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#1 Feb 11 2012 at 10:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Update from powerleveling thread... My beastlord and wizzy are level 82 and I've been headshotting mobs with 95 ranger in Argath to level. This is beginning to get EXTREMELY boring and was wondering if theres anywhere else to go that would be better leveling? I have access to a 95 rng/rog/sham/war/bard.
#2 Feb 12 2012 at 12:43 AM Rating: Excellent
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Unfortunately all PLing gets boring pretty fast. You might try Korascian Warrens or Feerrott, the Dream, as both are hotzones. Warrens will have slightly lower level mobs than Argath or Feerrott, but is some place different. Since the bard nerfs, it's unlikely that toon could do any better, but at one time, they could very well, and even crank out 10s of personal AAs per hour solo. Doing a group with the higher levels will eat up alot of the experience, but you could go that way for a change.

I tried that technique many times, and it ends being faster to just solo with a healer help out of group, or even molo with mercs now-a-days. However, in several more levels, it may be better, as their level gets closer to the 95s, and they can actually shorten the kill time, and the full group of real people exp bonus.

You might try doing some progression work or something to give you a break and some variety. And if you think PLing is boring, try being the one getting PLed with a different ranger, and doing nothing for hours. That is very boring! Smiley: tongue You could also try some Monster Missions, although the exp on those isn't anywhere what it used to be, it's still something different to do, and can be ok exp.

Epics won't give much regular xp, but 1.5 is 5 AAs, and 2.0 is 10 AAs, and descent items to have and a good side-track for a day or two.

There may be some better techniques I'm unaware of for 95 level toons, but that's about all I got with the knowledge I have. Hopefully it helps some.

EDIT: You might want to make sure your skills and equipment are upto par also, and work on them. Getting PLed tends to make both fall way behind. And if you level too far away from your melee skills, it will make it alot harder to bring them back to max, as many skills require experience mobs to increase and you can level so high that your skills are so low, you'll rarely be successful and thus lower the already low skill up rate.

Yther Ore.

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#3 Feb 12 2012 at 10:33 AM Rating: Excellent
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I'd vote the hotzones "Feerott the Dream" or "Korascian Warrans" as said above, if not too crowded for powerlevelling from lvl 82 especially as you have access to lvl 95's to powerlevel the lvl 82.

My highest toons are lvl 90 and they are getting good xp in both zones since they went hotzone. Korascian Warrens can be virtually cleared of mobs by a couple small 90's groups so I only go there if I'm on late at night while its a hotzone.

Good Luck and enjoy.

#4 Feb 13 2012 at 7:31 AM Rating: Good
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With headshotting, I'd say an older zone where the mobs die faster to headshot could be good at least up until the PLee's are 90 or higher.

I would suspect you could get a better rate of xp in Kaesora Library since those are either dead or near dead after one headshot proc, versus the 3-4 headshot procs it takes on an Argath mob. I'm assuming the mobs there haven't turned green at 95, but if so that would impact AA powerleveling.

Unfortunately, its probably gonna be boring either way if you're already tiring of it, just maybe a bit more efficient.

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