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#1 Jun 03 2009 at 4:28 AM Rating: Excellent
I. We will be able to choose our server. II. The races / jobs will be comparable to FFXI (the basic six, at least.) III. The cities will be similar to FFXI (Magic City, Technology City, Knight City - Mystic, Brains, and Brawn). (edit: And that the starting cities for the races are the same.) IV. We will all start in a similar time frame (get on, install, and updated). V. The linkshell item will be easily obtained early on.

If we can't pick our server (and I hope they keep this feature), then I guess we'll use this thread to {Gather together.} where we can.

So post:
1. What Zam-related LS name would you like to use? What color should it be?
2. What race / job combo would you start with, either by job or role (i.e. Mithra RDM, Galka Tank, Tarutaru Support, etc.)?
3. Which city would you like to start in?

Yeager (Tarutaru) Dandruffshampoo (Mithra Melee) Sicklove (Hume Melee) Stovetop (Mithra THF) Tenshinhan (M Melee / H Tank) Unaisis (Hume RDM) Mezlabor (Mithra Melee) Kairasu (Hume) Exodus (Elvaan PLD) Venion (Hume Melee Ralrra (Galka MNK) Stupidmonkey (Elvaan MNK) Dlaqev (Mithra Support) Larzu (Galka) OmegaTyrant (Hume BST) NuclearMayhem (Mithra WHM) Zokudu (Galka WAR) EndlessJourney (Mithra Tank) Codyy (Tarutaru BLM) patient (Mithra Pet Job) cjacobr (Hume Tank) fatalillusiontw (Mithra Monk) NguyetCam (Elv/Taru Tank) LordFaramir (Mithra Melee) digitalcraft (Hume) Sahaya (MNK) LordAshal (Elvaan Melee) Kainase (Hume Support) Tenzai (Hume RDM) mortalabattoir (Elvaan DRG) kosmoK (Mithra Melee) Dorgon (Hume RDM) heavensword (Elvaan PLD) Laiferr (Mithra Melee) SeacoastSC (Mithra) FenrirXIII (Galka BLM) scchan (Hume Hybrid) Bardalicious (BRD) mycathatesme (Mithra Melee) kyansaroo (Tarutaru BLM) Ruam (Galka Tank / Tarutaru Mage) ebenezerspooge (Hume Mage) Allegory (Tarutaru WHM) Nosferatu (Galka DRK) Torrence (Elvaan) Seloan (Hume Melee) CrimsonNeko (Mithra healer) Displace (Hume Melee) ChokoboRider (Mithra RDM)

Potential Names:
  • Zam
  • GreenArrow
  • BaconMages
  • RateDown
  • RateUp
  • SubDefault
  • ShaZam

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Edited, Jun 10th 2009 5:10pm by Dandruffshampoo
Until we meet again... stay gold. *bang*
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