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RUN & GEO Merit Speculation/WishlistFollow

#1 Apr 04 2013 at 4:19 PM Rating: Excellent
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The merit abilities for Rune Fencer and Geomancer are surely not far off but still, what do people think/want them to get?
What areas can be compensated for?

I've only levelled Rune Fencer so far so I cannot comment on what I think Geomancer should get, I'll leave that to more enlightened people!

Group One
Effusion Recast
Effusion Effect
Valliance Recast
Valliance/Vallation Effect
Pflug Effect
All of these speak for themselves, the timers on many of Rune Fencer's abilities are a bit extortionate so merits reducing their cooldown timers would not go amiss. Effusion Effect would increase the potency and accuracy of both Lunge and Gambit by 3% with each merit point allocated.

Group Two
Odium "Hatred" (Ward) (Expends all harbored runes to increase enmity)
Wards and Effusions already generate a bit of enmity but having an ability that can skyrocket enmity in a pinch, keeping in mind that Rune Fencer is meant to be a tank, seems like a good idea. Additional merits would increase the enmity generated.

Potentia "Power" (Ward) (Expends all harbored runes to increase the power of your next weapon skill)
This one is something Rune Fencer really needs. More tools to not necessarily match a Dark Knight's weapon skill power (that'd be too much)

Disseptum "Barrier" (Ward) (Expends all harbored runes to reduce physical damage taken for a brief period of time)
Would be a nice fallback when you're against a target that hits harder than it actually casts.
Acts in a very similar fashion to a Dancer's Fan Dance but has a much shorter duration.

Impedio "Hinder" (Effusion) (Inflicts status ailments on the target based on the element of runes harbored. Potency and duration varies with the runes expended)
Ignis/Tellus/Gellus would inflict Addle/Slow/Paralyze with minimal effects.
Ignis/Ignis/Ignis would inflict a strong Addle effect.

Ok that's my creative spell over, any ideas on what you'd want to see?
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#2 Apr 04 2013 at 4:30 PM Rating: Decent
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And while they're at it, I still hope they put RUN on Caladbolg. It makes sense that they're not gonna get access to Ragnarok, but I was really disappointed neither them nor GEO were added to any of the Empyrean weapons.

Maybe it'll happen when they add in RUN and GEO empyrean armor.
#3 Apr 04 2013 at 4:56 PM Rating: Good
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SE has/will never added new jobs to old "super" weapons, and they have stated this many times. According to SE, those weapons were balanced to its original jobs, so the new ones will not be added.

As far as merits, I really don't have any suggestions yet, but I do hope the jobs gain something unique/useful. So far, my small group of 6 really hasn't found a good fit for either job. It's not so much that they're bad jobs, it's just that we find we usually lose something rather than gain if someone brings GEO or RUN. If something casts a lot of magic, we might be tempted to swap out a DD for RUN though. GEO is the opposite, it can be useful, but only if we had an extra spot- we rarely need magic damage and the support it brings isn't enough to replace anything else. This is just my experience, yours may differ.
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#4 Apr 05 2013 at 12:15 AM Rating: Excellent
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For Geomancer...

Group 1:
- Luopan decay rate down
- Concentric Pulse effect
- Theurgic Focus recast
- Life Cycle effect
- Cardinal Chant potency

Group 2:
- Scopic Chant (Ability) - Your next elemental magic spell will recieve all Cardinal Chant bonuses. Additional merits increase fast cast by 10%. (Recast 10 minutes)
- Static Polarity (Ability) - Allows your luopan to absorb the next special attack that would damage it, restoring its HP instead. Additional merits increase HP restored by 5%. (Recast 10 minutes)
- Natural Amplification (Trait) - Extends duration of Indicolure spells. Increases duration by 24 seconds per merit.
- Intangible Entity (Trait) - Grants a bonus to your luopan's evasion and magic evasion. Increases stats by 15 per merit.

I also think it's a given that handbell skill and geomancy skill will be available to merit as magic skill merits.

As far as other predictions go:
- The AF weapon will be a new handbell, and a we will also get the a scroll of Indi-Regain which will be a level Lv.41 spell.
- The prices on some of the Indicolure spells will drop drastically. (Or they will be added as drops from some monsters)
- Luopan HP and/or -DT will be increased or there will be a decent amount of it on AF/Relic/Empy gear.
- This one's a longshot, but... GEO will be given a low grade native enfeebling skill.

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#5 Apr 05 2013 at 3:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Currently at lv 72, RUN, and 212 divine skill While I'm still partial to the concept of Run/Pld outside Gusgen raves. If nothing more than access more divine spells like Banish, Banish II ( Really, we have a B-ish skill in divine and only Flash? ), and access to a Cure. We do have refresh; regen, phalanx, stoneskin and ice spikes (thank god), but it can only last for so long. If casting is not interrupted.

With that said, considering JA's seem to generate almost enough hate every 5 minutes. My wish list would be (if Run is supose to be the magical tank that could). How about:

*Goad: JT Increased Enmity gain for Ja and/or Divine spells; or on Rune Enchantment since it's the fastest JA timer we have
*Reduced cooldown on Lunge
*Increased Lunge Effect: making 3 runes (example: same element) 30% more potent (dmg) at 5 merrits.
*Increased Rune Effect ( for any JA, rune power increases +X per merrit)
*Reduced Pflug cooldown by 5 seconds per merrit (2~5 sec seems to be an average on this type of JT)
*An explination of how Inquartata is different from Tactical Parry and and enhancement per merrit.
*Exhilarate: JT Increases duration of spells cast by Embolden by +X per merrit (I'm seeing +1 or +2 per.) (But does Embolden currently stack with gear or accessories that increases effect or duration of specific enhancing spells like Phalanx, Stonsskin, Pro/Shell, Refresh/Regen, or Spikes?)

As for things we don't have that I can dream about and will never see:

*Engrave: JA, Consumes runes to gain beneficial stattus based on element: fire = +X to Pdmg, earth= +X to Pdef, water = +X to MaDef, Ice= +X to MaDmg (alot like automations) +X effect and duration Per merrit (strongest when all are the same element or fair to moderate when mixed) Could also be a merit only JA for duration. Then all group II merits can all be the +X gain to effect for each individual element used by it. Kinda like :San spells but for a Physical or Magical bonus type combonation to Atk and/or Def based on that merited Rune element (like examples above).
*Rune Absorb Light: consumes Light runes to restore HP (increase rune effect +X per merit)
*Rune Absorb Dark: consumed Dark runes to recover MP ( increase rune effect +X per merit)
*Rune Clense: Transfers all runes and rune effects, to target to reduce Enmity: Increase Enmity transfer to target by +X per merit
*Rune Brand: Consumes all rune effects to give Liement effect (based on curent rune elements when used) to party members near user. (+X effect or duration per merit) and generates a spike in Enmity.

That's my fantasy Rune Fencer merit's

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#6 Apr 13 2013 at 9:45 AM Rating: Good
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Sudden brainwave!
Resonance (Job Trait)
Grants beneficial effects which correspond with runes harbored. Additional merits increase potency of effects.
Ignis: Attack Bonus
Gellus: Magic Attack Bonus
Tellus: Defense Bonus
Sulpor: Double Attack Rate
Flabra: Evasion Bonus
Unda: Enfeebling Resistance
Lux: Regen (Stacks with Spell & Auto-Regen)
Tenebrae: Refresh (Stacks with Spell & Auto-Refresh)
Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

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