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So, PS2 is no longer supported?

#1 Feb 13 2013 at 7:32 AM Rating: Excellent
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orinthia wrote:
Then the NPC locks came in toward 2008-2009. About 1/5 of all npcs I talked to would cause a dialog lock, usually if they were a vender, and anywhere in the game. There'd be no dialog in the chat log upon activating them, and all control and movement would be frozen. Could only do say/ls/pt/tell chat and that was it. No way to free myself from the lock without resetting ps2.

And that's when I hung it up for good. Even after the infamous "disk full" problem, I eventually got the PS2 up and running again. Even when it would crash when I ran too close by the Bastok embassy in N.Sandy, I could deal with it. But once the game started locking up (without crashing) when I was trying to talk to the OP warp NPC, that was it.

I honestly don't know how the JPs can live with this particular bug. Or maybe this bug is somehow only in the NA version.

WFOAssassin wrote:
So when did the locks and freezes start?

The NPC lock-up problem started with a specific major update, I think it was the first Abyssea/Lv 80 cap.

As for everything else, I started in 2008 on PS2 and it was always bad about slideshow mode under the right conditions (like a bard in another party in Pso'Xja spamming buffs, yeah), and cutscenes. I eventually got the feeling that end-of-Besieged crashes were often actually due to the cutscene at the end crashing. (Cowering with fear in the NW corner about 15 mins before the time limit still helped a lot.)

As for "teh grafix ar bettur!", I'm just going to point to those six-foot flowers just south of oasis in dunes. They are not in the PS2 version, and I was even surprised when I first saw them.
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