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Earning gil in the beginning

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cokkish1 wrote:
Hi everyone. I've just started playing the game (on SHIVA i guess)
Anyway, I landed in Bastok a few days ago. I am now a 12-something warrior and 6 red mage. However I can't really bring in any money... I just can get items dropped by monsters which are either cheap Crystals or very rarely stuff to sell and not some of the best or even stuff merchants won't buy (such as the beastmen's seal)
Also items keep falling from my "sack" during my grinding since i've got room for only 30 of them at a time which would cause me to get back to the city very often to sell them all off .
With the money I got from random fights I could barely buy a Zeruhn Mines Map (worth 200 gil), so yes I'm pretty poor.
So what's the first way to earn many in Vana Diel (or whatever it's called) ?
Should I go to work? -but I have no equipment for that
Should I carry out a few missions or quests? -the few ones I did only paid me back with honour... HONOUR????!!!


Try checking out to get info on what sells well.

I suggest going after the bees on the hills around bastok. There is one hill outside Bastok mines that you can climb. At different levels there are bees that will drop honey and will probably still give you a little xp. Apparently a stack of honey is selling for 2000 on shiva (6k on Leviathan where I am at) and sells pretty quickly.

Another thing to think about is going to Konchstat Highlands and hunting sheep for sheepskin. I checked FFXIAH and found that a stack of sheep leather sells for 28K - 30K on shiva, at least for now Smiley: smile. You'd need a stack of dark crystals some windurtian tea leaves and distilled water, but the skill level to make them is very low.

So, one of many paths to making gil is to sell a few stacks of honey, farm some sheepskin (getting xp in the process), invest 6k for dark crystals (you can get them from fungar in Jugner Forest, but you need to get to a higher level) tea leaves and distilled water and make about 20k or so selling a stack of sheep leather.

Other people may have good ideas for starting players.

BTW, definitely do those quests. Some of them are fun and you can get gil doing some of the repeat quests. The "honor" helps you a lot later as you need to do future quests such as getting gobbiebags to increase what you can hold. It also helps you sell for a little more and buy items for a little less as you get higher.

Good luck!

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