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#1 Jan 26 2008 at 1:18 PM Rating: Decent
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I attempted this mission for the first time last night, but I've read over many different strategies on how to complete it. Obviously we failed last night, but I noticed something contrary to all the strategies I've read regarding Raubahn.

Now, everything I've read states that after his first reraise, he will develop immunity based on the primary damage source, and again after his second reraise. Well, on our second attempt, the blm, for whatever reason, decided to try to finish his first phase quicker, so he cast Freeze2 when Raubahn was at 10% for approximately 1400 damage. This was the only "magical" damage to effect him that entire phase, but when he reraised, he stated his line for magical immunity: "My body has tasted the fires of 10000 spells." or something to that extent. Obviously we had to quickly change our strategy since he developed this immunity out of sequence.

My question is this: Has anyone else noticed this event? Does anyone know if perhaps it's not the primary source of damage, but rather the killing blow that determines his developed immunities? Had this not happened I wouldn't bother to ask, but I'm greatly intrigued by this.

Thanks for any answers in advance.
#2 Jan 26 2008 at 1:49 PM Rating: Good
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I think it's hate based, and an AMII spell generates a ton of hate. That one spell knocked him to the top of the hate, most likely, since no one else had a chance to attack afterward.

Fire your BLM.
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#3 Feb 01 2008 at 2:47 PM Rating: Good
You've got the immunity thing all wrong. Only the 3rd form displays any immunity - the 2nd form isn't immune to anything. If you do 51% magic damage on form 1 and again on form 2, then form 3 will be resistant to magic. If you mix it up (magic on 1 and physical on 2), then form 3 won't display any immunities.

Best advice is for your melee to start in on form 1 until about 65% (BLM don't do anything), then have them completely disengage. BLM can then sleep/nuke to finish off form 1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP SLEEPER (repose should work). It helps to have the melee damage him a bit first so that it gives the BLM some leeway with regard to hate. Form 1 will have been mainly magic damaged.

On form 2, have the BLM rest up while the melee go to town. Make sure to save sleep for his 2 hour. Don't let the BLM nuke until the melee have him down to under 35%, then your BLM can finish him. Form 2 will have been mainly physically damaged.

Form 3 treat as a normal mob, but again watch out for the 2 hour (he can use Azure Lore once on each form). Sleep him during the 2hr to prevent 1-shotting with Eyes on Me. If sleep doesn't work, stun what you can, but someone will likely die.

And obviously, don't use any DoTs because sleeping him is so important.
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#4 Feb 02 2008 at 11:26 AM Rating: Good
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After personally losing to this BLU shmuck like six or seven times, I'm pretty sure that it is indeed the primary source of damage that deals with immunities. I can't explain what happened to your group Tyrnin. Not calling you a liar; maybe it's more complicated than we think.

lawtechguy's strategy is pretty good, though when our group tried things like that the BLM ran the deadly risk of an Eyes on Me killing him outright before he could sleep Raubahn again. Or he'd one shot the tank and proceed to rip up some melees. It's a rough fight.
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#5 Apr 12 2008 at 6:05 AM Rating: Good
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I've been hunting around for quite awhile now and can't seem to find any info on countering Eyes on Me. Yes, we understand stun is a must, however, we seem to get him spamming it every other attack round along with his weapon skills. Using a PLD tank, what are some damage mitigation suggestions for dealing with EOM? All the guides/info I've found is mainly dealing with Alexander and virtually nothing on dealing with the BLU.

I did post this on the AM44 thread, but then realized that it would most likely not be looked at.

Any thoughts are welcome.
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#6 Apr 12 2008 at 6:19 AM Rating: Good
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If it's anything like the player BLU version (which isn't unreasonable), then:

- It's magical damage. Shell(ra) 4, better yet 5, better yet fully merited 5. Diffusion Saline Coat if you have a BLU. Rampart (though that doesn't last too long). Stuff like that. Avoid things like Jelly Ring that increase magical damage taken, and if you can get away with it and still be functional in your gear setup, wear things like Merman's Earring that decrease magical damage taken, or things like Iron Ram Lance that decrease all damage taken.

- It's CHR-based, so the damage is based on the CHR of the caster minus the CHR of the target, sent through a formula wringer. (Look up how black magic works with INT, and just substitute INT for CHR, it's pretty much the same thing.) Point being, more CHR on your gear will sliiiiiiiightly decrease the damage taken. Don't go out of your way for this in and of itself, but it may be worth considering wearing, say, Koenig gear on a PLD.

- It's dark elemental, so make sure you're not wearing *any* gear with negative dark resist (notables are PCC and snipers). Negative resists on gear works *really* weirdly, and basically if you have any negative resist, even if you have other gear and effects to make your net resist positive, you're still pretty much guaranteed not to resist. To a lesser degree of importance than avoiding negative dark resist, if you can include some gear with positive dark resist, that may help slightly (in the sense of possibly pulling off a partial resist).

- Beyond that, just have someone capable of big fast cures like a WHM or a RDM, but chances are you'll have that anyway.

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#7 Jul 10 2008 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
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I did this mission as bard, and Dark Carol helped a bit with the Eyes on Me move. Head **** and Stun are both effective, but you have to basically have to have your macro ready to go as soon as your log shows him readying that move. You don't need a PLD tank for this mission, and in fact a NIN/WAR is probably best for the BLU, and RDM/DRK for Alexander.

Regarding immunity -- it's based on whatever the majority of the damage was in the previous round, and as already pointed out, immunity only comes into play in the third form. You can do light nukes during the melee phase provided 51% or more of the damage is from melee. Similarly, you can melee during the nuking phase provided 51% of the damage are from nukes (Formless Strikes won't count as melee damage).

The BLU will build resist against sleep and lullaby, but separately (as one is dark based and the other is light based). You can use this to your advantage -- the bard sleeps and the BLM or RDM overwrites with their sleep, and this only counts as one buildup toward resistance (as opposed to 2).

I think it's easier to actually nuke/sleep first, then do melee damage, then go all out on the third form since MP might become an issue for your WHM even with sanction, double ballads, and refresh, and all that refresh gear. If you melee first, your healer will run out of MP fast, leaving little MP to curebomb your BLM, and even less during phase three. Also your BLM will be low on MP after phase two. On the other hand, doing nuke/sleep first you only really need to heal the BLM. Then, during phase two and three the BLM can easily regain MP from ballads and/or refresh to help backup cure and stun.
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#8 Jul 10 2008 at 8:15 PM Rating: Good
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i went rdm/drk

Abs-Chr definitely had an effect, and is nice in case an EOM slips past your Stun Order. But it had one downside: the -chr effect doesn't last long, much less time than an Abs-Mnd for instance.

Good chance it'll wear off to soon to be of use, although we haven't tested it with a Dark mainjob yet.
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#9 Jul 11 2008 at 11:34 AM Rating: Decent
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If you're kiting him for whatever reason, EOM can be very easily outrun, but not if you're in melee range when he readies it.
#10 Sep 30 2008 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Something I've been wondering about this mission.. Does this mission have to be repeated in order to obtain a new ToAU Ring? I'd like to switch my Balrahn's out for an Ulthalam's Ring. Or is this even possible?
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#11 Sep 30 2008 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
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There is currently no way to switch ToAU rings.
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