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#1 Jun 16 2011 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Can anyone give any advice on completing this maze solo?

I'm a returning player who is totally new to MMM. I used to be a keen fisher and hope to aquire the two fishing rings. Unfortunately I'm having the hardest time winning. I have read the guides, and the '100% win solo method' just isnt working for me (I'm 60 fishing, and using a Lu).

Basically I've been told to use bait that isolates and targets only the big point fish. Here is what I am currently doing:

In the first pond, I use a Sinking Minnow and fish up Giant Catfish.
In the second pond, I use a Shrimp Lure and aim for Monke Onke.
In pond number three, I use a Worm Lure to reel in Giant Donko.

I've been told that once I catch one of the above fish in a pond, I should stop fishing that pond immediately and move on to the next pond (Because supposedly bite rates are significantly lower if you already have a big fish of the same type in your inventory). Once I have all three of the above fish, I return to the start, trade in my fish and then rinse and repeat.

I dont know if I'm doing anything wrong, but by the time I get to my 4th or 5th fish the two brothers meet their quota and I lose. I'm having no problems reeling the fish in (Though I do get an aweful lot of you didnt catch anything messages, that waste valuable time). At this rate I just cant see how I'm supposed to be able to solo this every time?
#2 Jun 16 2011 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
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One other inportant piece of info I should probabally add. I dont have my own maze, I was unable to find a group of players interested in doing mmm so I could save up marbles to buy the fishing maze voucher.

I did however find a player submitted Maze Tabula I could buy for 500gil from one of the moblin NPCs. I dont understand things very well yet, and the runes confuse me, but this pre made maze is using runes:

Maze Rune 085: Fisherman
Maze Rune 017: Supreme Might
Maze Rune 102: Trial by Numbers
Maze Rune 094: Lost and Found

Could this potentially be making things harder? Like I say I'm clueless, but I'm lucky to have 2,500 - 3,000 fish handed in by the time they meet their 3,700 quota.
#3 Jun 16 2011 at 9:10 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hi Courier, I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. First off, regarding the rune setup you're using. I don't believe Fisherman will do anything to your maze except maybe give you a fishing boost. Personally, I've never tried the fisherman rune, so that's moreso wiki information. As far as Supreme Might, avoid this until you're an experienced fisherman. I've used this rune before and it's to crank up the difficulty by making your competition fish faster and better, in a sense earning points quicker. I would avoid any set-up with this rune unless you have help from others. Trial by Numbers... if I recall correctly, this raises the amount of points you need to win. with Freshwater fish don't think the shift is too high, but don't combine this with Salinity Shift rune as the points will be fairly high. Lost and Found just changes the possible end rewards so that's not a big deal. Also, I mentioned Salinity Shift (Rune 117). This changes the prey from Freshwater Fish to Saltwater Fish. Though I don't think it's supposed to raise the difficulty level, I find the competition is a bit more intense with Saltwater Fish as points can be very easy to obtain with certain fish. One fish can make all the difference and many times it seems like the competition seems to snag the big one that'll net them an uncatchable lead. It's still doable solo, but if you're just beginning avoid it til you get comfortable.

One thing I have noticed is that if you're getting too many "You didn't catch anything messages" you should avoid that pond and move to a pond. My favorite spot is the pond to the left of the entrance where the Monke-Onke bite, but if I receive more than three no catches, I next move to the initial pond where the Giant Catfish bite. If those aren't biting, the I resort to small fish using a Minnow at the stream up the hill to the right of the entrance. I usually face upstream and go for Pipira with Shining Trout are a bonus. Dark Bass will also bite here too and I don't concern myself too much with them. If I have 2 of either a combination of a Pipira and/or Shining Trout, I usually go turn it in before a bird comes by. Same is true of any big fish catches. Also, I notice that if a big fish bites often at the pond, it's a good spot and it'll usually bite often til it's depleted. You'll notice a pond/stream is depleted if there are no more shiny spots there.

It's best when you have people joining you in your fishing because it's fun to do as a group. I used to have a group on ventrillo just shouting out their catches and how the points were going. The best feelings are those close margins where everyone is "Go turn it in before they do!" Anyways, enough reminiscing from me. Don't be discouraged if you lose because a few lucky catches on the competition's part is all they need to win. Sometimes you can totally decimate them and others you'll see their points jump because they caught a few Monke-Onke. Good luck! :o)
Pagronith - Valefor Server
#4 Jun 16 2011 at 2:20 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks for all the advice, you have been a big help! Heck I didnt even know there was a stream up the hill to the right of the entrance! I just clocked the 3 ponds on my first run and didnt really veer away from them after that.

I guess I should attempt to form a marble farming party again, and save up for my own ADT maze rather than using the premade ones? (They all seem to have Supreme Might set).

Anyway thanks a lot, I feel a little more confident now.

Edited, Jun 16th 2011 6:20pm by CourierBarry
#5 Jun 19 2011 at 5:07 PM Rating: Good
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Just a follow up.

I managed to find another user submitted ADT maze, this one didnt have Supreme Might set. I noticed that I'm getting far less 'You caught nothing messages' with this one (So I'm guessing Supreme Might lowers bite rate, as the 2 brothers seem to be catching at the same speed as before)

So far I've done this new version of the maze twice and won comfortably both times (Unless I've just been lucky).

Pagronith wrote:
Also, I notice that if a big fish bites often at the pond, it's a good spot and it'll usually bite often til it's depleted. You'll notice a pond/stream is depleted if there are no more shiny spots there.

Yeah I think this has been key to my victories. I generally just stay at the first pond now and stick to Catfish (Bite rates have been great the last two runs) until the pond is empty. As soon as I catch one I trade it in immediately and just return to the same pond.

I can generally gain a quick and easy lead early on like this.
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