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Help me choose my class. (Im new in WAR)Follow

#1 May 19 2009 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Im quiting WoW now and decided to come play WAR. I got the game, but i cant decide about the class. In WoW, im a Rogue and i LOVE it. Silent killer. Quick and deadly. I want something similar, but the WE cant be male. I do not want to play female. (Any stealth class in WAR?)

Also, in few video, the SwordMaster looks cool. He wear robe, and use a long sword. Look like a samurai a bit, sooooo cool. But i read somewhere, later on they use shields (so maybe he is not a samurai) and i read too, since the last patch, the Tank classes is weaker in PvP, like the melee DPS classes. Shadow warrior is looks cool in the intro too, but i do not know to much abouth them.

One thing is sure. I dont wana be a mage, or a healer. I wana do PvP mostly (i dont wana do any PvE if possible, PvE is boreing). I wana be someone who use weapons, melee pref. but ranged ok too and if possible, not need to wear heavy armour and NO shields, i do not like them. (like my rogue, leather armour only, but he can dodge, feint, parry, ect.).

I know, not easy to help me. I want too much. :)

Thank you guys.

(and sorry for my bad english, this is not my native language)
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Witch Hunter
#3 May 26 2009 at 5:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Yeah, the Witch-hunter would be the Order side equivalent to the Witch-elf. However, end-game the Witch-elves seem to be a bit more effective. The Witch-hunter is the one class my Sorc feels completely defenseless against. They kill FAST.

I have a Shadow-hunter, though only level 9. You can specialize in melee, ranged damage or a combo of the two. I like the class, but, at the moment, they are reportedly under-powered in PvP.

Depending if you're going order or destro there are the slayer and choppa. They are melee range dps/aoe. They're pretty deadly.

Last comment, both sides have a battle-healer, the Warrior Priest and the Disciple of Kaine. Both can do enough dps to be called a dps class. They can but often don't heal in groups (and most don't expect them to). The Warrior-priest is a bit over-powered atm - a nerf is expected. Still they are solid solo classes if you're at all interested in dueling.

Expect to do some pve in the early levels to xp up a bit. Once beyond 20 or so you really don't need to anymore as long as you're on a busy enough server to provide continuous pvp (I suggest Praag, Phoenix Throne or Volkmar).

At end-game many will PvE for the gear, as the best PvP gear is pretty hard to come by. I've not done any PvE in t4 however, and am managing to gear-up sufficiently for my needs.

Welcome to War.
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