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#1 Feb 22 2010 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
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So I've been trying to get my Elite Exploration coins, which seem to like to hide really really high up along the mountainous zone borders. That's all fine and good, except for the glaring problem that I can't seem to climb up to them! I should mention that I'm not just trying to blindly scramble up the side of a 90 degree angle. Once I see a coin, I look all around to find a route. But I can't seem to maintain my balance on these paths, and always fall off to one side or the other.

I just realized part of my problem is my computer: if I turn on any (any) textures, the flat parts of these paths are much clearer but Free Realms runs way too slowly. (Forget the fact that I have a good compy with 3 gigs of ram...for some reason any game I run from an internet browser seems to ignore all my fancy stats.) So I just realized that maybe I literally can't get any of these because I'll never see the path clearly enough on my low end settings. But that being said...this still seems a little ridiculous. For Rares you sometimes beat your head against a wall trying to go one way just to finally realize it's another, and was really very simple the whole time. You get a belated but rich sense of accomplishment. But these Elites? I mean there's clearly only one way up...right? :O

I'm in Blackspore right now, specifically trying to get "A Relic View" and "Top Tier Mining Excavation." (Please don't tell me where the others are, I want to find them on my own!) I've found a few tips online but they all just say "climb up to it" or sometimes "don't fall off the path." But don't fall off the path how? You have to be "good?" This doesn't feel like an issue of being good to me, it's not like you're playing Pac Man and you're good at the dodging or the timing. This is just trying to get an avatar up an angled polygon that's too steep, and it often won't let you jump while you're on it. Getting these Elites aren't just a matter of dumb luck, are they? :\ Of walking up this narrow path seventy times just to get it if you're really lucky and gravity drops you on just the right pixel to move further along? I hope not because that really seems to fly in the face of all the care they took in hiding the Rares. If you've got any tips for navigating steep surfaces, please drop me a line!

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#2 Feb 22 2010 at 12:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Well I just found some helpful Youtube videos showing how to reach them. They both show the same paths that I've been trying to take...I'm not sure why it isn't working for me. I did notice in the videos that they never walked, but only hopped and paused, hopped and paused.
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Yup, jumping and using launch pads whenever you can are the best ways to get to those coins. Try to jump on small juts in the terrain, make sure you stay put, then jump to the next spot. :)
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