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Since the NDA is lifted, can someone...Follow

#1 Aug 19 2008 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
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that is not biased towards WAR give me an honest preview/short review of the game? I'm looking for another DAoC that's not as hardcore for leveling.

I am NOT a WoW fanboy, and I do NOT believe WoW is the best MMO out there. I don't care about statistics, I don't think its the most fun in my honest opinion.
That being said, I'm wondering what you people think about WAR...I really want to play it, and I'm wondering if I should just cancel my account for all other mmos.
#2 Aug 19 2008 at 11:02 PM Rating: Good
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I haven't played DAoC so I wouldn't be able to compare.

Leveling in WAR goes about as quickly as WoW. You can get 15 in two days if you know the quests well, and that is out of a max level of 40. It retains the ability to solo quest like in WoW, but public quest exp and rewards are better, reknown armor is very good and pvp exp is respectable, so there are incentives to group for leveling without pigeonholing people into it like FFXI.

Most of my concerns about WAR are related to possible problems rather than current issues. With the realm WAR being so important to the game I wonder if faction imbalances (likely favoring Order) will make the battle somewhat one sided. With so many classes Mythic may have issues balancing every class and giving them the attention they require.

A few minor issues I have with the game are the living guilds system, where a guild levels up as members gain exp and do activities. It encourages zerg guilds, makes merges and name changes a hassle, and is not really necessary or beneficial. The tome of knowledge is a bit clumsy to navigate, and it could stand to be improved.
#3 Aug 20 2008 at 6:24 AM Rating: Good
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Allegory wrote:
The tome of knowledge is a bit clumsy to navigate, and it could stand to be improved.

This is my #1 complaint about the game from what I've played in the beta.
It's a beautiful system, and does have a gigantic amount of information, however, finding what you need when you need it is difficult. There should be a much easier access to your Quest Log, rather than fumbling with clicking here and there to get to the right page.
Toohotforu wrote:
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#4 Aug 20 2008 at 6:49 AM Rating: Good
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Heres a post from LoveTheCoast over at War Alliance, a DaoC player.

I got started with DAOC from the very beginning and had a blast with the "old school" version. I liked how people could come together and XP or do quests together and I really liked the RVR aspect of it. Over time, with the expansions, tweaking came into play, and unless you were on a huge server, it was hard to get that feeling that there was in the beginning.

Fast-forward to WAR. It seems they took the DAOC code and cleaned out some things, but left a lot of it in place.

With DAOC, you had Alb, Mids and Hibs -- each with their own distinct lands. Here you have three big distinct lands, but instead of rolling a new toon to experience them, you can check them all out, no matter your toon. Each "zone" (or whatever they're calling them) has their own quests, and each zone has more quests than I can ever remember seeing in an MMO. If you want to quest to 50, you will have no problems.


* The XP grind is gone. I've leveled a toon to 20 on nothing but RVR, a few quests, and the occassional PQ. Quests give a *ton* of XP.
* From what I've seen, quality of items does not matter. All items are basically "100%" quality.
* No "tweaking"... at least not yet. It seems everyone buys the same armor, even at the higher levels. As soon as there is a quest database in place with items gained, and new expansion packs, all this will change -- but it's nice for now. Since everyone playing will be doing tons of RVR, I don't know that this will matter however.
* The looting system is very nice. Rolling for big items is automated, and you get a bump if you contributed heavily.
* You live longer in RVR.
* "Epic" feel. I was never a hard-core RVR player -- I always thought RVR should be "epic" in nature, and not so much just a gank squad or zerg running around the same old tired places over and over. So far, WAR has the "epic" feel to it, and I really hope it will last.
* The scenarios are a blast, esp the fact that you get put into a group automatically if you come in solo. Of course, if you get stuck with a healer that doesn't know they're a healer, you might as well be solo. Love the stats page at the end of the scenarios -- wish they included this on PQ's.
* Warbands are great... if they last. I worry that WAR will turn into the gank squads of DAOC days. If it doesn't however, warbands are going to make RVR much more fun.
* PQs are better than instanced quests. You don't have to get a group going *before* -- heck, you don't even have to be in a group. If you get started with WAR from the beginning, you're going to get to do a lot of PQs... down the road, you will need to get a group first... so enjoy for now.
* If you want to spend an afternoon alone doing nothing but quests, you can. There are tons and tons and tons of quests out there. The questing system itself is much better -- just look for icons over the person's head to determine if they have any available quests, if you already have quests from them, or if you need to see them to finish a quest.


* They left some pretty obvious things out. For instance, in DAOC you could look up and down, and set your default view. For some reason, they left these very basic things out of WAR... so you're forced to use your mouse, *and* reset your view every time you zone.
* Can't /follow very well (too many obstacles) and /stick is completely gone.
* The collision code seems a bit overboard. Too many times while simply running and getting too close to someone to I get locked up. Or running into a bush's limb. You have to literally turn 90 degrees to go around it.
* No endurance = no /sprint.
* No idea what the caps are on each stat.
* Lack of buffs, but would rather have this than the need for a buff-bot.
* Everyone seems to think there will be all this customization going on, but in the end, every class will be cookie-cutter... just like always. You'll buy every ability available to you and during the end game, you'll use a template that gets the best results... just like every other cookie out there.
* PQs get tedious. Quests get tedious. Good thing you don't have to do either if you don't want -- just RVR all day.
* Rez sickness -- couldn't this be part of the code Mythic forgot to bring over?

I will be playing the game when it goes live, and I'm sure for the first year or so, things will be very fun. After a while, they'll have to put in so many features they purposely left out, because a mature audience (mature being a long term player) will demand them. There's nothing earth shattering here, but there are some nice advances (PQs, nice quest system, easy grouping).

There's more (both pros and cons), but I tried to just keep this to a list of personal pros and cons. In the end, each person will make their own opinions of the game... and whether or not the continue to play will be based on that.

And a whole forums worth,,
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#5 Aug 20 2008 at 9:03 AM Rating: Excellent
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You might want to see my "review" of WAR I put in the FFXI forums.;mid=1219190525261897682;num=5;page=1
#6 Aug 20 2008 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
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The Tome has been ok. You can access your quests fairly quickly by clicking the ones on your screen to auto pull up the Tome but once there they still seem a bit ragged in their ordering.

I personally have been really enjoying the PQ's. Even if there aren't enough people around to make it through all stages, you can still complete enough on your own to easily max your influence and get the gear from that area.
My biggest complaint with them would be it doesn't take long to max your influence at an area & no longer get anything out of it.
Big groups at PQ's can be a lot of fun. Some of my best loot drops have come from PQ mobs.

The PQ's still have some work to be done on them though. I have sat for a few hours doing some before and gotten no reward. I've also walked into one by accident while trying to do another quest in that area & won 1st place. They have a system where your contribution to the PQ adds to your roll total but clearly there's a flaw in the roll system in general.

One of my favorite things they've done in War is the grouping system. There is a small icon just below your player portrait that when clicked pulls up a list of all parties in your area. You see the group size, who is in it, their ranks and what type of group it is (RVR, PQ, PVE). If you see a group you want to join you simply click join. No one has to approve your joining. You don't have to ask anyone if you can get it. I have yet to see anyone complaining in game about this system. It's allowed for nice, full groups, at every place I've needed to group.

Another of my complaints, though more trivial, is water collision. Well, I guess I should say lack of it. When you enter water it doesn't interact with you at all. You slow down a bit and in some depths look like you're swimming but that's it. You can't swim down, splash, anything. That's just something I've always found very annoying in games. To me it removes some of the feel of the game being a living thing that I'm interacting with.

All in all the game is amazing. The colors are amazing. The game almost makes you feel as if you could reach in and pull your character through the screen.

#7 Aug 20 2008 at 3:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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One thing we really want to focus on in the wiki here is the ToK. If there are any suggestions you have for making it more like the in-game one, please let us know, or add those suggestions directly! We want to reflect the game as accurately as possible, so any inconsistencies must be recognized and eliminated.
#8 Aug 20 2008 at 7:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Allegory wrote:
A few minor issues I have with the game are the living guilds system, where a guild levels up as members gain exp and do activities. It encourages zerg guilds, makes merges and name changes a hassle, and is not really necessary or beneficial. The tome of knowledge is a bit clumsy to navigate, and it could stand to be improved.

Actually guilds don't exactly work that way. The more people in the guild the slower it will level up. The smaller a guild is, it will still be slow leveling. They have said that the 'sweet spot' for Guilds are something medium sized. Even then, it's all pretty balanced so that there's no real way to ruin or power level a guild.
#9 Aug 21 2008 at 9:52 AM Rating: Decent
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I too would like to ask a question about war, if none minds to answer.
The thing that is interesting me most is, how long does it take to claim BO's, Keeps and such.
Gentlemen wrote:
Im near your spawn points, sapping your teleporters!
#10 Aug 21 2008 at 10:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Kabukimaster wrote:
I too would like to ask a question about war, if none minds to answer.
The thing that is interesting me most is, how long does it take to claim BO's, Keeps and such.

for BOs, after all enemies are killed, you take it, then you have to keep it for 3 mins, then its your side for 15 mins.

keeps, i think its just a matter of killing the keep lord.
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