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Falsely Band for Hacking (SOE deleted from their forums)

#1 Jan 17 2013 at 9:02 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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This is the most detailed response I recieved from a GM. Every other response was similar or just a link to the rules.

(disgruntled customer that is annoying us by sending too many petitions)

For obvious reasons, we cannot provide you with details about your suspension, which hasn't already been provided to you. If you are requesting specific detail--those we cannot provide to you. I am afraid no matter the frequency of your inquiries, we will not divulge the details of our investigation to you. We will not tell you how you may or may not have tripped our logs, because that would only enable people with knowledge on how to bypass it.

If you value your account and grouping with other players, I would recommend that you keep your account clean of violations in the future. If you regularly group with people who may use hacks, then I would recommend that you cease doing that too, because any person who benefits from an unfair advantage in-game is subject to disciplinary action being taken against their account(s).

That being said, I will be closing this contact. If you are unable to login after your suspension has expired, please feel free to contact us again.

GM {Go ***** yourself, if we caught you haxing then you are a haxor and there is no point to double check, as it would interfere with my trolling}

Customer via CSS Web 01/16/2013 07:23 PM

I understand you will not release the account early. I am trying to make sure that if and or when I continue playing again I am not accused again. I have no idea how I "benefited" from the use of an exploit/hack. If I grouped with someone or looted an item or what. I am completly lost. I am asking for guidance so I feel safe returning to playing my beloved character. I am not worried about the currenent suspension. I want to make sure I am never effected by this again! HELP! PLEASE

It appears that it is no longer *SAFE* to group with strangers. For me, that is the fun of an mmorpg. To go out and meet new people. This is a very sad day, indeed.

Response GM {I dont care enuf to review your case}via Email 01/16/2013 04:07 PM


This is GM {**************** you on behalf of the management team. You were not banned. You were suspended for 7 - 8 days and your suspension isn't up for debate. No matter how frequently you contact us about it, I am afraid that we will not release your account early, because your account clearly benefited from the use of an exploit/hack in-game. Your account should release next week. If you are unable to login, at that time, you can contact us again, so we can manually release it.

(EDITED) {Not sure why I edit it}
Sony Online Entertainment, LLC
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