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I wrote this for my guild some of it is mine, some is from message boards across the net, and some is from The Herald!- and wanted to get feedback on it, as well as sharing it with folks who aren't as aware!

What is a guild banner/standard?

First, the terms banner and standard are interchangable. We'll use the term standard in this FAQ for easy reading!

The Standard window (in the guild interface menu) is where the Guild’s standard is displayed. Standards are granted as a guild reward and are two handed items that are usable by Standard Bearer’s on the battlefield to grant bonuses to the party. From this tab, Guild’s can view their Standard, Edit their Heraldry, set the Standard post, and modify Tactics for the Standard. The Heraldry Editor is accessed from this window,

The Edit Heraldry display allows guilds to choose a unique Heraldry configuration that is displayed on their Guild Standard. Heraldry reservation costs a fee and is granted as a guild reward, though the display of the Heraldry on the Standard is unlocked gradually through the guild rank progression. Heraldry customization options include a shape, base color, pattern, pattern color, emblem, and emblem color (there are 1-10 color variations per emblem).

The holder of a standard on the battlefield is called a standard bearer, the standard bearer cannot use his or her personal abilities, tactics or morale abilities as long as he or she is holding the standard. A guild can attach trophies to the standards, trophies that can be gained from the guild's victories and achievements. The standard works as a rallying point for the guild's characters. The standard has a morale bonus given to the players in a PBAoE around the standard.

The standard gives special abilities to the standard bearer, based on the rank of the guild, the first ability the standard bearer gets is the ability to plant the standard on the ground so he can fight alongside his allies. Other abilities include speed bonuses and the ability to swing the standard to knock-back the enemies. The standard also has tactics. The guild can choose different tactic builds for different occasions, there are up to three tactic slots for each standard. In RvR, a player can capture the enemy standard by capturing a planted banner. When a standard bearer is killed the standard he was carrying becomes planted at the point of his death. A guild can own up to three standards.

Tome unlocks and trophies are available for caputuring the banners of enemy guilds.

At the lowest level you get the "Recruit" banner (which automatically has the 25% run increase on it) and get one tactic slot. As the guild levels, more tactic slots will become available.

What is guild heraldry?

Heraldry is the emblem that we have chosen to visually represent your guild. Our heraldry can be placed upon cloaks, allowing us to proudly proclaim our guild affiliation. Heraldry is also displayed upon standards.

How do I get the heraldry on my cloak?

hm, no idea. Someone go look this up and get back to us!

What is a guild tactic?

Guild tactics are the same as each players' tactic choices, but these are used and shared through the guild standards.

While the Standards themselves provide a morale generation bonus for the party, additional area-wide bonuses can be applied to Standards through the use of guild Tactics. Guild Tactics can be purchased using guild Tactic points, which are earned as the guild reaches new guild ranks. A guild must also unlock Tactic slots on its Standards to be able to slot its Tactics onto them, with up to three Tactic slots eventually becoming available (per Standard). This provides each Guild with a variety of ways to customize the bonuses on their Standards to best suit the needs and play styles of their Guild members.

What are Standard Bearers?

At level 5 we unlocked the option to have 2 standard bearers at a time. At level 15 we'll unlock two more. Here's a link to how this system will work.

How can I be a standard bearer? This bit is only for my guild - but it's a good way to GL's to see how to do it!

We are allowing all members of Vetern rank to assign and unassign themselves and others as standard bearers. Until guild level 18 we only have 2 bearers. Please see the following FAQ for information all about being a standard bearer!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask either here on these boards by posting or private message, or in game email, tells, or through out of game IM. Whichever makes you comfortable!

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How do I become a standard bearer?

If you are a veteran member: In the guild roster right click your name and select "Assign Standard Bearer". If the option is greyed out, there are already 2 standard bearers active. Obviously, this is only for level 5 guilds, at level 18 you get two more bearers.

How do I buy a standard?

Standard's can be bought from several different merchants. The easiest way to find them is the siege merchant in each warcamp. They are 2 gold each. They are listed as quarter masters.

How can I lose a standard?

Many, many ways! First, if you leave the standard planted in a scenario when it ends, the standard disappears.

It takes 10 seconds without getting hit to pick up/store a standard, longer if you are getting hit. If you're being hit the cast bar doesn't reset when storing but it does do a knockback on the cast bar so depending on how much you are getting it you could be looking at a very long time of not doing anything.So keep an eye on the time!

Also, falling into lava (T3 scenario anyone?) and dying will lose your standard if you're carrying it when you go flying!

If the standard bearer dies or gets to far from his standard the standard may be stolen by enemy armies. However, if a realm mate recovers your standard it will be mailed to you! So always keep a lookout for available standards!

What do I do with the standard once I have it?

Standards give bonuses when equipped and planted. Planting is instant. Unplanting takes 15 seconds and may be interrupted. Please note that I've been warned you can't pick it up when the wind is blowing in your direction. I have no idea what that means!

When equipped the bearer can not use any skills, abilities, morales, traits, or eat ice cream. It's really rather boring. However the base standard gives a 25% speed buff to all group mates! WOO HOO

When planted, the flag continues to give the tatic buffs you have selected, and a 25% increased morale gain instead of the run speed.

Stealing/Recovering Standards

Standards that are separated from their bearers when planted, either by death or distance can be recovered. If it's an enemy standard you'll receive tome unlocks, standard scraps (not sure what they do yet), and renown. If it's a realm mate's standard it will be mailed to them!

If given the opportunity to recover a standard always take it!!!

Explain Tactics!

Tactics are passive enhancements that help you fight the way YOU want to. Are you going to charge headlong into batter, or sneak around and plan a surprise attack? There are 3 kinds of guild tactics – Offensive, Defensive, and Stat Enhancement. Each Standard may contain one of each type of Tactic.

Some examples of Guild Tactics include:


- Weapon Deflection: Increases armor by a certain percentage (depending on level of tactic).
- Blade Avoidance: Increases Parry Chance by a certain percentage
(depending on level of tactic).

Stat Buffs:

- Enhanced Brawn: Increases Strength by a certain percentage (depending
on level of tactic).
- Enhanced Knowledge: Increases Intelligence by a certain percentage
(depending on level of Tactic)


- Thornshield: Deals a number of damage back to the attacker when you’re
struck by a melee attack.
- Enhanced Vigor: Increases Actio Point regain rate by a certain percentage
(depending on level of tactic).

Each basic guild Tactic that is purchased by a guild may be upgraded to more significant versions of the tactic by spending additional guild tactics points on the tactics line. Each guild tactic possesses a base version of the tactic and three upgraded versions that must purchased sequentially. (ie: purchasing the base version unlocks the ability to purchase version 2 of the tactic, purchasing version 2 unlocks the ability to purchase version 3, etc.

Your guild can purchase a total of 18 tactics, however you can only use up to 9 of them at any time (3 per standard). No, you can't (at least not yet) change the tactics that you have purchased, however you can edit the standard itself as far as which tactics you are using. Once you save changes to a standard, it becomes unable to be edited for 24 hours.

By guild rank 40 you will have 36 tactic points to spend. You can purchase up to 18 different tactics and the remaining tactic points can be spent on higher ranks of the already purchased tactics. With 9 available tactics slots 3 on each of the 3 standards. You end up with 9 tactics at max rank 3 which is 27 points. If you get 36 points you have room to ***** up 9 times and still end up with the 9 tactics at rank 3 that you wanted.
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Don't forget that you can capture a keep and that the bonuses from your standard apply to (what looked like to me the other day) the entire zone. Even if the people in the zone aren't from your guild. It was a nice surprise when defending a keep :)
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all the standards ive seen also have the basic (entry level) ability of near-invulnerability for 15s, activateable while holding the standard. doesnt make you immune, but generally makes most stuff hit for under 50 damage (lots of 1's).
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