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So I'm a newb, and I'm curious about gear swapping... (was f

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Nebo1 wrote:
GLGunblade wrote:
Nebo1 wrote:

DD's are expected to have sets for TP, WS, -PDT, -MDT as a minimum. Then you get into specialty sets for JA's, Watlzes, RACC....really any number of things.

Mages and support are expected to have a large amount of gearsets too.

I'm skeptical about the claim that DD's are expected to have a -pdt or -mdt set as a MINIMUM.
Most certainly gear for TP and WS sets as a minimum. -PDT and -MDT (or a combo -DT) set's a luxury, but a welcome one.

In endgame scenarios (almost everything in SoA), they are necessary.

You might get into a plasm farm pick-up shout group without them, but one of two things will likely happen:

  • You will deal crap damage and never take hate...but not get invited back due to said crap damage.
  • You will die frequently and not get invited back due to lack of relevant gear sets.

If you are doing your job as a DD, you are going to pull hate at some point, get hit by an AOE TP move, AOE Spell, etc.

Dead DDs don't deal damage well. As a DD, your job is to be on the front lines, SURVIVE being on the front lines, and deal as much damage as possible. Surviving on the front lines is not the sole responsibility of your support, it is also yours.

Since it is not realistic to turn, run, or get out of the way, in the face of most TP moves, spells, or being at the top of the hate need to be able to react with gearswaps to minimize the damage you take: Evasion, MDT, PDT...whatever the situation calls for.

This does not only apply to "osh*t" moments when you are about to die either. In delve runs the pace can get quite high. Mages don't have time to rest (and a lot of the PUG ones really suck. I've had WHMs that never run out of MP even without outside refresh. I've also had ones that run their MP pools dry even with full-time ballads). So the smaller the amount of stress you place on them, the greater the chances your run is going to go smoothly and net you more plasm in the process.

If you cannot do that, you are not performing one of the more basic roles of a DD job, imo. And its not like, as a DD, you have a whole lot to do otherwise. TP to 100, use a couple JA's, WS at 100.

If you can't react to situations with gearswaps to minimize damage taken, I would not invite you. It would also (for me) call into question the caliber of player your are and the quality of the TP/WS/Other gear sets you do have.

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This post is informative but pretty much sucks the fun out of the game for me.
It's way too serious and woe be tide if I press the wrong button at the wrong time and cause the end of vanadiel.
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