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Some clarification on Treasure Hunter

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Melphina wrote:
Honestly assassin's armlets +2 and raider's poulaines +2 can fit into decent armor builds. The hands provide a nice accuracy boost and the feet provide a lot of agility, which since the agility update acts like subtle blow now. But the thief's knife is a terrible weapon to have to wield fulltime if you're fighting anything harder than cannon fodder mobs. It was sub par damage at 75, and at 99 it's pathetic. Damage 28 delay 194, as opposed to my strength thokcha's damage 47, delay 190, str + 11, attack + 22, or my accuracy thokcha with 11 dex and 16 accuracy. The thokcha is three times as strong as the thief's knife. It's not such a big deal on low calibur mobs, but on level 99 nasties it matters plenty.

I think they should give us some way to augment damage on Thief's Knife. Via trials or synergy or something.

This has been mentioned many times, and it's really the best fix they can come up with.

Devil's advocate here... if you're in a situation where you're seriously focusing on getting TH upgrades to proc, do you REALLY want a stronger weapon? If you're truly after maximizing TH procs, what you really want is frequent weak attacks. The more times you hit the mob before it dies, the more chances you had to level up TH. So stats you'd like include Haste, DW, DA/TA/QA, Acc. AGI doesn't hurt for the subtle blow. Adding more DMG, STR/Atk, and to some extent DEX (acc is nice but maybe you don't want crits) are actually negatives for what you're trying to do!

You better believe that a couple months ago when we did some Kirins for a couple LS members who wanted W.Legs, I was meleeing on THF in gear that gave me lousy damage and lots of hits. In fact, I think I was using a Trainee's Knife (DMG:1), not knowing that keeping TH+ gear equipped apparently increases the odds of getting more TH upgrade procs. Today I guess I'd just keep Thief's Knife and TH hands/feet on the entire fight.

Other scenarios:

Solo/lowman an NM:
If you don't want to gimp damage when you're a main source of DD, you always have the option of just using a decent DD offhand dagger and only lose one level of gear TH. Can still fulltime TH hands/feet for a constantly equipped TH6. And by the way, TH hands/feet have nice evasion for a tanking THF.

Fighting something truly difficult:
1) If you really do want to make the most out of THF's DD potential, do what we always have. Pop it once with full TH gear for TH7, then switch to your DD set. Yeah, you get lower rate of TH upgrade proc, but you still have a significantly large amount of TH and it's not like many of us really think the difference between, say, TH9 and TH11 is really substantial. Take the win with a good amount of TH and a less than optimal chance to level it up more, and stop obsessing about getting the best of both worlds.

2) Um... THF probably isn't there for the DD on the "lv99 nasties" anyway. If your group is set up well, you'll have sufficient DD power to kill the thing without relying on the THF to fill that role. So if you or your group wants you to TH-*****, go for it. If the goal is to get TH7 then contribute as much damage as you can, that's cool too.

Everyday stuff:
Maybe you're farming items off normal mobs, doing some Dyna farming, etc. Take your pick, gimp your damage a bit to gain more TH, or kill faster. There's always sacrifice in gear choices, and maybe picking less TH and faster kills wins (increasing kill speed by never using Thief's Knife in Dyna and ending up with more currency after a run is a great example).

I get that this is the kind of scenario where a Thief's Knife with more DD capability would be useful, but I don't really know that I agree it's much of a necessity. You get to choose your optimal set given your focus - easy to get TH6 baseline with just a single smack with hands/feet, which is plenty for most applications. If you really want to sacrifice damage for 1 more level from Knife and the possibility of additional upgrades, that's your decision.

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