that it was my name that finally got chosen to be our corp name. Intergalactic Combined Technologies. Turns out they remebered and credited(blamed) me for the ridiculously long corp name. Stories of my early wheelings and dealings on the market had also gotten around (I facilitated the deal that got our corporation its first unlimited blueprint of a cruiser) I still remember the mess of investors all expecting a ship and me playing overtime to provide everyone who had invested in the bp a ship as compensation. It was hectic but I pulled through and got myself a ship out of it. And I will never forget the day that ship was destroyed. A few of us decided that since we were now outfitted in spiffy new cruisers with much bigger guns then our previous frigates we could go out and explore some of the more ....wild places in the EvE universe... well theres always a bigger fish and in one of those systems we were exploring ( a really cool site of an ancient battle with the husks of dead ships floating everywhere) we were ransomed by a player pirate in a Battleship. He was threatening to blow us to kingdom come if we didnt come up with a million isk a piece (alot of money to us back then) we decided... theres 4 of us in cruisers vs 2 battleships the odds are in our favor. We were wrong.. we were so so very wrong. The battleships immediatly proceeded to wipe the floor with us, I tried to warp out but they warp jammed me and pod killed me. Good times... Good Times.

Neverwinter Nights
. Tho techinically not an mmo the game once had a very vibrant multiplayer scene with hundreds of player made persitant worlds. These functioned similair to mmos but not exactly. Besides the fact that all these pws were amateur made the emphasis in the NWN mp scene really was around the Role play. Wed sit for hours in an Inn on some server that had 768 kpbs upload speed roleplaying. I'll never forget Amywien My singing ditzzy fashion obsessed bard turned sorceress or the rp that led to her becomign a sorceress, I'll never forget Bodach the slow witted but big hearted Orc warrior, Or Reln my Noble weaponmaster plauged by too much attention from the ladies. It was alot of fun and I met my fiancee in NWN something I will forever be indebted to that game for. But sadly my passion for roleplaying died out over the years and now I never roleplay. I spent time as an admin and a builder for one of these worlds (so I have a very very very amateur idea of item balance, dungeon and mob balance and the frustrating things players do to thwart a builders efforts in providing a fun challenge) But the joy of RP was lost to me by then. The end of my days on NWN I spent mostly in the games robust toolset building new content for my players. Until the server admin of the server we were running threw in the towel.

FFXI. I played for a few months back at NA release. Alot of the thigns people talk abotu now were so foreign to us then. Ninja blink tanking was still a hushed rumor back then noone had the gil to afford using the ninja magic all the time. The dunes were still filled with noobs begging for their sub job items. The frustration and tedium eventually claimed me and I rage quit shortly after making (and subsequently losing) level 30. I have a love hate thign with this game. I look back and remember much of it fondly and then those fond memories are marked with the frustrations that game threw at me everyday. I remember how awesome a great party was throwing out skillchains left and right and chaining it mobs one after another. Then theres all the times Id sit LFG for hours unable to do anything. The sad thing about FFXI was every time I described the great thigns abottu that game to my gf its inevitably followed by all the frustrating things abotu that game. I never could seperate the fun from the frustration. This one is the only one of the bunch I regret leaving. I look back on it often and remember it alternatly fondly and not so fondly. But I think every ffxi player can attest this that theres just something about this game. I only wish I could have put up with the games frustrations better then I did back then. I wasn't as patient. Sadly when i tried to return my character was gone a victim of SEs bizzare practice of deleting characters. (something Ive never seen in the others)

Ragnarock Online Interspered with NWN came RO. My Gf turned me onto that game and We played it for awhile. It really didnt do a whole lot for me. It was fun and all but honestly most of my memories of RO are of me getting to know my then soon to be gf.

I didnt like this game much at all. My GF picked it cause she just loves Chibi but neither of us were very excited by it. She started to give up her resitance to p2p mmos around then and I was able to convince her to give the next one a shot.

The ever infamous WoW. WoW may be the first mmo I truly fell in love with and the one that broke my heart. WoW in the begining was a great game. Back then it was different. TBC wasn't out yet it was still a whisper in the wind. I fiddled around with some classes got an orc war to 30 played around with some others before I finally landed with the Warlock. The class that would come to define my playstyle forever in mmos. Never before I had I found a clas I so thoroughly identified with. To this day much of my mmo expereince is me futilty trying to recreate the Warlock. We played all the way up through TBC. Sadly the excitement and fun of leveling up fell away to the miserable and monotonous grind of end game. I was a guild leader back then doing the same raid all the time started to try on my nerves. More so trying to deal with all the miserable squabbles in my guild really tried my patience. I started to dread logging in. I found myself afraid to log in to go through the same raid and hear the same people fight abotu the same things. Then Blizzard made some choices that royally ****** off my gf (a priest who got to watch her role sidelined by the Paladin). I still remember the priest riots when prayer of mending was nerfed and all the ascii middle fingers priests were posting on the boards. A combination of end game monotony guild bullsh*t and a very ****** off gf killed wow for me. Recently I went back to check out Wotlk but sadly the game just doesnt feel the same. Alot of things I really liked liked about wow were slowly phased out and replaced with poor substitutions (I dont care what anyone says arena sucks and doesn't hold a candle to world pvp or even their battlegrounds)

City of Heroes
City of heroes was in the begining a breath of fresh air after wow. It was so different and not having to worry about gear grinds was really welcome to me. People did the content to do it not because the sword of awesome leetnes was dropped by so and so. But the game felt generic and confined. The heavy instancing and zoning of the game lacked any sort of variety at all and its clear that most of the dungeons are randomly generated. Walking into an office buillding and appearing in a sewer was really silly. The devs didnt even try to match interior maps with their exterior doors. The game had virtually no end game content to speak of not much of a story and not much more to do then endlessly grind missions in the same 6 styles of maps. As much fun as it was at times it got old fast.

Age of Conan
Man I was the BIGGEST cheerleader for this game. I couldnt wait till it hit store shelves. I followed the game religously for a year and a half before its release. I bought an oversized Age of Conan mouse pad (I'm still using)I preordered the collectors edition. I gathered together some of the cooler cats I had started the old WoW guild with to form a new guild for Age of Conan. Well the game hit the guild collapsed on day one and I went at it alone. and needless to say the game sucked and I was immensly let down. The fanboi in me died that day (or so I thought until this game was announced) Every Game I followed after that one (except this one) I refused to get enthuisatic over determined to not get let down again the way Age of Conan let me down.

Lotro I just started this one. I dont have alot to say about it yet other then the graphics are really really impressive and the game is fun. Time will tell where this one leads me too. Hopefully it keeps me occupied till STO and FFXIV come out.

Anyways thats abit about my mmo history anyone else care to share?

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