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Ideas for Everquest Next

#1 Feb 13 2013 at 2:42 PM Rating: Good
LuckyPoseidon wrote:
Lets see what you guys can think of for EQ Next?

The way I'm imagining EQ Next, is a mesh of EQ and its Game Mechanics with that of WoW's game mechanics (only the game mechanics (no zone lines, more entertaining pvp, perhaps the way spells are replaced automatically in the spell book after memming them)

I'd like to see aspects added to classes, for instance you can be a Paladin, but your paladin can have an aspect (or elemental damage/abilities), so you would have the normal spells as a paladin would, but then you have added elemental damage/the ability to cast spells more attuned to that element (casting any ice-based spell as an ice-attuned character would have mildly increased benefits)

Not likely to happen. They're done chasing WoW and trying to clone that game (thank goodness). The game they're emulating for EQNext is EVE Online. Google Smedley and 'emergent gameplay' and see how many different hits you get. He's been beating that drum for over a year now. They're looking to create a fantasy based sandbox game where other players are (or can be) the content. Easier and cheaper to develop a game that doesn't need 250 new quests every six months.

Zagtuuk wrote:
I'm just returning after a few years of "touring" other games. Some things I would like to see:

1) Graphics - equivalent to either Rift or GW2.

2) UI that is friendly. I would like to right click on players to add to friends list, trade, tell, etc.

3) Dynamic events - like GW2 but enhanced. Allow for small events from stopping bandits attack traders on roads to massive events like the dark elves amassing an army to attack/lay siege to Freeport.

4) Architect - like CoH had. Allow for players to create quests and content with approval by moderators.

5) Raiding - I don't know what raiding is like today in EQ. But i would like to see everyone who participates in a successful raid recieve some type of reward, even if it was only monetary. When i stopped it was the 60+ of us fighting over the 5-7 drops from the mobs after 2-3 hours of work (with sometime 3-5 nights without drops i could use.)

For #4, everyone is getting the opportunity to see the pitfalls of user generated content. Remember when Mission Architect came out (and the first full year of its existence)? Words like 'meow' and 'bubble' and 'comm' came to mean new things, didn't they? Look at Star Trek Online, which is Cryptic taking their tool into their new games. There are hundreds of missions whose sole purpose is circumventing game mechanics for rewards. The ship explosion missions where the goal is to FAIL (be destroyed so the explosion of your ship causes the explosion of an enemy ship that can spark a chain reaction destroying 20 ships at once) is just one example. Moral of the story is, with user generated content, it is always proven that the players know the game better than the people developing it.

For #5, that's how it works now, isn't it? It was like that in VOA with raid currencies (Diamond Coins, Rebellion Chits, etc). I agree that that's probably the best way to go about rewarding people for raiding. Skip the drama about people going for "unusual" things and let 'em get what they want.

hexeez wrote:
TouchinMyself wrote:
Now that they see how well F2P works and how they can just milk certain things i have a feeling the game mechanics themselves will be built around milking the cash shop.

This: ^

..And I hope EQNext is a completely unique game to EQ1 so that the playerbase in EQ1 is not affected by its launch.

I love the original EQ and hope it lives for another decade at least.Smiley: grin

I have similar hopes but I'm not too optimistic about that. EQNext will have to either expand the pool of people playing MMOs or it'll have to cannibalize other games (including its two predecessors). Otherwise, it'll fail hard. Yes, free to play allows them to mask a lot of things but a new MMO requires ridiculous amounts of resources in its first year (until it hits its stride or finds its niche) so those first month numbers are going to be vital. Look at what the first few months did for SWTOR.

TouchinMyself wrote:
Ok i just thought of a couple things i have always wanted to see in an MMO.

1. Housing that interacts with the world. How this could be pulled off i dont know but i really like the idea of housing in the open world not in an instance BUT what i hate about all games housing is the fact that in the end its bland and becomes a giant storage unit. I want to be able to look out the windows and see the world!! Not just a generic rendering of the world i want to see people walking by my house. But like i said how to make this possible is a huge question. Vanguard came the closest as far as i can tell but the housing areas where remote. Think how awesome it would have been to have a house in qeynos in the earlier days when people went there.

2. Real dynamic weather. Not OMG its raining!! I want for snow to accumulate, i want for heavy rains to cause flooding in parts of the zone etc. Tie this in with 1 and think how nice it would be to hang out in your guild hall and look outside and see snow.

Yeah, this would be nice. The problem is, from all the conversations I've had with system designers, computer specs. There's a lot of stuff they can do with weather, for example, but it would jack up the minimum/required specs. So the people running computers from the Windows ME era wouldn't be able to play the game. That's narrowing your audience and WoW taught them that to be successful, you have to cast the widest net possible. I've read a couple of game developers say they think SOE is going to build a 'sandpark' (basically a sandbox with themepark elements, like say quest based progression and quest hubs and such). Wouldn't surprise me.

But as for the graphics and tech side, don't hold your breath. I think the game is going to have a very simple look graphically, so they can continue to support people using operating systems no longer supported by its creator! Or folks playing on glorified netbooks (and I don't get the "I can't afford a new computer" line with rigs like this one available for $400 when on sale) expecting to get all the pretty features. That's what is holding back the advancement of things like graphics and technical mechanics. None of the big publishers are going to put a 'you must be this tall to ride this ride' type of sign on their games, for fear of reducing the size of the pool they can draw from.

Murhagh wrote:
1. Vanguard was suppose to be eq next.

Um, no it wasn't. Vanguard was supposed to be EQ with a much bigger budget. There were many things Brad, Jeff, etc wanted to do with EQ but couldn't because the risk was so high and their budget so low (relatively speaking). Vanguard was supposed to be what EQ would've been with deeper pockets and a longer leash. That's why the zones were all handmade, the diplomacy system was created and developed, and so on. In fact, SOE didn't have anything to do with Vanguard until Microsoft dumped Sigil. No, in more ways than one, Vanguard was a symbol of Brad's vanity (which is why you had so little content complete - handcrafting every single zone element takes time). It was "supposed to be" better than the previous game he produced.
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