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Please keep in mind, information is subject to change, also, use ctrl+f and search for the corresponding number your trying to find.

1.0-Product Information 
  1.2-Subscription Fees & Payment Methods 
  1.3-Beta & Release 
  1.4-Community, Forums & Servers 
2.0-World & Setting 
3.0-Players, Classes & Death 
  4.1-Guilds & Grouping 
  4.2-Communication & Interface 
  5.2-PvE Advancement & Quests 
    5.2.1-What types of quests are available and how are they classified? 
  5.3-RvR/PvP Advancement & Quests 
    5.3.1-What is RvR? 
  5.4-Keeps & Siege 
  5.5-Actions, Morale & Tactics 
6.0-Misc Information ( Provided By ) 
  6.1-Who Are The Dwarfs? 
    6.1.1-Dwarf History 
  6.2-What Is The Empire? 
  6.3-Who Are The High Elves? 
  6.4-Who Are The Dark Elves? 
  6.5-What Are Orcs & Goblins? 
    6.5.1-Key Events In Greenskin History 
  6.6-What Is Chaos?


What is Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR)?

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) developed by EA Mythic. It takes place in the Warhammer fantasy universe created by Games Workshop and is being developed by EA Mythic.

Who is EA Mythic?

Formerly known as Mythic Entertainment, EA Mythic is the most prolific and one of the most successful online gaming studios in the industry today. Founded in 1995, Mythic has been one of the leaders in developing pay-for-play online games and is currently one of the most successful developers of Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. In 2006, they were purchased by Electronic Arts and became EA Mythic.

What games has EA Mythic done prior to WAR?

EA Mythic has created over 15 games and expansion packs. Older titles include some of the most popular online-only games of their time like Spellbinder: The Nexus Conflict, Aliens Online, Starship Troopers: Battlespace, Silent Death Online, Rolemaster: Magestorm, Darkness Falls, Darkness Falls: The Crusade, Splatterball, Godzilla Online and Dragon's Gate. Their most famous product is Dark Age of Camelot which has been one of the leading MMORPGs in the world since its release in 2001.

Who is Games Workshop?

Games Workshop is a UK based miniature wargame company, best known for its very successful tabletop games Warhammer, and it's Sci-Fi equivalent Warhammer 40,000. As well as these, Games Workshop produces Warcry, a collectible card game, the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, publishes fiction through the Black Library and has a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay system developed by Black Industries.

Which platforms will WAR be released on?

WAR is coming exclusively for the PC at launch. There is no client being developed for Macs because of several programming issues. Additionally, although at E3 2006 they showed off a technology demo proving that the game could be developed for the Xbox 360, it was later stated that EA Mythic has no intentions of bringing WAR to the 360 in the near future.

What will Warhammer Online's ESRB Rating be?

WAR will be rated T for Teen both to reach as large and audience as possible and provide a game that the whole family can play and to minimize the regulatory/legal international hurdles arising with a M rated game.

What system requirements will WAR have?

Unknown at this point of time. Though rest assured that Mythic is shooting for playability and not for graphic wonders. Also, neither Vista nor Direct X 10 will be required for the game.

Note: Speculation on what the Requirements might be like

Minimum System Requirements for Warhammer Online

Windows 2000/XP
2.4Ghz Intel Processor or 2400+ or higher model AMD processor
1GB RAM (Almost went 512 MB here, but it won’t work)
100% DirectX 9.0 compatible computer. 100% DirectX compatible keyboard or input device. Vertex and Pixel shader 2.0 compatible hardware with 128MB of texture memory.
100% DirectX compatible sound card
56k+ Internet Connection
16X Speed DVD-ROM
20Gigabytes Hard Drive Space

Recommended Specifications for Warhammer Online

Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor 3.0Ghz Intel or 3500+ AMD processor
100% DirectX 9.0c compatible computer. 100% DirectX compatible keyboard or input device. Vertex and Pixel shader 2.0 compatible hardware with 256MB of texture memory.
DirectSound compatible audio hardware
Broadband Internet Connection
16X Speed DVD-ROM
20Gigabytes Hard Drive Space

1.2- Subscription Fees & Payment Methods

Will WAR have a monthly subscription fee?

Yes. Like other companies, EA Mythic will charge monthly fees to maintain the customer service system and to be able to continually improve and add to the content. The exact monthly fee is unknown at this time (Current average for Triple-A MMORPGs is around $15 USD).

What payment methods will be accepted?

Credit Cards are the only confirmed method at this time. Game Cards and other alternative payment methods are being considered, but nothing has been confirmed as of now.

Will WAR have a lifetime subscription option?

There will be no lifetime subscription available for WAR.

1.3- Beta & Release

When is WAR being released and where?

The second Quarter of the (calendar year) 2008 is the current targeted release date. The game was pushed back twice, first from a Fourth Quarter of 2007 release and them from a First Quarter of 2008 release in order to give the developers the opportunity to deliver not only a good, but a great game. WAR will launch in Americas and Europe simultaneously. GOA will be providing the European support and infrastructures for WAR. EA Mythic is also planning on bringing the game to Asian territories, but there is no set date at this time. On January the 31st of 2008, EA announced they would bring WAR to Taiwan in association with GigaMedia Ltd.

What languages are being targetted at launch?

At launch, WAR has been confirmed to support English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Also, the common European client will have an option to switch between the five languages without need of an extra download or installation.

Will WAR be available via Digital Distribution?

Nothing is confirmed at this time but it is likely WAR will be available for purchase and download online at the same time it is released in stores. Electronic Arts already has a Digital Distribution network and Mythic has a history of making their expansions available via download.

Will patches be released simultaneously in Americas and Europe?

Yes. EA Mythic has committed to releasing patches in both territories at the same time.

When has Beta started?

Non-employee Beta started in June 2007. On October 10th 2007, the Beta was suspended until the 18th of December, 2007 in order to incorporate community suggestions, rewrite code, finish work on character customizations, and polish the end game PvP development.

How do I get into Beta?

You can sign up for the North American beta here: In certain intervals, appliers are chosen randomly to participate. You can also subscribe to the Official WAR Newsletter. Winners are picked at random each month and announced in the newsletter. You can also win a beta at the events & conventions EA Mythic goes to with the WAR Booth. See the newsletters for the list of upcoming events & conventions. Guild Beta applications ended May 4th 2007. Another possibility of getting a beta key is to win one in the fan fiction or fan art contests in each newsletter by submitting a piece of art or literature. Fan art has to be submitted through the form on the official site and fiction through the form at the WAR herald.

What about European Beta?

European Beta signups take place on The ways to get into it are the same as for the NA Beta. The European Beta is being run separately by GOA but follows a similar time frame. It includes English, French, German, Italian and Spanish language versions.

Will Beta characters carry over to live servers?

No, you will not be able to transfer your Beta character over to the live servers at launch. Allowing Pre-orders to get a head start on retail servers is a possibility, but not confirmed as of now.

Will there be an Open Beta?

There will NOT be an Open Beta that "everyone and his mother" can get in, as Mythic have stated. There will be a huge amount of beta invites during the final stages of beta in order to stress test the servers, but it will still be invite-only. "Open Beta" is, in mythic's understanding, only a beta in which the NDA has been dropped, so the beta testers are free to tell the public whatever they want.

1.4-Community, Forums & Servers

What is the WAR Herald?

The WAR Herald ( is EA Mythic's Community Site for Warhammer Online. The next evolution of the acclaimed Camelot Herald for Dark Age of Camelot, the WAR Herald will be your main source of official WAR information like Patch Notes, Community News, Server Status, Contests, Guides and more. The Herald will also display player and guild rankings as well as detailed information on your characters and the various abilities found in the game. Pre-release, it acts as a means of relayng information to the community through an official way

Will there be Official Forums?

No, EA Mythic will not host Official Forums. They will, however, keep in contact with the community through things like the WAR Herald and fansite forums.

What Alternate Server Rulesets will be available in WAR?

Server Types mentioned include "Open RvR" (killing any enemy you meet), "Core Ruleset" (flagged for PvP automatically in enemy territory and voluntarily in PvE areas) and "RP". Note that these have not been definitely and irrevocably confirmed, though.

Can you make Order and Destruction characters on the same server?

No. You will only be able to make either Order or Destruction characters on one server, for various reasons including spy-prevention, etc. You can switch realms on the same server if you wish, but you will first have to delete all the characters you have on that server. In theory, if you have a second account, you can create characters on both sides on the same server, but this will probably not be well-received by EA Mythic.

How will Mythic handle population imbalance?

Mythic is currently considering several possibilites to handle population imbalances for servers. Mentioned possibilites include cross-server queues as well as Dogs of War, NPCs that jopin Scenarios if there aren't engouh players available. But as of now, none of these has been confirmed.

2.0-World & Setting

How many sides or factions are there?

There are 2 opposing sides (called Realms) with 3 races each. The Alliance of Order: Dwarfs, Empire Humans, High Elves. The Alliance of Destruction: Greenskins (Orcs & Goblins), Chaos Humans, Dark Elves. Each race will have it's own Capital City and starting location.

How many zones are there and how are they divided?

The world is divided in 3 "fronts". Dwarfs vs Greenskins, Empire vs Chaos, High Elves vs Dark Elves. Each of the three areas of conflict will be divided into 11 zones (making 33 zones in total at launch), with four tiered levels.

Will we be able to travel to our allied races' zones from the start?

Yes, you will be able to travel to another allied race's starting zone right away if you wish. You are in no way restricted to fighting only in your racial pairing.

Which geographical areas of the Warhammer world will be included?

The game will take place in three main areas of conflict. Greenskins and Dwarfs will be fighting over the Badlands and the World's Edge Mountains, the Elven races will be fighting over the island of Ulthuan, and the Empire and the forces of Chaos will be fighting over the lands of the Empire. The exact extent of each area is unknown at this time.

What universe is WAR based on and what famous Warhammer characters will we encounter?

Warhammer Online is loosely based on the Warhammer Fantasy universe by Games Workshop. The game is set in an alternate timeline, called the Age of Reckoning which is set in the "modern" Warhammer world. This is the world in which Karl Franz is the Emperor in Altdorf, Finubar sits upon the Phoenix Throne, and the High King of the Dwarfs is Thorgrim Grudgebearer. That's as specific as EA Mythic is going to get, in order to allow themselves maximum creative flexibility in developing the game. Additionally, players may encounter popular characters like Lord Malekith, Morathi, Tyrion and Teclis. The Greenskin army will be led by the previously unknown characters Gazbag (a Goblin Shaman) and Grumlok (an Orc Warboss). There is also a Champion of Tzeentch called Tchar'zanek leading the Chaos army. Recently, there also have been some concept arts depicting famous characters like Engra Deathsword.

3.0-Players, Classes & Death

What Races can we choose from?

There are 6 races to choose from. Dwarfs, Empire, High Elves vs Greenskins, Chaos, Dark Elves. Greenskins are composed of 2 sub-races: Orcs and Goblins. There will be no female Greenskins, since Orcs and Goblins do not actually have a gender. Both Male and Female gender will be available for the other 5 races, excluding the classes of Marauder and Chosen, which are male-only and the Witch Elf, which is female-only.

What Classes (or Careers) can we choose from?

At launch, WAR will have 4 careers available for each race, for a total of 24 careers. Unlike most MMORPGs, each career in WAR is specific to one race. Each race will have a Tank, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS and a Support/Healer. However, Support or Healer classes in WAR are not purely support and will have good combat capabilities. They are designed in a way that makes them most effective at healing and supporting their group if they actively participate in the combat.

* Greenskins -> Black Orc (Tank) - Goblin Squig Herder (Ranged DPS) - Goblin Shaman (Healer/Support)
* Chaos -> Chosen (Tank) - Marauder (Melee DPS) - Magus (Ranged DPS) - Zealot (Healer/Support)
* Dark Elves -> Witch Elf (Melee DPS) - Sorcerer/Sorceress (Ranged DPS) - Disciple of Khaine (Healer/Support)
* Dwarfs -> Ironbreaker (Tank) - Engineer (Ranged DPS) - Runepriest (Healer/Support)
* Empire -> Witch Hunter (Melee DPS) - Bright Wizard (Ranged DPS) - Warrior Priest (Healer/Support)
* High Elves -> Swordmaster (Tank) - Whtie Lion (Melee DPS) - Shadow Warrior (Ranged DPS) - Archmage (Healer/Support)

How will I customize the look of my character?

You will first have the basic MMORPG customization with different choices of hair style, color, skin, eyes, etc (These are more likely to be set choices instead of complex sliders) . Your character will also have 4 trophy accessory slots where you can equip purely aesthetic "trophies" you gain from PvE or PvP, for example, you might get dwarf skulls from killing Dwarf players in PvP and attach those skulls to your belt or to a spike on your shoulders. In addition each race is said to change in appearance as they advance in levels to match their progression. For example, Orcs grow bigger and stronger in appearance as they progress while Dwarfs' beards get longer and appear burlier. Note that this is fairly old information and hasn't been mentioned for quite a time, and thus might be outdated. There will also be the option to dye certain parts of your armour. There won't be any outrageous color combinations like pink armour for Orcs, though.

Can I have more than one character on a server?

Of course! You will be able to make multiple characters on the same server, but only on one side (Order or Destruction). The exact number of character slots is unknown at this time but it's safe to assume it'll be around 8 per server.

What are the Character Stats and Resistances in WAR?

The 8 character statistics are listed below, note that this is fairly old information and things can and will probably change. Additionally, the 8 Winds of Magic from the Warhammer world are currently paired into 4 resistance types: Lumina, Corporeal, Elemental and Spirit.

* Strength
* Willpower
* Toughness
* Wounds
* Initiative
* Intelligence
* Weapon Skill
* Ballistic Skill

What are the character equipment slots?

Currently: Boots, Pants, Belt, Gloves, Shirt, Body, Shoulders, Helm, Back, Tabard, Banner, Accessory 1, Accessory 2, Accessory 3, Accessory 4, Right Hand, Left Hand, Ranged

Will we be able to choose last names or surnames in WAR?

Yes, you will be able to choose a last name. Specifics on how or when you will get it are unknown at this time, but it will likely either require a certain level to gain a last name, or you'll be able to choose one at character creation.

What is the Tome of Knowledge?

The Tome is your all-in-one source of in-game information. It serves as your Quest Log, as a compendium on all the monsters you've killed, their descriptions & pictures and the titles you've earned, as a way to track your detailed PvP and PvE stats and the people you've killed. The Tome of Knowledge will essentially record your character's career and all of that he accomplishes and explores. There are a great deal of features of the tome that probably haven't been revealed yet, but it is safe to assume that the tome is supposed to provide all information ingame that players normally go to other websites for.

What is the penalty for death?

The penalty for death is time. For PvP deaths, there will be no stat, money, item or experience loss, only the time it takes you to get back to the action as you respawn at a graveyeard that might be slightly distant to where you died. For PvE, nothing is 100% confirmed yet but Mythic has said they don't plan on having exp or money penalties.

Will there be corpse runs?

No. The exact death/resurrection system has not yet been unveiled, but it does not involve corpse runs.

Will there be player mounts?

Yes, there will be mounts for players to use at about halfway through the ranks (meaning at Rank 20). The known mounts are: Wolves and Boars for Greenskins, Daemonic Steeds for Chaos, Elven Steeds for High Elves and Horses for the Empire as well as an Ale Powered Mount for the Dwarfs. The mounts for Dark Elves are currently unknown.

4.1-Guilds & Grouping

What is the Group size limit?

Group size limit is currently 6 players. This could still change before launch. There also will be a mechanic to join more than one group into something similar to DAoC's battelgroups or WoW's raids, but there is currently no information on the size limit of these raids/battlegroups.

What mechanics are there to encourage being in a guild?

The game will sport the socalled "Living Guild System" that will allow your guild to gain up to 100 levels through different achievements to unlock rewards. Specific requirements and rewards are unkwon at this time, but things like potions and banners have been mentioned.

Will guilds and groups be restricted by race?

Only by the players. The game will allow you to form guilds and groups with any of the 3 allied races in your realm.

Will there be Guild Halls/Guild Housing?

Specifics are unkown at this time, but there probably will be Guild Halls at some point. Player Houses are extremely unlikely to be in at release.

4.2-Communication & Interface

Will there be cross-realm communication?

No. You will not be able to communicate with the enemy realm at any time.

Will WAR have integrated voice chat?

Voice chat is being considered, but nothing more is known at this time.

To which degree will the interface be customizable?

It has been stated that the interface will be relatively easy to mod and easy to use. However, one of the goals stated by the Developers is not to allow any interface changes or mods that play the game for the players. So, most interface mods will be of a cosmetic nature rather than taking control from the player.


How will combat work in WAR?

Combat in WAR will be based around the concepts of normal Abilities, Morale Abilities and Tactics. Skills cost ability points, of which each character currently has a pool of 500, which regenerate quickly both in and out of combat.

* Morale
* Tactics
* Normal Abilites

Is combat in WAR "twitch-based" or "round-based"?

Combat in WAR will not be "twitch-based", that is to say you will not manually aim the exact location where you want your spells, shots or melee blows to hit. Your attack speed will be based off your character's stats, weapon and what abilities you use, like most MMORPGs. There is an auto-attack function, but the vast majority of your damage will be from special attacks. EA Mythic has said the majority of the spells for caster classes will not be castable while moving or be instant-cast. It is unknown at this time how exactly the melee abilities will work or whether they will be based mostly on instant or mostly on weapon speed ("next swing").

Is there collision detection in WAR?

Collision detection is currently implemented for enemies only, meaning you will not collide with your allies, for anti-abuse purposes (Griefers blocking doorways, preventing their allies from entering a building, etc). However, Mythic is still considering the possiblity of putting it in for both allies and enemies.

Will there be War Machines/Siege Weapons?

The war machines from Warhammer Fantasy Battle are likely to be represented in WAR. They will play a role in both besieging and defending a keep.

Will there be mounted combat in the game?

Mounted combat will not be in the game at release. It is a possible addition for the future, though.

5.2-PvE Advancement & Quests

What is the level cap?

Levels in WAR are called Ranks. There are 40 Ranks, divided into 4 Tiers of 10 Ranks each.

Will I be able to solo?

Yes, it's EA Mythic's goal to make leveling accessible to solo players. However, there will be many occurences when you will be more effective in a group. Especially for PvP, it will be advisable, though not necessary, to join a group.

Can I level by only PvEing or by never PvEing?

You can level all the way to 40 by only participating in PvE if you wish, but the most effective way will be a mix of both PvE and PvP. Incidentally, you can level by not participating in PvE at all, but it might be less consistent due to the much more challenging nature of PvP.

Will the game be gear-based?

There will be various levels of equipment to obtain in WAR, but that is not the game's focus. Your success in PvP will be based on your skill at playing your character and playing with your group, not the uberness of your equipment.

Will there be PvE dungeons and are they instanced?

Yes. But only a small part of them will be instanced. From what we have heard so far, only the final boss of each dungeon might be instanced.

Will there be Raid content?

Although WAR is centered around PvP, there probably will be some PvE encounters that require a large group of players to complete. But yopu should not expect these to be as important as they are in other games.

How will I advance or specialize my character through PvE?

As your characters advances through the Ranks to eventually reach 40, you will be able to specialize in three different mastery paths that are unique to your class. This mastery paths both increase your overall effectiveness in the mastery you decide to advance as well as unlock new tactics, morale abilities and normal abilities to use.

What types of quests are available and how are they classified?

WAR will have many different types of quests, listed below. There are 3 classifications depending on how much PvP or PvE action is involved in completing the quest. Green quests are purely PvE. Orange quests have a PvE objective, but will require you to enter or pass through PvP areas. Red quests involve direct PvP action, such as killing a number of Dwarf players

5.2.1-What types of quests are available and how are they classified?

Public Quests

Public Quests are automatically assigned when you enter an appropriate area. Where Public Quests are offered, they are open to all players on the same side in a zone. Anyone can choose to take part in a public quest, which will involve a number of players trying to complete a task. If successfully completed, all those who contributed to the quest will receive experience or reward based upon their contribution. Participating in a public quest will also grant you Influence with a NPC hub in the are the Public Quest is located in. As your influence increases, the NPC will gradually offer you better rewards.

RvR Quests

RvR Quests take place in PvP zones and involve two groups of opposing players trying to complete conflicting objectives. For example, with a quest involving wounded Dwarfs, Order players will be trying to heal them while at the same time Destruction players will be trying to kill them to collect trophies.

Kill Collectors Quests

Kill Collectors Quests are a new take on the classic MMORPG quest. Monster kills will count retroactively for quests, meaning if you have killed 5 bears on the way to a quest NPC that then asks you to kill 5 bears, you don't need to head out and kill 5 bears again; you already did it and have the credit for it. You no longer need to "trigger" a kill quest before completing it, the game will keep track of everything you kill and give you proper credit for it when you meet quest NPCs.

Exploration Quest

These quests are usually far off the beaten path, they may require little to no effort and offer huge rewards. The goal is to encourage players to branch out and explore as much of the game world as possible. For example, there might be an item hidden in a bush or a tree far away from a path or any other quest that grants you a quest to return it to its owner.

Tome Quests

Tome Quests are quests you get directly from your Tome of Knowledge. Presumably, they unlock both new tome entries as well as yield rewards when completed.

5.3-RvR/PvP Advancement & Quests

What is RvR?

RvR stands for Realm versus Realm, and describes gameplay that pits players from different realms against each other. In WAR, just about everything you do will have an effect on the outcome of the RvR contest, whether it be Player vs Player (PvP) fighting, Player vs Environment (PvE) adventuring, or crafting. There are 4 "types" of RvR in WAR:

* Skirmishes
* Battlefields
* Scenarios
* Campaigns

How are zones controlled and what are Victory Points?

The ownership of a zone is based on which Realm has the most victory points. Victory points are gained by doing just about anything that helps your Realm. The best sources of Victory Points for your Realm will be instanced Scenarios and open-world Battlefields, but even PvE and RvR quests, along with player kills, will grant your Realm some Victory points. Eventually, if your side amasses enough Victory Points, you will move to your enemies Capital city, which you can then siege and capture temporarily.

How will PvP areas be separated from PvE areas in a zone?

Each zone in WAR will have both PvE and PvP areas. PvP areas are clearly outlined in red on the map and upon entering, you will have a few seconds to exit before being flagged for PvP. If you exit the PvP area, enemies will still be able to attack you for a few minutes outside of the PvP area. Note that this may change and be different depending on what type of server you play on.

How much PvP content is there compared to PvE content?

The starting zones will have roughly 80% PvE content to 20% PvP content, gradually changing to 80% PvP vs 20% PvE in the highest level zones.

Can I level by only PvPing or by never PvPing?

You can level all the way to 40 by only participating in PvP if you wish, but the most effective way will be a mix of both PvP and PvE. Incidentally, you can level by not participating in PvP at all since there will be some PvE content in every zone.

Are there PvP quests in WAR?

Yes! WAR will have many PvP quests available at every level. Some involve killing players of a specific race, collecting items from players, etc. There are also many Public RvR quests with multiple stages, where each Realm's objective will be a counter to the other Realm's objective. For example, Empire players might be tasked with collecting supplies on a beach that was just invaded by Chaos players, while Chaos players need to prevent those supplies from being collected. If the Empire players succeed in collecting the needed supplies, then the Public quest moves on to the next step and the objectives for both Realms change.

What is renown?

Renown is the system which measures Realm vs. Realm (RvR) participation by a player. It functions as an experience system for RvR and players can “level up” to earn Renown ranks that show their proficiency at fighting the opposing Realm. Renown gain is also capped based on a character’s level so a player can’t be Renown rank 50 and player rank 5. The Renown system dictates the rewards made available to a player (items, abilities, titles, or otherwise).

5.3.1-What is RvR?


Incidental PvP combat. You find an enemy in the world, you fight him. The most basic PvP concept.

Non-instanced, objective-based battles in the game world. These battlefield objectives might be keeps, a mine, or anything else beneficial to the war effort of your side. They can be captured to grant boni to your side and presumably add to the campaign.


Instanced, point-based battles balanced with NPC Dogs of War. All scenarios are not open all the time, their accessibility is based on what zone is being fought over at the time. So if Destruction were to take over the neutral zone between two capitals, that might open up some new scenarios as well as close some others. Also, scenraios will be area-bound, so you cannot take part in scenarios of lower level areas that you have outleveled already.


Every form of RvR mentioned above - Skirmishes, Battlefield Objectives and Scenarios add to a pool of socalled Victory Points for on side, Destruction or order. Once on aside has gained enough of these points, they will take control of the neutral zone between two capitals. If the side continues to push their advantage and gain Victory Points, the enemy capital will be available for siege. This is the ultimate level of RvR where you can sack one of the enemy's capital city, kill and pillage their residents for special loot. New instances will open up for the besiegers if they manage to take the city. There will be safe-zones in the capital cities that cannot be taken over, in order to provide the "essential" services to the defenders. Once a capital is taken, NPC guards will gradually spawn and help push back the attackers and reset the capital.

5.4-Keeps & Siege

What are keeps?

Keeps are, qutie simply put, strongholds within the PvP areas. They may contain battlefield objectives or be a battlefield objective themselves.

How do I take a keep?

Presumably, taking a keep will require you to lay siege to it and eventually breach its defenses and slay the defenders. What exactly triggers the capturing is unknown at this point. For taking a keep, you may use siege weapons to get access to the keep. The actual details of these are unkown, as well.

Who can take control of a keep?

As of the information we have now, only guilds will be able to claim keeps. It is unkown what benefits this will have for the guild or the keep, but the guild will presumably be able to upgrade the keep somehow or receive a warning when it is under attack. There also might be cosmetic things like the guild's banenr floating from the top of the keep.

Does a keep change appearance when I take it?

Yes, it does. The keep will reflect its current owners. That does not mean that a keep that is originally Dwarven will become an orcish Warcamp when taken, but there are several small changes to its appearance as for example Waaagh! banners floatin on the walls or crude drawings on the gate.

5.5-Actions, Morale & Tactics

Garthilk of Warhammer Alliance wrote:
If you've been to the road shows or watched some of the videos. You've probably seen actions, morale and tactics being used but maybe didn't understand how they worked. First I would reccamend this video and of course read this guide. Also I would remind you that, just as the skill tree system changed, many things may have changed again, or change again. However, this is my current understanding of how things work.

Actions are your special attacks. They're the things that define the career. At each predetermined rank you gain new actions, usually about every other rank. To acquire these new actions simply visit an appropriately skilled trainer to acquire your new actions. Note actions are not free and may cost some small amount of money to train.

Actions when aquired cost action points (AP) in order to use them. Each career has a number of action points. Once used you regain AP over time.

Morale Abilities
Each career will get 10 morale points throughout their career usually every few levels. With those points they can choose to purchase from 20 Morale abilities. Now each morale ability only costs 1 point to acquire.

Note you can only have four morale abilities active at any one time. So choosing your morale abilities before going into battle is smart. What kind of battle are you going into verses which morale abilities will be the most effective for that confrontation.

Now here is where customization comes in. Using an Engineer as an example, If your play-style leans more big DPS, buying morale abilities that do a large amount of single target damage would be appropriate. However, another player may prefer AOE attacks and choose morale abilities that do that. Another player may choose survivability over greater damage and may choose morale abilities that add to his defense temporarily. This ensures that even though the guy next to you may be the same career, the morale abilities help to change the play-style.

As I advance in ranks I receive tactic points. I can spent those tactic points to acquire a new tactics. Throughout my advancement I will receive 18 tactic points and I can choose from about 30 tactics to buy with each tactic costing one point. Now tactics, unlike morale abilities work all the time. They may be something that boosts a particular statistic, or gives bonus damage verses specific targets. They are enhancements designed to give you an edge.

Now at any one time, you can only have 8 of these tactics active. Each player has 8 tactic slots. 5 of these tactic slots are normal, two of them are RvR tactics and one is a compendium tactic.

Now here is where customization comes in. Maybe you want to augment your defense, or your DPS depending on the situation. If you're going against something that uses spirit based attacks it may be smart to equip a tactic that boosts your defenses against these attacks.

Again, this is all second hand information and much may be, and probably is out of date. I keep in contact with dozens of folks, who goto the road shows and provide me with information. Some of it conflicts with existing information, however based on the reports of community members, this is how I believe things work now.

6.1-Who Are The Dwarfs?

In their strongholds throughout the mountainous regions of the Old World, the short, bearded, and sturdy Dwarfs cling tenaciously to a way of life that may soon become extinct.

The Dwarfs are one of the most ancient races of the Warhammer world. From the beginning of time, their traditional homeland has been the Worlds Edge Mountains – it is a vast, forbidding mountain chain that marks the eastern boundary of the Old World. Here, in ages past, the Dwarfs built their massive underground strongholds among the high peaks and tumbling chasms. At its height, their realm spread from the far north to the distant south, while their mines stretched far beneath the earth itself. These days of glory are now long gone; many strongholds lie in ruins or are occupied by evil creatures. The great achievements of the past are now nothing more than memories – ancient sagas sung in the half-empty halls of the few surviving Dwarf strongholds.

Dwarfs are the greatest miners and tunnellers in the world, and they delve deep beneath their mountain homes for metals, precious stones, and other mineral wealth buried there. From this raw material, they make all kinds of precious objects, including weapons, armour, marvelous vessels, and jewels worked with incredible skill. Beneath each Dwarf stronghold there exists a labyrinth of caverns and tunnels created and enlarged over centuries as the Dwarfs dug ever deeper in search of new riches.

Dwarfs are supremely skilled craftsmen and take great pride in everything they do. It is almost impossible for a Dwarf to hurry his work, and no Dwarf could ever bring himself to produce something slipshod or cheap. Whether it be forging weapons and armour, the construction of fortifications, or the mechanical inventions of the famed Engineers Guild, the ingenuity and technical ability of Dwarfs is unsurpassed anywhere in the Old World. No other race – not even the great craftsmen of the High Elves – can rival the care and skill of the Dwarfs.

Dwarfs obtain all they really need by trading raw materials and artefacts with their neighboring peoples. A few basic crops are grown within the walls of the Dwarf strongholds and hardy livestock graze on the high pastures. Good land is scarce in the mountains and Dwarfs are not great farmers, although they are enthusiastic hunters, able to find meat and fur even in the highest peaks. Grain and fruit are brought into the mountains by merchants and exchanged in the strongholds for metalwork and gold. If trade routes are cut by war, and the strongholds are besieged, the dour Dwarfs tighten their belts and dine on Dwarf stone bread, a tough bread baked from a mixture of wild grain and pulverized rock, made almost palatable when washed down with good Dwarf ale! Indeed, Dwarf ale is so nourishing that Dwarfs can survive for weeks on this alone. Every stronghold has a great store of barrels and takes immense pride in the efficacy and unique flavour of its ale.

A Dwarf king on the marchDwarfs are a grim and exceptionally proud people. They are sparing with their praise and often disparaging about the achievements of other races. Dwarfs respect three things above all others: age, wealth, and skill. Of course, a Dwarf will always carefully explain how his race is the oldest of all, how his ancestors earned unimaginable wealth, and how the Dwarfs are the most skilled builders and smiths in the world. This is not boasting, it is just setting the record straight.

Unless slain in battle or some other mishap befalls them, Dwarfs live to a very great age. The relative length and fullness of a Dwarf's beard indicate how old and wise he is — hence, Dwarfs are immensely proud of their beards and never cut or trim them. Whatever they are doing, if Dwarfs are in any doubt as to how to proceed, they look to the Dwarf with the longest beard to tell them what to do. He provides what is invariably the wisest solution.

Dwarfs have a great reverence for old things, valuing them for their memories and associations. When a skilled Dwarf smith dies, his work lives after him and forms a tangible connection to the past. The preservation and continuing use of some ancient device or construction is a form of respect and veneration for its creator. All Dwarf master craftsmen are adept at reforging ancient weapons or incorporating ancient relics into their new works.

Hoarding wealth is a great passion among Dwarfs. They are an industrious race and work hard for their riches and possessions. When a Dwarf dies, his possessions are divided amongst his family and so are passed on from generation to generation. A family's treasure is held most dear, as it is both a source of wealth and a link between the living and the dead. No Dwarf feels secure unless his treasure hoard is heaped high enough for him to sit on.

The hoards of some ancient Dwarf lords were of legendary proportions. Even today, the riches of the remaining Dwarf strongholds are a great attraction to Orcs, Goblins, and other would-be conquerors. However, the Dwarfs are extremely tough, and their strongholds have mostly withstood the test of time.

Nevertheless, over the millennia, several great and proud strongholds have fallen to Orcs and other invaders, their populations dispersed and slain, and their hoards of gold and artefacts broken up and scattered across the world.

All Dwarfs have a rigid sense of honour that is centred upon a bond or promise. If a Dwarf makes a deal, he will remember it and keep to it, even if it costs him dearly to do so. A Dwarf will honour the word of an ancestor even if it was made centuries before. In turn, Dwarfs expect others to keep their word, and look to the families of oathbreakers for recompense.

It is the worst possible insult to break faith with a Dwarf; it is also a serious mistake. A broken bond will be remembered forever and inevitably avenged. Great breaches of faith against the Dwarf people are recorded in a massive tome kept in Karaz-a-Karak, and it is known as the Great Book of Grudges. No dealings are entered into with anybody without prior reference to this book, which almost amounts to a chronicle of Dwarf history. It is part of Dwarf folklore and many Dwarfs know by heart its fiery accounts of great wrongs done to their ancestors.

Dwarfs have little knowledge of magic as it is practiced by Elves and Humans, and they have no wizards as such. The magical lore of the Dwarfs is closely linked to their craftsmanship in weaponry, armour, and other artefacts. Dwarf Runesmiths make many magical devices, including the finest weapons and armour. They are masters of rune lore, the art of using runes to entrap magic and imbue artefacts with arcane power. Their knowledge has been passed down by word of mouth from the days of the ancestors, although knowledge of the most potent runes is a very powerful secret known to only a few of the most adept Runelords.

6.1.1-Dwarf History

Khazalid: The Language Of The Dwarves!

The War Of The Beard

Deeds Of The Ages: A Timeline Of Importent Events In Dwarf History

The Book Of Grudges

6.2-What Is The Empire?

To fight for the Empire is to fight in the name of faith, honour, and the Emperor Karl Franz.

Of all the Old World nations, only the Empire has a professional standing army. Discipline is the watchword of the Knights and soldiers of this mighty realm, all of whom are driven by their love of homeland and their duty to Sigmar, the warrior-god who founded the Empire millennia ago. The Cult of Sigmar demands that its followers must fight all forms of evil with sword as well as faith. There is ample opportunity for the faithful to engage in this duty to Sigmar, as the Empire is beset on all sides by enemies and by those within who have fallen to the whispers of Chaos.

Helstorm Rocket BatteryOf course, the Empire's military might comes from more than just its ranks and ranks of State Troops, Knights, and Militia. Centuries ago, it acquired bizarre technology from Dwarfs who sought refuge in the Empire — The Engineers School of Altdorf and the Gunnery School of Nuln carried on these crafts. Today, the Empire has some of the most advanced artillery in the Old World (next to the Dwarfs), and their cannon and mortars have turned the tides of many battles.

Empire Battle Standard BearerLast but not least among the weapons in the ******** of the Empire are the Colleges of Magic. Thanks to the Emperor's careful patronage, the Colleges provide the Empire with potent Battle Wizards. These potent spellcasters are trained in the traditions handed down from the great Elven Mage Teclis, who taught the first Human Wizards to control and channel their dangerous powers. Those sorcerers who dare stray from the narrow path of the Colleges are hunted down by the Witch Hunters, servants of Sigmar who punish this heinous crime with death most painful. Execution of these faithless villains is trivial next to the danger they pose to Sigmar's People.

6.3-Who Are The High Elves?

Proud, haughty, and graceful, the High Elf army is well organised and marches to war in perfect unity, armoured in their strong scale coats, and wielding fine weapons of the highest quality.

For their diminishing race to survive, the High Elves must possess an army of unequaled skill to fend off their many enemies. To this end, all High Elves are taught the arts of war from an early age and swiftly master the sword, spear and bow. This strict policy of service means that Ulthuan can boast armies far larger than her diminished population would suggest. These citizen soldiers form the core of Ulthuan's armies — expertly trained warriors, resplendent in white robes and shining armour. Those of noble birth are taught to bear the arms of the Silver Helms, the magnificent Elven knights who fight in the vanguard of the High Elf army. Cavalrymen almost without peer, they are renowned for crashing through enemy shield walls, their sharp lances striking down their foes. High Elf generals must take great care with the lives of their warriors though, for the population of Ulthuan diminishes each year, and every loss is hard to bear.

While all Elves make effective warriors, those who completely devote their lives to the martial arts can be measured among the most deadly fighters in the world. Other High Elves choose to make warfare their way of life for different reasons, driven to violence through despair and sorrow or in pursuit of wisdom. The Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe are grim soldiers who fight for revenge alone. By contrast, the White Lions of Chrace are noble and fair, and devoted solely to the protection of the Phoenix King of Ulthuan.

High Elf Phoenix Guardigh Elves bring their finely honed aesthetic not only to martial prowess, but to the very arms and armour they use. All High Elf weaponry and accoutrements of war are meticulously and elegantly crafted. Swords are often passed down from father to son and may be ancient family heirlooms that have drawn blood in thousands of battles. The armour worn by High Elves is beautifully fashioned from tiny metal scales making it lightweight and flexible, allowing the wearer to maintain their natural swiftness and agility. High Elves decorate their armour and weapons, making each a fantastic work of art. Their tall, shapely helms glitter in the sunlight and are often intricately carved and encrusted with precious gems.

The High Elves have developed sorcery far beyond the accomplishments of any other race. They were the first to study magic and remain the greatest masters of it in the known world. Through magic, the High Elves protect their island home of Ulthuan, for without the conjurations of the High Elf mages, the entire island would sink beneath the waves forever. High Elf mages are mighty spell casters whose fiery blasts and awesome energies have won many a battle. It is the Elves who in years past taught magic to Men, although the Elf mages far surpass the Human wizards of the Old World in both skill and knowledge.

6.4-Who Are The Dark Elves?

For an expert player, there are few armies as rewarding to play as the Dark Elves. They constitute an army of hidden strengths and subtle power. Although a Chaos or Orc army will usually send all of its troops forward in a brutal, mindless attack, and a cowardly Wood Elf army will generally hang back and shoot at its opponents, Dark Elves are a more versatile force that excels in all aspects of warfare.

The Dark Elf army has many specialised troops as well as many elite regiments. They are fast moving and have good morale - all the hallmarks of a classic elite force. Like most Elf armies, the Dark Elves are both fragile and expensive in terms of their point cost. Thus, they will not win wars of attrition and must be played with subtlety and precision in order to win the day.

In spite of these limitations, the Dark Elf army is a flexible one. Spearmen and Crossbowmen backed by the dreaded Repeater Bolt Throwers can be made into a fearsome defensive force, but many Dark Elf players prefer to use the Druchii, as they call themselves, more aggressively. A well-led Dark Host on the offensive is a frightening thing. Frenzied Witch Elves are more than a match for any enemy infantry, while the charge of the Cold One Knights can shatter even the most determined enemy lines. Thus, the typical Dark Elf army is fast, well equipped, and extremely skilful in both mêlée and shooting.

In addition to the troop types mentioned above, Dark Elf players may choose from Highborns, Nobles, Sorceresses, and Beastmasters to lead their armies. Deadly Assassins, War Hydras, Manticores, Dark Pegasi, Black Dragons, Corsairs, Cold One Chariots, halberd-wielding Black Guard, and Executioners with great weapons are devastating hand-to-hand Witch King of Naggarothcombat troops. The skirmishing Shades, flying Harpies, and fast cavalry in the form of Dark Riders increase the army’s tactical options. Finally, the Cauldron of Blood, an ancient artefact of long-gone days when the gods walked the earth, can restore the youth and vitality of the Brides of Khaine who bathe in it and all Dark Elf troops proximate to the cauldron are affected by Frenzy.

All of these troops, when working in concert under a cunning general, make the Dark Host a dangerous and devastating foe for any army to face and a pleasure for any general to command.

6.5-Who Are The Orcs & Goblins?

The sight and sound of an Orc & Goblin Waaagh! is enough to chill the blood of the denizens of the Old World. Find out why here.

Orcs live to fight. For an Orc, there is no greater joy than to be in the thick of battle, where the biggest and meanest warrior carries the day. Such belligerence is both a strength and a weakness, as it means that Orcs expend much of their energy fighting among themselves rather than against a slightly more distant foe. Smaller and more nimble than their Orcish cousins, Goblins have a more developed sense of self-preservation. They are cunning rather than strong, and tend to leave the serious business of fighting to the Orcs. Goblins prefer to guard the rear of an army, though in desperate circumstances they'll finish off an enemy so long as it has been given a clobbering by a mob of Orcs.

Waaagh!There are many varied subspecies of greenskin. Night Goblins live in the deepest caves, venturing out into the light of the sun only when suitably fortified by fungus beer. Forest Goblins prowl the gloomy forests of the Empire, and Southland jungle canopies reverberate to the steady pounding of Savage Orc drums. Most notable and fearsome of all, Black Orcs are 'ard as nails and inevitably take over any tribe they join, where they leave a trail of butchered and dismembered rivals in their wake.

An Orcs & Goblins army will often contain a vast array of different troop types, from the wide variety of greenskins themselves to monstrous beasts such as Trolls, Giants, and Giant Spiders. While Orcs prefer to hurl themselves into close combat as swiftly as possible, Goblins bring a lethal array of sneakiness, such a foolhardy Doom Diver Catapults and mushroom-fuelled Night Goblin Fanatics.

Commonly, an Orc & Goblin warband will sweep into a village, slaughter the inhabitants, and charge on, pausing just long enough for the warlord to make a really big pile of severed heads and sit upon it while declaring his dominance. Terrifying and brutal as this is, it is when a Waaagh! is called that the Orcs become a truly dangerous force.

A Waaagh! is akin to a migrating invasion, when some successful Warboss throws everything he's got against his chosen enemy, and all the other Orcs and Goblins flock to join him. A Waaagh! is truly a sight to freeze the blood – an unstoppable sea of green-skinned monsters swarming across the horizon, whooping, jeering, and yelling their barbarous war cries. Few things can stand against such a force.

6.5.1-Key Events In Greenskin History

Key Events In Greenskin History

6.6-What Is Chaos?

In the frozen wastes of the Realms of Chaos, the hordes of the Dark Gods gather strength and conspire to dominate the Warhammer world.

Chaos is a fickle mistress, however. Some who follow the dark powers are blessed with great strength and unimaginable power. Others are cursed with debilitating mutations and eventually devolve into mindless, gibbering Chaos Spawn. Chaos is a constant threat to the civilized lands of Men, Elves, and Dwarfs, and constant vigilance is required to battle the frequent incursions of the forces of Chaos.

Some of the followers of Chaos dedicate their worship to one of the particular Dark Gods: Khorne, the Blood God and the Lord of Skulls; Tzeentch, the Changer of the Ways and the God of magic; Nurgle, Lord of Decay and Pestilence; and Slaanesh, the Dark Prince and God of decadence and pleasure. Other Chaos worshipers follow Chaos Undivided and don't devote themselves to any one particular deity. Each Chaos power bestows a particular type of gift upon its chosen followers; thus, Chaos are highly adaptable and can be customised in many different ways.

Champion of SlaaneshThe Hordes of Chaos army is really two armies in one. If the army is led by a mortal General, then mortal troops are Core selections, and Daemonic troops are Special choices. Similarly, in armies led by a Daemonic General, Daemons are Core, and Mortals are Special. The General's affiliation to one of the Chaos Gods or Chaos Undivided also functions to determine which types of troops can be included in the army. Further variety can be added to Hordes of Chaos army by incorporating troops from the Beasts of Chaos army list, which is fully compatible with the Hordes of Chaos rules.

The Hordes of Chaos army contains a wide variety of troop types. Mortal units include the mighty Warriors of Chaos as both infantry and cavalry, the rank-and-file Chaos Marauder infantry and cavalry, Chariots of Chaos, and Warhounds of Chaos. Daemon units are as varied as the Gods they serve. Followers of Khorne can include Bloodletters and Flesh Hounds. Nurgle's children include Plaguebearers and swarms of Nurglings. Slaaneshi armies often field Daemonette infantry and cavalry. The armies of the inscrutable Tzeentch can include the flying sky sharks known as Screamers as well as the spell-casting Daemons known as Horrors. Any Chaos army can also include the high-flying Furies and mindless Spawn of Chaos to bolster its ranks.

DaemonettesBecause of the mutating nature of Chaos, the Hordes army is a converter's dream. Most regiment boxed sets include a variety of mutated arms, heads, and other accessories, so that you can represent the “gifts” of the Gods on the battlefield. More elaborate conversions like tentacled Warriors, rotting Marauders, and scratch-built Chaos Spawn are also possible. Few self-respecting Chaos Generals take to the field of battle without at least a couple of soldiers who have been touched by the warping power of Chaos.

Because of the relatively high points cost for Chaos models, Hordes of Chaos armies tend to be small. However, they pack an enormous punch in hand-to-hand combat, and few troops can stand up to a Chaos Warrior in melee. Though the army is a powerful one and much feared throughout the Old World, it has no troops armed with missile weapons. Thus, it is possible to weaken a Chaos army by thinning its numbers before it gets into close combat. However, opponents of Chaos should be advised – losing to the Hordes of Chaos can often mean losing your mortal soul.

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