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#1 Nov 03 2012 at 8:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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Silly thread idea to kill some time. I'll start with one that'd be suitably Halloween-themed since it recently came and went.

Children of the Millioncorn
15 minute BC begins within a large orange Mandragora with a pumpkin head named Malachi.
- Malachi has permanent Blood Weapon and other general Monk abilities like Counter and Kick Attacks.
- Malachi is immune to Sleep, Break, and Stun.
- Has only 1 TP move, Hemosynthesis: Cures ailments and AoE Regen based on last amount drained. (If it hits for 250, it regens 250/tick, can't be Dispelled)
- Successfully draining HP in an attack round spawns a miniature version of the Malachi with no limit.
- Minions have Hundred Fists, but don't hit very hard to start.
- The more a minion is affected by Hemosynthesis, the stronger they become, reflectively growing in size, up to 5 times, to match the boss.
- Minions have access to Head ****, Wild Oats, and Blood Curdling Scream: short AoE Terror. A fully grown minion gains access to Bloody Harvest, a single target Death that kills the target and the minion with the minion's remaining HP healing Malachi.
- All mobs take increased Fire damage with Wind/Water/Earth greatly reduced, but using Fire makes them focus on the attacker until someone else does or they die. Fire also negates Hemosynthesis' Regen and inflicts a Burn relative to the Fire damage. Subsequent Hemosynthesis will cancel the Burn.
- Moving beyond 10 yalms of any mob while being their primary target results in a Bloody Vine attack, reducing HP to critical and binding the target.
- Malachi's HP falling to 0 while minions are still alive results in Malachi burrowing to and eating the nearest minion, restoring his HP with theirs.
- Surviving 10 minutes results in Malachi raging, eating all minions and gaining power appropriate, no longer spawning more minions, gains Hundred Fists along with Blood Weapon, gains access to minion TP moves as well as Bloody Harvest without the suicide mechanic, instead healing the target's HP. Becomes even more vulnerable to Fire.

Drops with suggested stats:
Rowman's Scythe: Augments Blood Weapon (ATK is bolstered by amount of last HP drained), occasionally uses Bloody Harvest, Plantoid Killer, -Fire Resist.
Faithful's Fork: In-Combat Regain/Regen/Refresh (pets too), Occasionally inflicts Terror, Plantoid Killer, -Fire Resist.
Bloody Millioncorn Stalk (staff): Greatly Enhances Drain/Aspir and reduces recast times, Drain/Aspir occasionally grants Dread Spikes, Enmity +20, -Fire Damage Dealt.
Malachi's Husk (pumpkin helm): Greatly Enhances Drain/Aspir and reduces recast times, occasionally Reraise without weakness and drain you max HP from killing target, increases damage received from Fire.
Malachi's Petal: Neck item that grants the Hemosynthesis effect to WS, offering a 5 tick Regen that heals for a pecentage of WS damage based on TP spent.
Malachi's Vine: Ingredient used to make a Millioncorn Child jug pet with standard Mandragora abilities and Endrain with Hemosynthesis replacing Photosynthesis, Bloody Vine, and Bloody Harvest.
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#2 Nov 04 2012 at 9:15 AM Rating: Excellent
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Weak Ends at Bernie's
Battlefield: Waughroon Shrine
Maximum Number of Participants: 18
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Enemy: Bubbly Bernie (Standard small Crab model)
Enemy Level: 110
Enemy HP: 150,000
Enemy MP: 337,000
Spells: Waterja, Waterga IV, Cure V
Abilities: All possible Crab abilities including those from Krabkatoa-type monsters. Single use of Invincible. Ability to summon Clockwork Steamer (Acrolith) to assist it. Clockwork Steamer has 500 HP and melees for an unresistable 500 Damage. Clockwork Steamer has a chance to explode randomly or upon death to unleash an unresistable 500 damaged per person AOE. Only one may be up at any given time, but it may be resummoned at any time.

Drops: 10 Steam Clocks

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#3 Nov 04 2012 at 9:58 AM Rating: Excellent
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Warriors of Nostaliga
6 participants, 15 minutes
Enemies consist of:
* Elvaan dragoon, who will basically only spam Petathrust. He can't summon a wyvern because his 2hour timer isn't up.
* Hume ranger, who will melee for extremely low damage but at Hundred Fists speed, and fire off occasional Sidewinders. Will use Eagle Eye Shot it will miss 100% of the time.
* Red Mage, who will spam high level black and white magic that is usually only used by BLMs and WHMs, as well as enfeebles that matter, darn it!
* Summoner, who will summon a random avatar and use high level blood pacts. Will summon Alexander to use Perfect Defense as a 2hour, and it lasts the full, pre-nerf duration

Rosy Sunglasses (100%): Have incredible stats (+30 STR, 10% haste, refresh, 500 MP) on the item screen, but do nothing when actually equipped. Look cool though.
Nerf Bat: on hit, causes enemy to flee, but they always come back sooner or later
Chrono Stabalizer: headgear with a single charge that recharges every 24 hours. Using this item varies job per job, but will generally give the job a buff to counteract the single largest nerf that job has ever seen. Lasts 5 minutes.
Scorpion claw
Khroma ore
... and other stuff that was once valuable, but isn't any more
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#4 Nov 04 2012 at 10:58 AM Rating: Excellent
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Revenge of the Mog Lotto

1 participant, 15 minutes
MHMU Accountant - Standard Nomad Moogle Model, 1,500 HP, WHM. Takes no damage until you defeat the....
Moogle Mafia Bodyguard - Moogle Mafia model (sunglasses), 20,000 HP, PLD and uses Invincible. Level 90, so it can be defeated by a level 99, but it's going to take a while and it's going to hurt a lot, too.

Defeating the Bodyguard allows you to attack the Accountant. Upon KO, the accountant drops a single Mog Lotto ball with 5 randomly assigned digits. Trade this to the treasure chest to generate a sub menu.

There is an 80% chance of getting one of the last "Rank 5" items as your prize.
There is a 10% chance of getting one of the last "Rank 4" items as your prize.
There is a 6% chance of getting one of the a last "Rank 3" items as your prize.
There is a 4% chance of getting one of the last "Rank 2" items as your prize.
There is a one out of one thousand chance of getting a Rank 1 item as your prize - basically, the RNG has to give you a roll of 1 in the background.

"Congratulations, Kupo! It appears you've won a Rank 3 prize! Pick your item before time runs out, kupo!"

Failure to select your item from the menu before the timer runs out forfeits your prize.

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#5 Nov 04 2012 at 11:57 AM Rating: Excellent
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Revenge of the Galka

6 participants, 30 minutes
Location: Waughroon Shrine (since it's in Palborough Mines)

Participants will fight six randomly named Galka WARs, dressed in field gear and spelunker's helms. Three will be equipped with rusty picks and only use Smash Axe, while the other three will be equipped with caver's shovels and only use Rock Crusher. After all, they're miners. Weapon skills will be preceded by comments regarding reparations and/or being oppressed.

Drops include:
Spelunker's Helm
Caver's Shovel
Rusty Pick
random ores and stones

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#7 Nov 04 2012 at 10:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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Forgotten Enemies

60 minute BC, 6 member limit, level cap varies within the BC.

You face old NM (and PHs) that used to be killed for profit and/or useful drops throughout FFXI history. Each time you defeat one, your level cap increases, you're healed fully and then the next one spawns up until level 75.

Stage 1, level cap 15:
- Hoo Mjuu the Torrent
- Yagudo Mendicant x2

Stage 2, level cap 25:
- Golden Bat
- Giant Bat x2

Stage 3, level cap 35:
- Mee Deggi the Punisher
- Yagudo Drummer
- Yagudo Interrogator

Stage 4, level cap 45:
- Intulo
- Eft x2

Stage 5, level cap 55:
- Old Two Wings (Timed spawn, no PH)

Stage 6, level cap 65:
- Amemet
- Sand Lizard x2

Final Stage, level cap 75:
- Ose
- Torama x2

- 100% drop of each of the respective NMs item.
- Gil equal to the highest value that item consistently sold for on AH throughout its history, split between the group.
- In the case of R/EX items; a fixed gil amount is paid out determined by how sought after that item was at its peak, split between the group.
- A scroll of Deodorize.

Title given - In Memory of Those We've Lost.

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#8 Nov 05 2012 at 7:12 AM Rating: Excellent
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The La Theine Chainpaw Massacre

6 man BC, 30 minutes, no level cap

The three sin-hunters are back, and they're comming for you. You got caught with your hand in the kitty drawer and your punishment is awaiting. Keeping their original features of making skill chains together while drastically higher in level than before. Defeating one of the three mithra will make another mithra borrow their fallen friend's power, regaining part of their HP, added damage and gaining their job abilities and traits (including 2-hour). Defeating a second mithra will make the last remaining mithra power up yet again, kupo!

Upon defeat, adventurers have a chance of obtaining several pieces of random JSE subligar, low chance of Vir/Femina Subligar, several diffirent pieces of cloth and threads, as well as a very low chance at Cashmere Threads.

This so needs to be a real BCNM
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#9 Nov 05 2012 at 11:31 AM Rating: Excellent
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BC: Worms on the Airship

Time Limit: Length of Airship flight
Mobs: Mini Sandworms and Full-size Sandworm (pop halfway through the flight)
(Multiple waves) 5 pop at the start of the BC, once one is kill another will pop 15 seconds after death. Worm not engaged will link to the one that is claimed. Halfway through the flight a full size sand worm appears on the deck. All worms can use any Sandworm move that is in the game.

If you survive the entire flight without out dying you receive title listed below.

Drops: None

Title given: “MOTHER F*#@%$G Worms ON THIS MOTHER F*#@%$G Airship”
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