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Fyn ranty thread #9001: Liars

#1 Jan 28 2013 at 1:47 AM Rating: Excellent
ItsAMyri wrote:
Yeah man, I seriously have no patience for people who play videogames without following a walkthrough. My time is valuable, that's why I spend it being a catgirl on the internet and collecting tokens which I turn in for new costumes for my internet catgirl.

I mean, who the @#%^ treats FFXI like a game anymore? It's 2013. Everyone knows that immersion died in late 2005 and that the real purpose of this "game" is to quickly (very quickly-- I can't stress this enough) blitz through content you don't enjoy so that you can get back to blitzing your way through other content you don't enjoy.

I'm sure these casuals think it's harmless asking for my help and then alt tabbing to a map because they didn't have the common courtesy to practice-run the path until they could keep up with me, but you have to understand that I could have spent that time doing another voidwatch run or clearing NNI.

So that 'harmless' guy who made me wait twenty minutes because his grandmother fell in the shower (dude, seriously, make grandma shower BEFORE event time if she can't handle it) basically cost me like five Phorcy's Korazins. I'm pretty sure if I contacted my lawyer I could make him reimburse me for the lost value of my time.

The points you make are a bit irrelevant in regards to the instances that everyone else has mentioned. In Fynlar's case, the person legitimately lied to him to get his help, and the other instances people were referring to were instances of the players shouting for help on something, then making them wait as they're progressing through the quest line, especially when those that came to help had a limited amount of time. Walkthrough or not, it's rude to get help for something, then make them wait for you to get to the point where you need their help.

It's one thing if something comes up in the middle of what you're doing where you've got no choice but to drop what you're doing and tend to it (i.e. the case of the grandmother), but it's another matter entirely to say that you're prepared for something when asked in order to get help for it, then when you've actually convinced them to help you, you turn around and admit you weren't prepared at all. I understand completely when something pops up in real life, and I'd expect/hope they'd get up and leave the game to take care of that, but that's not what people are arguing about. They're talking about people not bothering to check to see if they're properly prepared for an event, or just blatantly lying to get help. It's just common courtesy to not keep people waiting if you can help it, which is what Fyn and everyone else was complaining about.

Myri, would you be more receptive to help someone if they were honest with you about how prepared they were for the fight, or if they lied about how prepared they were (saying they were more prepared than they were) only for you to find out as soon as you agreed to help them?
Lady Jinte wrote:

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