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Thank you all for your advice.

It seems that the beginners guide that I try to refer to is outdated in quite a few things so I will probably just learn as I go.

My impressions of the game are quite positive. I have played all other single player final fantasies so I am at least familiar with the lexicon inherent in the game. I like the fact that they kept gil, the magics (white and black), the job classes, and the cut scenes. I, however, do not normally play Massive online games too often so there are a few things that I blundered with. For example, I decided to get rid of those elemental crystals by selling them to NPCs until I later found out that selling them on the auction house is more profitable and more helpful to other players.

The Conquest system is interesting but also seems lopsided. San d'oria only has one player race as its inherent occupant whereas Bastok and Windurst have two races respectively. Statistically speaking, that seems a bit unfair. Shouldn't square-enix introduce another race to even this out.

Leveling to 18 on my white mage seemed easier than the beginners guide made it out to be. I thought I would need to Party but I didn't even have to leave Ronfaure to get all the way to 18. However, the quickness with which I leveled contrasted how much money I earned. I didn't realize that the floating books gave trainings until much later and wasn't able to get much money until after I realized their significance. This meant that I was underequiped when trying to kill that ghost near King Ronfaure's tomb and subsequently died.

I enjoy how quests are implemented in the game. I had heard that other MMO games hold your hand through the quests by giving you on screen indicators. I like that this game does not have that (unless I am blind). It makes them less oppressive and more interesting. Having played single player games that fill the screen with icons of quests and minimaps galore, I am glad that this game, thankfully, avoids cluttering the environment with icons.

The battle system reminds me of final fantasy 12 but is a bit slower paced for the sake of tactics. I learned quickly that in order to pull off a spell in the middle of melee, I had to cast it the moment the enemy hit me. So that by the time the enemy hit me again, I had already cast the spell (mostly cure but sometimes dia and poisona). Speaking of spellcasting, it seems much harder to increase the magic skills rather than the combat skills. My combat skills always cap (become that blue color) whereas my magic skills never seem to get blue. Are there ways of turning this around?

I think that I would like to level mage type classes over the long run. I am now working on the Red mage and it seems a lot easier since the gear can be obtained through conquest points and I can hit harder with the sword. I want to try the black mage after I get my Red mage to 18 to see how that class plays as well. Of the more advanced classes, the Summoner, Scholar, Blue Mage and Geomancer seem to be the most magically oriented.

Thank you for reading and post any feedback if any.

Edit: Oh and I chose Sylph as my world.

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