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Rune Fencer & Geomancer Af3: What do you want?Follow

#1 May 06 2013 at 8:51 AM Rating: Good
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Another one of those creative threads.
What stats do you want to see on any form of Af3 for the two new jobs?

As for Rune Fencer... Spadaccino is "Swordsman" in Italian.

Spadaccino's Coronet +2 (Head)
DEF:42 HP+30 MP+30
Accuracy+10 Evasion+10
"Magic Def. Bonus"+7 Haste+5%
Augments "Liement"
Augment bestows the effect of Liement to the Rune Fencer's party members if worn on activation.
Lv85 RUN

Spadaccino's Tabard +2 (Body)
DEF:75 HP+50 MP+50
Accuracy+15 Attack+15
"Magic Atk. Bonus"+10
"Magic Def. Bonus"+10
Augments "Pflug"
Lv89 RUN
Augment bestows the effect of Pflug to the Rune Fencer's party members if worn on activation.

Spadaccino's Gloves +2 (Hands)
DEF:30 DEX+10 STR+10
Great Sword Skill+10
"Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Enhances "Effusion" Effects
Lv87 RUN
Directly increases the damage of Effusion: Lunge and potency of Effusion: Gambit.

Spadaccino's Trousers +2 (Legs)
DEF:53 HP+30 MP+30
Parrying Skill+20
Enhances "Rune Enhancement"
Lv83 RUN
Increases the elemental resistance potency bestowed by each rune and increases enspell damage dealt. Must be worn on activation.

Spadaccino's Boots +2 (Feet)
DEF:27 HP+30 MP+30
Haste+4% Evasion+10
Enhances "Tenacity"
Augments "Inquartata"
Lv81 RUN
Extends the effect of Tenacity to include Doom, Weakness, and Terror.
Augments Inquartata to occasionally cause the Rune Fencer to counter-attack a parried attack.

Spadaccino's Medallion (Neck)
"Magic Def. Bonus"+5
Lv85 RUN

Spadaccino's Cape (Back)
DEF:6 Accuracy+10 Attack+10
"Magic Atk. Bonus"+5
Triple Attack+3%
Lv80 RUN

Spadaccino's Earring (Earrings)
DEF:5 Haste+2%
Double Attack+3% Triple Attack+3%
Magic Damage Taken-5%

I'm not sure whether or not any sort of Af3 set should become available through Abyssea or not.
Whilst it would be good to revitalize Abyssea for a bit, even if briefly, I can predict a rather large bottleneck for NM spawns.
Perhaps they should be quested and upgraded through items bought with Bayld?

Anyone want to chip in?
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#2 May 06 2013 at 9:28 AM Rating: Default
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I like how you think, but the professional endgamers will scream "overpowered" at such a proposal.

Edit--Didn't have much time on my break to add anything but here's a quick contribution:


Artifact--Fencer's Attire (focus generally on accuracy, MDB, and Great Sword skill)

Relic(?)--Guardian's Attire (focus on MAB, Effusion potency and Ward duration)

Empyrean(?)--Champion's Attire (Focus on Haste, Higher MAB, Fast Cast bonuses, and Enhancing skill)


Artifact--Geomancer's Attire (Focus on Indi-spell duration, Magic Accuracy, and pertinent skills)

Relic(?)--Terra Attire (Focus on MAB, Luopan HP drain reduction, and Indi/Geo-spell potency)

Empyrean(?)--Gaia Attire (Focus on greater MAB, Fast Cast, greater Indi/Geo-spell potency, and Luopan PDT-)

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#3 May 06 2013 at 11:22 AM Rating: Good
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I'm not good at coming up with stats, but as far as names are concerned, I'm good at conjuring up something.

I'll name drop here, and someone can come up with stats.

Geomancer AF = Geomancer's Set (naturally)
Geomancer Relic = Tierra Set (Tierra is Spanish for "Earth")
Geomancer Empyrean = Asumajikku's Set (Asumajikku is Japanese for "Earth Magic")
#4 May 06 2013 at 12:17 PM Rating: Good
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Tjat earring itself is ridculous. I'd love it, but that thing would utterly destroy every accesorry piece imaginable
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