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#1 Jan 28 2013 at 4:39 PM Rating: Default
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i got alot of questions to ask so i'll list them below and any help on any area will be appreciated

1: is there a way to map a xbox 360 controller to work on pc (have tried loads of things cant get working)

2: is there a better key map setup and the default one seems very clumsy

3: is there a good guide for new playes as in what to do first where to go as there is no in game guidance at all

4: how does guild/clan system work(if there is one)

5: whats a good high population server

Again any help appreciated really want to try this properly as on verge of just gving up after only couple of hours playing around
#2 Jan 28 2013 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
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There is a post from a few days ago little further down about using a 360 controller on pc. I used my ps3 control so I am no help there.

Key map? Not sure, think config, in game, has a way to setup what keys perform what action.

Basicly solo to 10-15 and join a book burn in Gusgen, 30-35 head to Crawlers Nest, 60-65 to Bostaunieux Oubliette until 75, or can continue to 99. At 75 head to Abyssea. Get stones building at level 30 in Port Jueno, look up what you need to do.

Linkshells are the guild/clan in this game. You can be member of more then on. Do a shout/yell in Jueno asking for a ls for new player. Someone will hook you up.

Pick a server. They are mostly the same popluation-wise.
#3 Jan 28 2013 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
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XBCD drivers work for wired xbox controllers (and maybe wireless?), but I have been able to use xpadder to map buttons for my xbox controller and FFXI (should only have to map the triggers). I use a keyboard, so it's only something I've verified, not something I use frequently for FFXI.

As far as key maps, the keyboard setup is one of the best I've used. Just ignore the mouse, use WASD/numpad to move and arrows for camera. Setting the control setting to "compact keyboard" allows you to use WASD keys, which I recommend. Shortcuts all use CTRL+, so CTRL+i brings up your inventory, for example.

Guides- browse this forum for any other returning player threads. There are several. Getting started tips and guides will be posted in them.

Ignore the server population information, look through the forum for social linkshell invites for other new players and join one of those linkshells. Whichever server that linkshell is on, that's where you'll want to start.

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#4 Jan 28 2013 at 5:52 PM Rating: Good
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kickinchicken wrote:
is there a way to map a xbox 360 controller to work on pc (have tried loads of things cant get working)

The controller is set up in the FFXI config program outside of the game. XBOX style annalog triggers won't work with the config client, but other buttons should be mapped there.

kickinchicken wrote:
is there a better key map setup and the default one seems very clumsy

Compact keyboard settings are more like other MMO keyboard controls, that setting is found inside the game itself in config > misc 2.

kickinchicken wrote:
is there a good guide for new playes as in what to do first where to go as there is no in game guidance at all

Best to ask all parties you join if anyone has a social LS you can join

kickinchicken wrote:
how does guild/clan system work(if there is one)

They're called Linkshells (LS). You equip them in the linkshell menu and you can switch between as many as you like.

kickinchicken wrote:
whats a good high population server

They're all the same. Starter cities are ghost towns on all servers, you'll see more people when you make it to Jeuno
#5 Jan 28 2013 at 6:02 PM Rating: Decent
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I understand it can be difficult to start out in the game due to a lack of ingame tutorial, but most people think this was a bad thing when infact it was one of the aspects that made ffxi so great years ago. You started off in a new world, unsure of what exactly to do and where to go and so it forced you to talk to people and help each other out. I made many friends this way and joined linkshells to stay in touch with them. So yes, I would reccomend using the /shout command and telling people youre a new player looking for a linkshell and guidance as theres alot of people willing to help and theres just too much to explain in one post.

To start off I would pick a job that you think looks fun and then zone out of the city into the starting area. Look for a floating book that near the entrance to the city and check out the different pages it has to get extra experience with, or just go out and fight stuff. You use the /check command to see how powerful mobs are and you'll find that Easy Prey and Decent Challenge are the best way to go whereas Even match, Tough and Incredibly tough are usually too much to deal with. As you approach level 10 you'll be getting farther out to find experience mobs and you'll probably venture into a different zone. Its in the upper teens that you begin partying (alot of people go to Gusgen mines) and things change alot.

But again I would highly recommend just /sh ingame and asking for a linkshell for a new player, there are so many questions you will have and theres plenty of people ingame that will be willing to show you the ropes.

Oh yeah and I use compact setting 1 for the keyboard, I too dont like the default controls for pc. Like the above user said, Menu>Config>Misc2 is where you can change it, among many other options.

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