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I've duplicated the Pre-Launch FAQ for your convenience and discussion here, originally located at the WAR Herald:

Pre-Ordering the Game

Where can I Pre-Order the game?

The WAR pre-order program is supported by a number of retailers in North America and the Oceanic region. Collector's Editions have sold out at all retailers and are no longer available.

For a full list of North American partners please visit:

Please note: no longer provides pre-order bonuses such as Open Beta, Head Start, and in-game items as their deadline to pre-order has expired. You may still visit your local BestBuy store and purchase a pre-order box there. Individual stores of a given retail chain may be out of codes. You must check with your local store before you purchase to ensure they still have codes available. If you had previously pre-ordered from and are still waiting for your codes please contact their customer support.

What Does the Standard Edition Pre-Order Include?

The Standard Edition Pre-Order box contains codes which will allow you to get into Open Beta (Starting this Sunday, September 7th!); Head Start codes which will let you start playing the game early; and special in-game items. For a list and details please see our Pre-Order page: Please note that details on the Pre-Order page are subject to change.

I Pre-Ordered the Game, however I never received my codes. What can I do?

Mythic Entertainment and Electronic Arts have provided all retailers with sufficient, and in some cases extra, codes for Pre-Order customers. Mythic Entertainment and Electronic Arts will not be supplying retailers with any additional codes. All Pre-Order customers must talk with their retailers regarding codes. Players who pre-ordered the Standard Edition at a store should receive a Pre-Order box containing their codes (supplies are limited), online customers will receive their codes electronically.

If you have pre-ordered a Collector's Edition and your retailer has not provided you with pre-order codes by the time we launch, your account will be credited with 4 days of game time (in addition to the 30 days included with the box) and you will receive the two pre-order bonus items in appreciation of your patience when you register your retail key. Please note: This is for Collector's Editions only.

I ordered my game online, when will I receive my codes?

Each online retailer handles code distribution differently and you are encouraged to contact them for more information. We've provided guidelines below for the various retailers, but retailers may change the program at their discretion. Neither Mythic Entertainment nor Electronic Arts guarantee that any retailer will send the codes to you as promised by the retailer:

- EB/Gamestop sends codes approximately within 24 hours of ordering
- no longer provides Pre-Order bonuses for online orders

- EA Store sends out codes approximately once per week

- and pre-orders receive codes within several minutes of ordering. For customers, codes are placed in your media library; please see this Herald post for instructions on finding your codes:

My retailer is out of codes, can Mythic provide me with some?

Mythic Entertainment and Electronic Arts have provided all retailers with sufficient, and in some cases extra, codes for pre-order customers. Mythic Entertainment and EA will not be supplying retailers with any additional codes. We are unable to provide codes to players; you must work with any of our Pre-Order partners to secure your pre-order codes: If your retailer has no additional pre-order boxes in their store, you must pre-order from another source in order to get the codes. If no local retail shops have pre-order boxes it is recommended that you order online to ensure that you receive your codes. ( is no longer a supported online partner).

I have codes for a different version of the game than the one I pre-ordered. Will this affect me after launch?

Pre-order codes, both Collector’s and Standard Edition, have no effect on your account after launch. All pre-order customers are able to access the Open Beta, Head Start, and receive the in-game items regardless of the codes and version they pre-ordered. For example, a Standard Edition pre-order who accidentally received a Collector’s Edition pre-order card will be able to enter a Standard Edition code at launch without penalty; however, you would not receive the exclusive content included with the Collector's Edition itself.

Account Creation

Where do I enter my Pre-Order codes?

Please use your codes to create an account in the Mythic Account Center ( You no longer need to enter your codes in the old Beta Center.

What if I already used my codes in the Beta Center?

All Pre-Order customers must create an account in the Mythic Account Center and re-enter their Pre-Order codes there. Players who do not create a Mythic Account will not be able to access the game (including for Open Beta and Headstart) until they do so.

What is the difference between a Master Account and a Game Account?

A Master Account is the account that you use to log in to the Mythic Account Center ( so that you can manage your subscription and account information. In order to provide convenience to players with multiple subscriptions to a single title, you are able to have multiple Game Account profiles under a single Master Account. It's important to note that Game Accounts and Master Accounts can have different usernames and passwords. When logging into the game, you should log in using your Game Account username and password. For security reasons Mythic Entertainment recommends that create different passwords for your Master Account and Game Accounts

Downloading the Game

Where can I download the game?

Anyone with a valid Open Beta code from their Pre-Order can download the game directly from FilePlanet. Simply visit and login or create a free FilePlanet account. Then enter the Open Beta code provided with your Pre-Order. (The same one you entered in the Mythic Account Center.) It is recommended that you use their provided download manager to ensure a complete download. Mythic Entertainment does not guarantee that you will be able to download the game client from FilePlanet in time for either the Open Beta or Head Start program. If you have purchased the CE and have been unable to get into the Head Start, look above at the paragraph entitled “I Pre-Ordered the Game, however I never received my codes. What can I do?” for more information as to how Mythic Entertainment will handle this situation should it arise.

Can I start playing as soon as I'm done downloading?

Open Beta is intended to start on Sunday, September 7th, although this is not an absolute guarantee, and you will be unable to play before then. However, we recommend that you run the patcher to make sure your game is as up to date as possible so you can jump in and start playing as soon as Open Beta starts!

Head Start

When does Head Start begin?

We have not announced when Head Start begins yet, stay tuned to the Herald ( for updates!

Can I use the Collector's Edition faces on the characters I create during Head Start?

You sure can! When you create your Head Start characters use the standard faces that appeal to you (in case you decide not to use the CE face for that character.) When you receive your Collectors Edition box simply enter the retail keys to flag your account. The next time you log in your Head Start character they will receive an in-game mail with all of your Collector's Edition items and the proper face for that character. Simply follow the instructions included with the item to change your face!
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