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Matsui Responses Compilation thread

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Iron Chef Olorinus wrote:
Having some jobs that are essentially only useful on solo content (BST) is not balanced. Balance needs to mean "balanced on top tier content."

Why does balance NEED to mean that? I'm fine with balance meaning different jobs excelling in different events/group sizes/whatever. It's not like the game limits you from leveling multiple jobs.

Specifically regarding BST, I've played this game since 2004, and in that time BST has ALWAYS been seen by the majority of players as a primarily solo-focused job. There's nothing wrong with that, and it's the precise reason a lot of people who leveled BST chose to level the job (many of whom might also have leveled a traditional 2h DD for party situations). Anyone who levels BST expecting to be in demand for endgame group events simply failed to do the most basic of research and I blame the player, not the developers.

But people in here arguing "one handed jobs shouldn't be able to do anything but TP feed mobs because they have utility skills" are being disingenuous because "utility skills" that aren't in demand enough to get you a party slot aren't really much of a utility, are they. It also ignores the fact that heavy DDs also have utility skills (Angon? DRK Stun? These things do exist)

I've said it before, but precisely WHICH 1h jobs are people complaining don't get a fair shake and therefore necessitate adjusting 1h weapon damage?

* THF DOES get invites (and always has) to lots of high end content due to Treasure Hunter and respectable spike damage.
* BLU doesn't rely on its 1h weapons to be able to dish out very good damage from spells, and brings boatloads of additional utility from non-damage spells (sleepga, cures, etc.).
* BST is very intentionally not designed to do most of its damage through 1h weapons since it has a pet, with its own advantages and disadvantages (lacking great zerg ability when your damage is split between player and pet being one of them).
* DNC in no way deserves to pump out WAR/DRK/SAM level damage, because it can drop massive cures. Like rdmcandie said, if DNC could DD as well as a 2hander while retaining these abilities, you kill the 2h jobs.
* PLD (and soon RUN) were never designed to be DDs, they are tanks. The question of enmity mechanics needing changes to allow tanking to work like it probably should is a very different (and valid) discussion, but it really doesn't affect the question of 1h/2h damage calculation.

So... maybe NIN has an argument here? And that's it???

And even speaking as a NIN, I'm not entirely convinced. I've still managed to feel plenty useful on my NIN frequently throughout the last couple years. It's basically one of the kings of Abyssea thanks to red procs and atma, it's a must for any VW party due to ninjutsu (and to a lesser extent katana) procs, and it's a very good lowman/solo job. It does not bother me in the least that people would rather use a WAR or DRK for a DD slot in Alliance events.

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