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A little rant

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pocketsphat wrote:
It looks like in order to play FFXI you have to be a robot and follow the same goals everyone else follows. You need to have this gear, you need these levels at 99, etc. Im sorry but I'm not going to level all jobs to 99, nor do I have time. To be told by LS mates I'm useless or my job isn't used in a plasm run just angers me. I have a life OUTSIDE of this game and I dont have the time to be leveling jobs YOU want ME to level. Im sure most people didnt level jobs because they were told to, probably because they WANT to and they want to go 100% in this game. Well I'm a PAYING PLAYER, SE never said I have to level all these jobs in order to enjoy my game. If I want to be a WHM then I shouldnt be turned down, same goes with being a BST, or a SMN. All these jobs have some use to them, and to not be allowed to join a certain run in a game because I dont have a "useful" job level ****** me off..

Thoughts? Opinions?

You don't need people.

I'm a loner who have been playing since 2003 and I have almost done everything exclusively alone, i.e. randomly showing up at a NM and asking to join a party. To be fair, I'm a career RDM, so there was a time when I was highly demanded. On the same token, I got tired of being invited to be the "main healer" or "refresh bot", so I leveled WHM. At the time, WHM was not wanted and now it's reversed. Everyone wants WHM and no one (until recently) wants RDM.

It's your choice. Either play how you want or succumb to the crowd. You have plenty of time to level a job. If you have time to post on this website, then you have time to level jobs. Now, rather or not your jobs are "the best", is another story, but you can't say that you don't have time to level a desired job. People with full time jobs, kids, going to school have leveled more than one job. There are a couple of us who went to war and back on more than one occasion, with more than one leveled job. I highly doubt that your life is so restrictive, that you can't level a desired job.

Not wanting to level a job != not having the time to do so.

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