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Give a moogle a break won't startFollow

#1 Oct 25 2006 at 12:29 PM Rating: Decent
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As the title says, the quest won't start. I have the bronze bed for over a week real time in my moogle house. And i'm fame 3 in windy. So all i have all the requirements right?
#2 Oct 25 2006 at 1:27 PM Rating: Good
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Are you sure it is over a week and not just five RL days? The quest unlocks at conquest update on Sundays, so if you put the bed in on Sunday afternoon US time you'd have to wait until the following Sunday afternoon to get the quest.

In addition, while I cannot confirm it, there is a rumor that the bed has to be in the mog house for a full Vana'diel day or week before the quest can trigger.

Also, and forgive me for a stupid question, you are talking to your moogle in your home town moghouse?
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#3 Oct 25 2006 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
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yes, why's that?
#4 Oct 25 2006 at 2:07 PM Rating: Good
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Because you can only get the quest from the moogle in your hometown moghouse. A moogle in a Rent-A-Room won't give you the quest.
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#5 Oct 25 2006 at 3:34 PM Rating: Good
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It's true that you can only *start* the quest in your home city's mog house (edit: and you do it by *talking* to the moogle, so be sure to do that rather than, say, access MH menu from the main menu).

However, once started, you can a. ditch the bed if you like, b. trade the items to the moogle in home city *or* rent-a-room, c. get the cutscene announcing the safe was expanded in home city *or* rent-a-room.

In other words, only *starting* the quest is all picky about requirements, but completing it, it's not strict at all about where you do what.

Anyway, my ideas:

- Bronze Bed is in mog safe but isn't set out as furniture with the Layout command in mog house. It needs to be set out in the layout for it to count.

- Bronze Bed is in layout, but wasn't there at the time of the conquest update this past Sunday. (This seems unlikely from your wording, but it could be possible.)

- You need more home city fame. (And if you're not Windurstian, you want fame for whatever city you have allegiance to, not just Windurst.) Either because you have less fame than you think, or the quest requires more fame than everyone thinks. Either way, raising fame won't hurt.

My suggestions:

- If your Bronze Bed wasn't already in layout, put it there. If it was, leave it there.

- Keep working on fame-raising. Chances are, this is the issue. (The vast majority of the time when someone can't start a quest, it's because they think they have enough fame, but actually don't for one or another reason. So right on up until the fame checking NPC mentions the goddess in their babbling - which indicates max fame - it can never hurt to raise fame.)

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#6 Oct 30 2006 at 10:14 PM Rating: Decent
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i'm incredibly lazy, and it took me roughly 3 years to getting around to doing the second of the mog-house expansion quests. i put the bed in MH on saturday, monday rolls around, in home city, couldn't get quest. i was quite annoyed. on saturday i got (and completed) the quest tho with no problems. my guess is that there's a minimum time your bed needs to be in your house for you to be able to activate it.

(oh...and i've had max fame in everywhere pre-expansion for freaking ever, because for a long time avatar fights were as close as i could get to end-game hehe)
#7 Nov 06 2006 at 6:01 AM Rating: Decent
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I am actually having a problem with this quest as well for a mule of mine. I have had the bed in her mog for the past 2 weeks an have yet to get the quest. She has hero fame in Sandy so I don't know what I'm doing wrong ><. I'm wondering if Sandy cannot be in last place in order to receive the quest, but no one can confirm this for me. If anyone can confirm this it would be much appreciated ^^.
#8 Jun 27 2010 at 5:21 PM Rating: Decent
Why can't I get this quest?
All days/times listed are PDT.
I have 4 mules on an account.
My main has already done all the storage quests.
A level 20 mule has already done this quest.
Mules and Main are in home city and have been for 1 month.
1 month ago I placed a Bronze Bed in the layout of each of 3 mules, with level 6 or higher fame in Home city.
1 month ago I placed a Mohogany Bed in the layout of the level 20 mule.
Slightly more than a month ago, I installed the 3 add-ons (A Crystalline Prophecy, A Moogle Kupo d'Etat, and A Shantotto Ascension)
I have talked to the Moogle in each of these mogs at various times throughout each week during the last month, but only get the "Is my assistance reaching you, Master? Your Mog House is currently aglow with faint light/ice energy, kupo!" messages.
I read elsewhere that the "Dreched! It Began with a Raindrop" mission being active would interfere with this quest. Since the level 20 mule got this mission assigned automatically, by talking to Moogle after installing the "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat" add-on, I decided to complete this mission on my main and the level 20 mule. Both were completed last Wednesday night.
After completing the mission, I removed the bed from the layout of each mule and waited 24 hours (Thursday night), then placed the beds back in the layout.
Today (Sunday afternoon after conquest update), I speak to each of the Moogles and again get the same "Is my assistance reaching you, ....." messages but not quest!!!

I did this quest on my other account years ago with no such problems on any of my mules. What am I missing? Has the "A Moogle Kupo d'Etat" add-on complete nerfed this quest?
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