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Matsui Responses Compilation thread

#1 Jan 17 2013 at 7:40 AM Rating: Decent
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Anza wrote:
HeroMystic wrote:
Anza wrote:
So... which jobs are really being treated unfairly? Is there really a 1h job that should be an elite DD that is being held back here? Why is there something inherently wrong with the jobs that are designed for the DD role being 2h?

And you can easily translate this into FFXI's situation. BLU? PUP? THF? DNC? NIN? PLD? They all have their utilities but most of it is undesirable due to the pure fact that it's just better to gear up for high damage and kill the thing. Some can say this is due to SE submitting to the Zerg mentality, but honestly once we figured out pDIF and Enmity values (and how sh*tty VIT/DEF is), we're the ones that figured out Zerging everything is the best way to go, not SE. Personally, I feel that FFXI doesn't have the ability to allow for complex fights to utilitize our Tank/Utility job to their fullest potential.

Eh, each of those jobs does fill some kind of role in the current game and not everything in the game is a zerg event. I use my THF all the time for Treasure Hunter. DNC and PUP are excellent for farming in Dynamis. NIN is a KI-farming machine in Abyssea, and pretty much a requirement in any VW group. BLU is also sought after in VW, can do some cool things like solo Charged Whisker farm for Abyssea KI boxes, can switch between solid DD and dropping cures on people in an instant. There is still some stuff where you want a strong PLD tank (say, holding VW adds), and I wouldn't be shocked to see more in SoA content.

There's certainly a big place for zerg DDs too. But I'd say we really don't need even more when we already have multiple jobs that can fill that role with fairly little to differentiate them from each other besides the different weapon graphics. DRK, WAR, SAM, MNK - they can all basically do the same thing in a Zerg-style fight. Do we really need to try to cram the 1H into that role too?

The one job I feel a little bad for are DRGs (non-mythic) because they truly don't do much of anything that the other 2handers don't do better. At least a DNC or BST is king somewhere (Dynamis), a BLU or NIN is always wanted in VW, a THF will never be replaceable when you want their TH.

STOP MAKING SENSE. This is the time to complain apples aren't oranges and that people who prefer oranges are really the fruit industry not making apples equal. We must now make apples equal. It will be better when we force choices on players. You'll see. At that point they will chose what fruit is available first.

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