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Matsui Responses Compilation thread

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louispv wrote:
The problem is that the entire game is all zerg fights.

Being good in dynamis currency farming or in abyssea is pointless.

In dynamis currency farming, pretty much every job walks out with the same currency, and you don't need to farm currency in dynamis in the first place if you can do the zerg fights. Do 1 run of 2 Arch Dynamis Lords, get 2-4 umbral marrow, sell them, now you have the same amount of gil you'd get currency farming for 2 months.

Not everyone is interested in doing an Alliance size event requiring LS time commitments and scheduled playtime to do their money farming. A solo Dyna farmer can still make a very reasonable amount of money, for an event they can hop into by themselves whenever the mood strikes. That's a pretty big difference.

Your perception of everyone who plays FFXI having the goal to run scheduled ADL and Legion events for elite gear and huge money is really skewed. Most of the subscription money does NOT come from this relatively small (and disproportionately loud on message boards) group. There are way more people than you seem to understand who are more focused on things like Abyssea, Dynamis, running around and finishing story missions and exploring new areas (this is likely to make a resurgence with SoA), interested in Play as a Monster, etc.

Then you go to the actual game. The reason you got to 99 and got empyrian armor in order to do. Dynamis Arch bosses; zerged. Voidwatch: zerged. Mages all get to go because of unique spells, but every weaponskill are done by a WAR, and one NIN there for katana and great katana, with the rest being Relic/Empyrian only zerg jobs. Legion; zerged. Neo Nyzul; zerged. Neo Salvage: two 2 handers and a healer. Mini zerged. Meeble Bosses; Zerged.

ADL and Legion... OK, in large alliance-scaled content on hard mobs, the traditional power DDs (25% of the jobs in the game if you're going by 2handers + MNK) are desired for DD slots. If this is all you want to do in FFXI, more power to you. And if that's the case, maybe you want to consider using a 2hander!

Neo Nyzul is a poor example since it's a particularly cookie-cutter event, and frankly that's more because most of the player base are just afraid to deviate from strategy and not because they understand game mechanics (you really mean to tell me a good BLU can't crush Neo Nyzul?). This is the same as people who would sit at 5/6 party shouting in Jeuno and refuse to do the CoP Promy fights without a SMN because, dammit, they read a guide (by a SMN!) that said you need to use a SMN or you won't win! By the way, in Neo Nyzul you can also wave goodbye to all non-SCH mages, COR BRD, and RNG. None of this really has to do with 1h versus 2h damage calculation.

Salvage and Meebles have some flexibility, you really don't have to do those in a 2hander only formula. These are lowman events where you can run with a few friends. Feel free to argue that a 2h DD strategy is the min/max "best" way to do them, but even supposing that's true, the "non-optimal" setups can do this content just fine.

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