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Matsui Responses Compilation thread

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Akihiko Matsui wrote:


Thank you for all of the feedback since the version update regarding Legion, Neo-Nyzul, the Salvage expansion, and Meeble Burrows.

Regarding the 600 skill cap mentioned in the explanation for the adjustments to Perfect Defense

I’d like to apologize that this was conveyed as if it was going to be immediately possible to reach 600 and it also was received like the development team did not understand the current situation. Also, I apologize that this was not followed-up on sooner.

I believe that in future posts there will be cases that we give similar explanations, and we would appreciate it greatly if you could take these to mean that “while it is currently not possible to do this, there is a possibility for growth in the future.”

It’s extremely difficult to have everyone come to the same understanding on the first try no matter how we convey or write it, so we would like to respond to this kind of posts in a shorter time frame by rephrasing the content or through other techniques in order to improve communication.

Embrava stats

I’ve been hearing that the reason for changing the regain effect to refresh was to turn it into a spell that would give a beneficial effect to not only the frontline jobs, but to backline jobs as well.

I’ve been looking over all of the adjustment suggestions that you all have submitted and discussed it with the job lead as well as the content leads, but this is something that needs to be done at this specific time, so we will be proceeding with the original adjustment plan.

Content adjustment

While I won’t be getting into the specifics about which aspects and such, I have been speaking the development team members about adjustments and re-adjustments for Neo-Nyzul, Legion, Odin, and Voidwatch (up to Provenance watcher) based on the adjustments to Perfect Defense and Embrava.
(Based on the above adjustments, if adjustments to the Salvage expansion are necessary we will look into that as well.)

However, in regards to Arch Dynamis Lord, since this is a monster that drops materials for upgrading relics, we plan on maintaining the current conditions.

Additionally, for Meeble Burrows, with the version update that is scheduled for the beginning of the year, the effect of Embrava will be made to reflect the adjustments similar to the Salvage expansion when we implement the new expeditions.

We will be working hard on development so that Seekers of Adoulin is enjoyable and also to reflect the need and importance of the above adjustments. Thank you very much.!?p=390837#post390837

Akihiko Matsui wrote:

Thanks for all the feedback.

The adjustment to the difficulty of obtaining coins and other items was meant to slightly reduce the difficulty of obtaining Walk of Echoes weapons. (I have mentioned this in my previous post, so if you already know this, please just ignore it.)

We’ve also been taking to heart the opinions from those of you mentioning that it’s too late and there is no meaning to perform these adjustments now. On the other hand, I understand that there are those of you who feel that even though it’s late it is a welcome change.

Also, more specifically, there are those of you who mentioned that Devious Dice and Liminal Residue were fine and suggested methods for not removing the EX status on coins. Development schedule wise we still have time to select the options for addressing this, so please let us know your feedback.

There have also been a few players mentioning that they would like the Walk of Echoes weapons to be made stronger. Since these weapons were meant to be easier to obtain and weaker than Empyrean weapons, instead of increasing the stats we will be lowering the cost associated with them. (This doesn’t mean that we won’t ever be revamping the stats on them though.)

Additionally, we understand the feedback asking to adjust Walk of Echoes to make it fun. However, this involves recreating various systems and requires time and man-power. I will look into adjustments and changes to the Walk of Echoes content separately with the team to make it more enjoyable.

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