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#1 Aug 10 2012 at 3:15 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey all. I'm just returning to FF after a pretty extensive break (Pibian - Asura). I went from 90-99 on my THF in the past couple days, and now I am stuck. Warrior is what I want my main job to be, but I am wondering what my next steps should be. I have no atma, and I do not have very many merits at all. So I am not as useful as I would like to be. Should I either level up WAR so I can start meriting that and get my main job started, look for an Atma group and start there, or should I just merit on THF? Again, I honestly have no idea where I should start or where I should even be at for that matter. Maybe I should take another direction? I do not really like meriting because I feel like I'm wasting a spot in the group doing my little 600dmg Eviscerates while these Ukko's Fury Warriors are doing 4k. Any help would be much appreciated. If anyone would like more info, just let me know!
#2 Aug 10 2012 at 3:19 PM Rating: Decent
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you can always get merit points and spend them on war after its leveled up, and thf/dnc or thf/nin is favorable in most atma parties due to their evasion. I believe if you get into atma farming parties, or seek out specific atmas to get and maybe get linkshell help with them or something.. you'll be just fine.

#3 Aug 10 2012 at 4:03 PM Rating: Excellent
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yeah, even w/o Atma THF treasure hunter works. Also did you finish any storylines? If you did you can probably get some synthetic atma, some of them are pretty good, better than nothing.

I'd say your first goal should be to do some Mega Bosses and get some atma. Even just one or two, that way when your WAR is abyssea level you'll be ready to help out.

People are generally pretty decent about letting people join for atma. I know my LS has let a lot of people join up for the atma drop - so it could be worthwhile just going to where the mobs that drop the atma you want spawn and politely asking anyone who is doing them if you can have the atma. Also put it in your seacom when you are in the zone.
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Might try hanging out in Aby Misareaux where people kill Sobek (J-11) and PM party leaders asking for Gnarled Horn. Just make it clear you don't want any of the loot. Hanging out by the zone boss pop locations is a pretty good way to get those too.
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