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Ive been wondering how pet jobs will be implemented in XIV and what changes they might make to them to fit with their idea of a more natural character progression. Besides Drg, the majority of what makes the pet jobs what they are is their pets (Drgs in FF games have still been Drgs without pet wyverns). So the question is, how will we acquire abilities like charm, activate, call wyvern etc. and what will make one be able to say "Im a -pet job-" in FFXIV.

So far the speculation about character progression hasnt touched on weapons and equipment with job limitations. The current popular belief is that if you want to take the path of a blm, you equip and fight with staffs to learn blm spells. If charm is learned in the same way, what would you call someone who takes a path of bst abilities and cure spells? This sort of leads me to believe that there will be clearly defined jobs and the ability to change jobs like FFXI. Maybe what weapon you use as you level up a job is what they mean by weapons having a bigger effect. Using a scythe on bst could lead to a different type of bst at the end than one who used an axe-sort of like specs in WoW. That might not work too well though because perfect balance is impossible and some people would be disappointed by taking the 'inferior' route and not being able to change it. None the less I do believe defined jobs are in store for us. I just cant imagine any other way to have pet jobs.

As for changes go I can only comment on Drg personally but I know Smns will want to be able to keep their summons out and Pups want better AI. As a Drg the most important thing is please keep the pet wyvern. Im one of those dragon fanboys and one of the biggest things about FFXI that got me to buy it was the Drg job. The pet wyvern made the job 10 times more fun than previous examples of dragoons in FF games. I know thats not a change lol but I just wanted to point that out. I would like to see the wyvern physically change through leveling. I think most will agree with me here. It could be as simple as getting a "Call Wyvern II" that replaces "Call Wyvern" upon reaching a certain level (skill level perhaps). More abilities and AI from our wyvern. Maybe the wyvern could use its own abilites to capitalize on cooperative events (i.e. magicbursting a SC with a breath attack) or performing short duration debuffs right before the Drg is about to use a WS (or WS equivalent). I would also like to see us able to wear heavy armor. I think SE will probably oblige with this one as evident in the newer Drg armors in FFXI.

What are some changes you guys want to see with pet jobs and what are some ideas you have about pet job implementation?
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