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The Mog Bonanza Homecoming Comes Rolling into Vana'diel!

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I was absent for the most part from aby till scars, I came in once all the procs were well flushed out and the wiki was already put together. I was told to read the wiki and that is what I did. Yellow procing is very basic you land a spell from the proc list of the day of, the day before. and the following day while the mob is not casting or readying a tp move it doesn't more basic then that. If you can understand that fact there is not that much more to a seal party. The page explaining weakness triggering can't get any easier to understand.

Yellow Weakness Yellow Weakness

Weakness Yellow - triggered by casting a specific magic spell on the NM. The spell's element coincides with the element of the current day, the previous day, or the next day of the Vana'diel week. The "current day" is determined when the monster was made active (by aggro, claiming, or popping).
Greatly enhances drop rate for synthesis items. Drop rate for AF3 (Empyrean Armor) upgrade items is also increased, and additional "drop slots" for these items may be added depending on the NM and type of upgrade item.
Has no effect on the drop rate for Empyrean Weapon upgrade items.
It is necessary for the spell to accurately hit, regardless of its effectiveness, in order to potentially trigger a weakness. For instance, a resisted Dispel will not be able to trigger weakness. However, using Dispel for "no effect" against the enemy (due to the enemy not having any buffs to be dispelled) is treated as a successfully landed cast and may still trigger weakness.
Inflicts Silence on the enemy for 30 seconds, with halved duration on each repeated use. The message displayed in the log will read:

"<Player>'s attack staggers the fiend!
The fiend is unable to cast magic."

That is taken straight from wiki's weakness triggering it is also followed with a table that out lines every spell that is a proc. There is also one for red and blu procing. I don't know how much clearer it can be presented and if it is ingame or out of game you still have to read and this is by far better then someone typing into party chat trying to convey all this info that can be either printed out or open in another window.

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