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Veteran of Vanad'iel thinking about returningFollow

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I started playing FFXI when I was 12. I played the game for about 4 years (a little after WotG came out). I have to say, this is the only video game I have every really missed playing. The environment, the music, the community and the gameplay itself just captured me. We all can agree that this game is special, but now as a 20 year old college student I have some concerns on whether or not I should re-enlist. So any input is greatly appreciated!

What is the leveling environment like? I figure now since the game has been out for 10 years, that everyone is closer to endgame and won't be leveling in lower level areas like the Dunes or any of the under 40 areas. Is there any room for a returning veteran starting from scratch?

How time consuming is leveling? I remember grinding for hours with my party was the best way to level. Are there more alternatives to party-structured leveling? Because I remember solo'ing as being a huge pain in the *** if you weren't BST or BLMnuking.

Is gear still crazy expensive/how stable is the economy? One of the things that turned me off to FFXI was how insane the AH was. It fluctuated like nobody's business and I was wondering if it's more stable nowadays. This may be hard to gauge, economy is fickle.

And finally, how far behind will I be? I mean in general. FFXI's gameplay is always evolving, so I was wondering if there are any major differences in the game between now and let's say 5 years ago.

Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. FFXI is one of my favorite games of all-time, and if it's not too late I might just want to sink my teeth into it once again.

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Edited, Oct 18th 2012 9:47am by Roundhouse
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It's a dramatically different game now, you should peruse the stickies/other returning player threads and see if you have any specific questions after that. Many people consider the game to be a lot more casual friendly. Most think it's a good thing, some think it's a bad thing. Only way to find out is to re-sub and form your own opinion.

And welcome back^^
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1. Leveling is faster and quicker. You'll solo up to 18 in no time, then hop on the bandwagon of the Grounds of Valor alliance at Gusgen Mines until you hit 30. Then you can solo your subjob quest. Honestly, the best advice at this point is just to start in Bastok, so you're closest to Gusgen and within walking distance of Selbina. All this can be done on a long weekend now.

2. The economy is slightly inflated but aside from that remarkably stable. SE added a quick way to make gil for endgamers (cruor) and then immediately turned that quick way into an enormous sink at endgame (Voidwatch). In the meantime, you can farm enough gil as a level 10 thief killing bees in Gustaberg to get you to 75. (Beehive Chips are 15K a stack on Bismarck.)

3. You'll be a bit behind, but because so much of the older content can be solo'd or done in small groups, you can catch up pretty quickly. My linkshell has adopted quite a few returnees, and some of them have gone from 75 to 99 all tricked out with the new shinies in just a few months.

And now for our general returnee advice:

Read the stickies at the top of this forum (New player? Returning? Coming back from WoW? Read This! and Abyssea 101)
Find a good linkshell before you reactivate
Talk to Joachim before you start anything else

I'm in graduate school and work 30 hours a week, and while I can't play every day, I still find time to play a few days a week and I have a ton of fun during that time.

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The game has had some of the tediousness removed. Though there are still things that can hold a new/returning player back, overall it has never been easier to dive in and have some fun. If there is ANY chance of getting your old char back (may not be since I am guessing it was on your parent's old CC) it might be worth it because of the time it takes to complete things like CoP etc. - then again might be fun to go through it again in your solo offtime (level caps removed on most content)
lolgaxe wrote:
When it comes to sitting around not doing anything for long periods of time, only being active for short windows, and marginal changes and sidegrades I'd say FFXI players were the perfect choice for politicians.

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A well-done 75 can be 99 in a week and will be better off than a newbie leveling to 99 because it will probably have capped skills.

If you have a level 75 character, all you need to become a powerhouse in abyssea is two atma and a few nights of exp parties.

Whether or not you should play again depends entirely on whether or not you can keep up a responsible study schedule while under the influence of FFXI.
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