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Ok, I have access to a 95 shaman/rng/bard and I have been powerleveling my bst and wizzy which are level 61 atm. I've kind of run into a wall though.. Don't really know where to go now for my level, any suggestions? Just got done with crypt of decay earlier, and tried BoT after that, but was AWFUL exp. Since I just gained access to the bard, im just mass DSing mobs and ae'ing the mobs on wizzy and dead. Where is a good zone to go being level 61 and so on?
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2nd attempt at replying but alla got hung up (so if it's a repeat post you all know why).

I thought you had to be level 64 to get xp with a 95?

BoT should be great XP at 61.

Shroud to the wizard to 90 and go to hotzoned Blackfeather roost. Keep the 95s out of the group if you have to keep them as ranger/shaman.
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I'd get the toons to 63 65 so you can group with the 95 Rng, then have the Rng kill anything it can. If it's not great at toe-to-toe you can use Headshot on alot of stuff, depending on if you're maxed in it or not. As long as the Rng can kill what would be red to the lower toons (i.e. 70ish level mobs for a while), the lower toons will get great exp. Headshot of course, as you probably already know, is not as great as is it once was with no non-targetted mobs getting a chance to be headshotted using AEs like Hail of Arrows. It's still ok, if you you're fighting light blue to the Rng cons and can't take them down easily / fast enough meleeing them.

Killing anything that's not grey to the newer toons will get them regular exp. Killing anything not grey to the Rng, will get the newer grouped toons AA and/or LAA exp if you turn it on. Field of Scale sarnak's and iksars should be pretty good exp, especially after the newer toons get upto about 70+. Direwind is probably one of the best places to start at 63, being a hotzone, tons of humanoids, lots of quests they can do for extra exp (or AA exp) and items, and descently higher level mobs for several levels. Feerrott the Dream will probably be the last stop and good place to grind them some AAs, since the mobs won't be grey. This assuming you're maxed on Headshot at 22 ranks.

I don't have personal exp PLing using a Rng above level 80, but HoH worked well for 50s (getting them HoH flagged via PoJ trial and killing AD in PoV) to about level 70 (really starts slowing down alot around 64 or so), and alot of AAs, if they stayed around long enough to get AAs. The system works descent, however, with the single-target Headshot fix (or nerf), it's basically slower than just meleeing them (being green and barely light blue cons), but without taking any or much damage. At 95, it should be better, since you can kill almost dark blue cons with Headshot, making it easier and better to PL closer to your level (i.e. should be fast upto about 90 or maybe even slightly higher).

Another technique with the Rng that may work well for a while longer, while the Rng is out of group, is loading the Rng up on DS, and using the AE root to keep the mobs centralized then repeatedly sitting in the middle of them after the newer toons have damaged them. It may not be more efficient than the technique you're are currently using however. I find at 80, it starts becoming ineffective by 50, and just keeping the toons buffed and healed works better (i.e. faster) due to the mobs HPs going up so fast around those levels. With a bard DS, however, it may work better to get them to 63. Just be sure to have non-dmg items in your primary and secondary slots so as not to riposte the mobs.

That's about all I have atm. Sorry, I couldn't give any solid info from personal exp at the higher levels.

EDIT: Bah! I wanted post #1701 to be something about Star Trek Enterprise .. oh well .. Smiley: grin

Yther Ore.

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#4 Feb 06 2012 at 9:24 AM Rating: Excellent
snailish wrote:
I thought you had to be level 64 to get xp with a 95?

I'm thinking the level 64 & 95 weren't grouped; the 95 was basically crowd control, maybe pulling, healing, etc.

When I arrived back in game last summer with my druid at level 61, I spent a good amount of time in Plane of Nightmare and leveled up quickly solo and prior to getting a merc. A couple things to keep in mind there:

1. Initially I'd stay in the area close to the PoK book - you will likely need to make a run for it to zone out quite a bit initially.

2. The treants hit HARD. I made sure I didn't let them hit me - slow/snare/root, whatever then nuke.

3. Mobs aggro like crazy in that zone. Before you know it you'll have a group of treants, blood-something ravens and those big beetles after you. Try to isolate one mob and pull it close to the house with the PoK book in it.

After a few levels you can move farther out in the zone. I'd still recommend hugging the wall to the left of the PoK house with the graveyard in back.
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There's a hard coded maximum of 30 level diffeence at L91 and above to get XP so as suggested, get your toons to 65, group with the ranger ONLY and have him headshot mobs in Field of Scale.
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I agree on the ranger, it can by far do the best job at powerleveling if you use headshot to its potential.
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Maybe a little old.. but I've found that training the gnolls in the steppes and then allowing my merc healer to take aggro by healing me.. and using her DS to kill the mobs while the pl toons pop their minimum damage on each one is quite effective.. much quicker if you have a druid who can pop the high level short term DS on the merc too.. but that plate wearing cleric can take a LOT of hammering from the gnolls (I was pulling 25+ and she was coping well enough). 61-65 comes up in about 30 minutes with an xp pot..
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