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why this game was the best game ever.Follow

#1 Jul 23 2012 at 9:52 PM Rating: Excellent
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well me and my friends were talking about random things, and the topic of final fantasy 11 came up. We used to play together back in the days of the release of CoP. while we were talking so many memories came back of all our experiences we had. So i was thinking about all of this, and i came to the conclusion that this game is the best MMO ever made because it gives you that lasting impression.

everyone shares so many things like killing those lizards in valkrum dunes with a set up that clearly doesn't work but you do it anyway because you dont know any better, (yes theres a comma here) and it just works and everything is awesome?

one of my friends story no joke:

"I was in the dunes and was begging some guy for gold because i wanted some money to buy some crappy items on the AH. because he was such high level and we didn't kno any better, when he asked us to see a magic trick we were like **** YES! so then he invites me to his party and decides to give me a D2. my HP was in bastok so i had to run all the way back to the dunes! i got trolled so hard"

we laughed our asses off and told our other stories like:
"we were doing nyzul for my askar gloves and we were at a boss floor which had a cerberus on it. we ended up getting him down 1% and he did gates of hades and the whole party wiped except for 1 SAM. were all looking at him and he pops his 2hr and were all like "oh ya we got this". so he goes GEKKO ... miss ... GEKKO ... miss ... GEKKO ...miss. and the samurai got his face smashed with gates of hades. We couldnt believe it we laughed our asses off! we werent even mad we lost at 1% just the fact that he missed 3 in a row at that moment was enough."

and i remeber my story:

"we were at king vinegaroon and it was my 3rd time trying to get an aces helm. i was there on my bard because none were on and there was a more than enough amount of DD's. not only we were there though, there was 2 other LS's out there, our rival LS on the server, and i had no choice but to grab KV now before they get it. so i kite him but because im barb its hard to keep hate so im using my mp swap set to heal myself to keep hate. i lose claim to another LS so now he has hate on 2 people. as the LS tried to get under control the paladin goes down and the third LS now gets hate on KV. so at this point everyone has hate and everyone is mad the other LS stole their claim. so now we have a big mess of everyone trying to heal themselves to get hate and KV bounced between us a few times. at one point the person kiting him losed claim for 2 seconds while i get it with a dia. i kited it for a good 5 minutes before the LS showed up and wrecked his world. And i finally got my aces helm, but also getting the satisfaction of out kiting rdm's on brd."

its stories like these is the reason final is so good. you get so many cool moments you wouldnt see in another MMO. you had such a feeling of this is your character, no 2 people are the same. its true. in other MMO's people will eventually pick the best build. but in final, i had my own custom merits and things like evasion critical up and down and critical damage reduction instead of enmity on my ninja. it worked for me, but this is one of the reasons we were all unique. the small things.

this game gave us a journey. not an experience, a journey. one that everyone can relate to when they look back. our journey was filled with great moments that could only happen to us, and gives us a sense of real accomplishment.
final fantasy 11 is the best MMO ever made.

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#2 Aug 01 2012 at 2:30 PM Rating: Decent
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I would have to agree with especially when you say gear defines you. I played other mmo to and none of them can really keep me coming back like ffxi.
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