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#102 Mar 02 2008 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
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dreamtimezzz wrote:
I have been away for many years. One of the reasons I left was the inhuman spawn times of some quests (I remeber one that had a 36 hour or more spawn time). Did they adjust this? or is it quest **** still? Just curious.

Depends on the quest to be honest. Most old world stuff hasn't been improved, but then again you dont really need to do alot of those old quests because the gear is obsolete. EQ is always going to have timesinks in it, but I think the game these days is a lot friendlier to casual players than it ever used to be.
#103 Mar 08 2008 at 10:06 AM Rating: Decent
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United Kingdom only

So, there is no Anniversary Edition in the UK, right? Does that mean I need all individual updates...? Online I think it's about £15 ($30) each, so several or so updates + subscription would be a $200 investment?

Is that correct...!?

I mean the "official" way, that is. I am aware ebay import is one potential option.

I found the answer this morning... after much fiddling around. In case any future UK newbies/comebacks like me are wondering, at the time of this writing (March 9th 2008) All-in-1 package is available for £25 in digital format under expansion from EQ console. The funny thing about it is that it only shows up only when you load it from within EQ console. Directly from internet browser (firefox) I only see the individual expansions sold separately... which is scary because if you throw in the towel and end up buying all separately, then find out later that there was a 50buck solution instead that would drive you nuts.

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#104 May 21 2008 at 7:07 AM Rating: Good
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ADDING this as I didnt see it listed previously.

Many keyed zones from the Ruins of Kunark, Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, Planes of Power, Gates of Discord, Omens of War, Depths of Darkhollow, and Prophecy of Ro have had their key/flag requirements modified. All players that have obtained the key/flag will still be allowed entry into the zones, as will players that have met minimum level requirements for the zones. The zones and minimum level requirements are as follows:

- Required Level 46 -
The Howling Stones
Old Sebilis
Skyshrine to Cobalt Scar

- Required Level 55 -
Sleeper's Tomb
Veeshan's Peak
Vex Thal
Locked areas of the Temple of Ssraeshza

- Required level 57 -
Bastion of Thunder
Halls of Honor
The Temple of Marr
Tower of Solusek Ro
Drunder, The Fortress of Zek

- Required Level 60 -
Plane of Water
Plane of Air
Plane of Fire
Plane of Earth

- Required Level 62 -
Plane of Time

- Required Level 65 -

- Required Level 68 -

- Required Level 70 -
Demiplane of Blood

- Required Level 72 -
Theater of Blood
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#105 May 22 2008 at 4:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi there!! I've been gone for 7 years. I decided to come back to play. I went to my usual server (it's still there) and I found 3 of my chars still there (all above level 10). I go into the game with my level 51 Druid, look over her spells and... can't find my rez spells. I searched the EQ Druid spell list and there were none listed. I know when I started playing in 1999 that the druids and shaman had rez. When did that get taken away and when can I have it back?
#106 May 22 2008 at 10:03 AM Rating: Decent
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I havent played in awhile Lisfyre but Druids never had a rez that I can remember. Necros, clerics and pallies yes but not druids.
#107 May 28 2008 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
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I havent played in awhile Lisfyre but Druids never had a rez that I can remember. Necros, clerics and pallies yes but not druids.

I beg to differ, but as I said when I started playing the game in 1999, druids and shammys had rez. I quit playing EQ in 2001 and went on to play SWG, EQ2 and DAoC. Every once in awhile, I would come back and visit EQ since I had a station access account.

Last night I had a chance to talk and hunt with some "older" players of the game and they confirmed that druids and shammys did have rez ability and that it was taken away about 3 or 4 years ago. If you don't remember druids or shammys ever having rez capability then you must have only started playing around 2004/2005. You missed out on a great class that could dot, dd, heal and rez and PL lots of people.

Now... who do I have to nag, **** and moan and complain to in order to get my rez back? :D
#108 Jun 11 2008 at 5:17 AM Rating: Decent
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YCHIR wrote:
Hmm, good question. I will gladly edit in any new suggestions.

Every now and then I guess i could "rewrite" it to allow for any new changes. What would be a reasonable amount of time to have this information up?

Could you please add in 2 sections?

1 covering 2 boxing and the use of alt tabbing and eqwin and another covering the " should I come back " question.

Both are comming up over and over.
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#109 Jul 18 2008 at 8:18 AM Rating: Decent
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For us returning players, could we get some of the most common used Abbreviations for the new zones, and what they stand for? I am endlessly confused with CC SOLB COM SEB as well as others. I find myself constantly having to look up what they mean, only to find out its a simple book in POK.

Also - The equipment has DRASTICALLY changed since I've been away. Could I get any advice on nifty equipment for a 49 ranger as well as some other hot items that are new. That and researching equipment for characters, is looking at an outdated book. I never know if that equipment is still where it was located last, or if it still is of any relavance, due to the new addition of equipment.
#110 Aug 01 2008 at 8:29 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm a returning player from 2001 starting from scratch. I'm currently playing the 14-day trail.

I bought the SoF w/ all the expansions already. Now whenever I decide to activate it, anyone know if I will still be eligible for the 30-day subscription using my account from the trail version?
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#111 Oct 10 2008 at 7:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Hope your day gets better
#112 Jan 05 2009 at 10:03 PM Rating: Decent
I plan on returning to EQ. I stopped playing right after Solteris was defeated. Sooo I'm lvl 75 with AA's Maxxed for a lvl 75 toon. I plan on grinding it out to 85 and maxing out my AA's again when I log in.

My question is. Should I bother getting new gear and armor (or Augments) right away or will full Solteris gear be good enough?

Thanks all!

Oh one more thing....... What is a merc? Do they cost $$? How about this new cash for potions thing? I may not want to come back to EQ after all...hmmm.
#113 Jan 05 2009 at 10:05 PM Rating: Decent
Forgot to also ask.. should I bother with the level 80 expansion or just jump straight into SoD stuff?
#114 Apr 02 2009 at 4:41 AM Rating: Decent
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I've been gone sience Plains of Power and I have a coupple of questions.

1) What's with the spell research kit. Is my lexicon still useful to a wizzard?

2) I just got all 15 expansions. Are any of the /claim items worth keeping?

3) Why am I no longer Invisible to my self? Is there a way to get that back?

#115 Apr 26 2009 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
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Expansion Patch Notes:

Veil of Alaris Patch Notes 11/15/11

House of Thule Patch Notes 10/12/10

Underfoot Patch Notes 12/15/09

Seed of Destruction Patch Notes 10/21/08

Secrets of Faydwer Patch Notes 11/13/07

The Buried Sea Patch Notes 2/13/07

The Serpent's Spine Patch Notes 9/19/06

Prophecy of Ro Patch Notes 2/21/06

Depths of Darkhollow Patch Notes 9/13/2005

Dragons of Norrath Patch Notes 2/15/2005

Omens of War Patch Notes 9/14/2004

Text format so you can just copy and paste it into the original post (switch the curly bracer { with a square one [ ):
Expansion Patch Notes: 
{link=]Veil of Alaris Patch Notes{/link] 11/15/11 
{link=]House of Thule Patch Notes{/link] 10/12/10 
{link=]Underfoot Patch Notes{/link] 12/15/09 
{link=]Seed of Destruction Patch Notes{/link] 10/21/08 
{link=]Secrets of Faydwer Patch Notes{/link] 11/13/07  
{link=]The Buried Sea Patch Notes{/link] 2/13/07 
{link=]The Serpent's Spine Patch Notes{/link] 9/19/06 
{link=]Prophecy of Ro Patch Notes{/link] 2/21/06 
{link=]Depths of Darkhollow Patch Notes{/link] 9/13/2005 
{link=]Dragons of Norrath Patch Notes{/link] 2/15/2005 
{link=]Omens of War Patch Notes{/link] 9/14/2004 

Yther Ore

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#117 May 14 2009 at 8:59 AM Rating: Excellent
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ymereJ wrote:
I've been gone sience Plains of Power and I have a coupple of questions.

1) What's with the spell research kit. Is my lexicon still useful to a wizzard?

2) I just got all 15 expansions. Are any of the /claim items worth keeping?

3) Why am I no longer Invisible to my self? Is there a way to get that back?

1. I don't know, and I keep meaning to test that out on my old mage. The spell research kit's purpose is to make spell research more accessible - you can buy almost all of the needed ingredients, and make all of them yourself with patience. But it'd be nice to know if you can do research the old fashioned way as well, particularly since I have a bank full of words and runes.

2. Probably. There's one item that will port you to Crescent reach once an hour or so, if you're interested in that. You can look up veteran rewards and see what the rest do. Bear in mind that all items will go to one character.

3. Your name will have parens around it to indicate that you are currently invis. They changed this a while ago. I don't think it's optional, no.

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#118 Aug 09 2009 at 11:27 AM Rating: Decent
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If you're a new or returning player and want to join a guild of similar people, make a character on the Stromm server and message Imaja ingame.
#119 Aug 18 2009 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I've been away for a long time. A very, very, very long time, and reading about these mercs and all of these quests has made me want to return, but first I have a few questions.

1.If I am a pet class, like say a necromancer, and I use my pet to tank, will a healer merc heal my pet? Or does it just heal PCs?

2.From reading these forums, I see that the ability to solo has improved by leaps and bounds, but I was wondering how solo able the old world content is. I know the gear is obsolete, but is it possible to solo the raid content from Classic to PoP now?

3.I've read that the servers I should play on are Stromm and Antonius Bayle if I want a decent population, but I was wondering about grouping, if I want a group on these servers, how easily would I be able to get one at any given level?

4.Also another question about these servers, does anyone do some of the older group stuff like LDoNs? Or is it all a rush to the finish line to do the new high end stuff?

5. Lastly, a question about Trade skills. Back when I played, I used to love doing trade skills, but sadly as more expansions came out, player crafted armor become obsolete. I hear in DoN they released newer player crafted stuff that is actually useful, but I'm guessing at this point that stuff is obsolete too, so I'm wondering if there is any benefit to Trade skills besides baking for +Stat food and brewing for +stat drinks.

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#120 Aug 18 2009 at 2:46 PM Rating: Decent
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You probably should of just started a new thread, as this one is stickied for returning / new players. But anyway,

1: Yes

2: Yes (depends on level and gear of course, but many have solo+merc Naggy which has a 52 level limit)

3: No matter what server, getting groups at lower level is difficult. The new 51/50 server (Mayong) starts at 51 level, and just recently opened, so more likely than not, much easier to get a group there, even starting out.

4: Depends on individual players. I do much of the old-world content. DoN missions have seemed to fallen to the way-side other than the Progression tasks, but I know several that still do LDoNs either for points, fun, tribute items, or adventure stone progression.

5: Yes, there are benefits. DoN gear is somewhat obsolete, but if you're just starting out and low on funds, it's fairly easy to skill up in smithing and/or tailoring and be able to farm and make your own equipment that is descent, even though not the best in-game. As it has always been with tradeskills, it depends on the particular time frame. Currently Jewel Crafting is still a good skill, but again new Defiant jewelry has lessoned it's usefulness. The newly implemented non-caster Research tradeskill is also useful, but much more difficult and expensive to skill up in that the caster Research, but the non-caster hybrids and melee can make Discipline Tomes as well as their particuar class spells, that the caster Researchers can not. Poison Making has been revamped and non-Rogue usuable poisons are fairly sought after at the moment. Alchemy has always been a useful tradeskill. Each has it's points, and popularity varying over time.

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#121 Feb 14 2010 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
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honestly, i ve been 6 years out of the game, but i still remember it quite well. my original character was a cleric 65, later after selling my acc reached 80 - saw it on eq station. I reached a lot of PoP zones these days with my guild, and had a lot of funny group figths in some LDoN dungeons. now we have 2010 - and after Planes of Power, Legacy and LDoN I never saw another expansion - I didn't want to chase SOE expansion packs each 4-6 month, since I didn't reach the highest level in the previous.

thinking about rejoin: I don't wanna play a self-leveler, I wanna play a cleric or a wizz. Do you think such a class cn still be played on an eq server, or is it not possible to start for zero nowadays? Is it possible to find groups in lower levels 10-60?

I sometimes really miss EQ, also I wasted a lot of time of my life ... ;-)
#122 Feb 16 2010 at 7:56 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi Jaquir

See the nemerous 'classic' Eq thread's on here, there's a whole load of us starting over on various servers (Zek, Test, Stromm).
Can't imagine it'll be an issue at all.
#124 Aug 06 2010 at 6:56 AM Rating: Decent
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A. Route 1: When you start out you will spawn into the tutorial. This will guide you through the basics of the game or, if you are a returning player, bring you up to date with any changes that may have taken affect during your absence. Here you will find it easy to get a group and meet other players, and get your hands on some very nice newbie equipment. We didn't have that in my day!

When you hit level 10 or 11 leave the tutorial. When you leave you will spawn in Plane of Knowledge (PoK). Press backspace to bring up your ingame map and head over to the stone which says Crescent Reach, which will take you to Blightfire Moors. Run through Blightfire to Crescent Reach, and to the quests around there for armor and exp. Once you hit level 18 or so you can go to Paludal Caverns, where you can usually find a group pretty easily, and get nice exp.

Route 2: Leave the tutorial as soon as you finish the "walkthrough" stage and head over to the Serpent's Spine via route 1. There are many questgivers in Crescent Reach up to the twenties I believe. This route gives slightly better equipment rewards than route 1.

You can leave the tutorial either by talking to Arias, or stepping through the cave entrance behind the waterfall. If you tell the Soulbinder "bind my soul" inside the tutorial, you will be able to return as long as you are below level 16.

I am playing Evolution atm , can I access this area from PoK? I did not see a portal going out to this area ... or I overlooked it.
#126 Oct 24 2011 at 3:42 PM Rating: Good
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You can leave the tutorial at anytime after you do "Jailbreak." You need to hail Arias and tell him, "I am ready to leave." You will be taken to Plane of Knowledge. I created 2 characters after I returned after many years away. First I did the tutorial through level 11. I found doing the tutorial diminished the importance of many of the low level quests I remember tackling years ago like gathering the ingredients for Pine scout armour. For my second character I chose a half-elf druid and entered Shurefall Glade right after jailbreak and went straight to my Guildmaster, gave her the note, and then started in on the Pine-Druid armour quests. It seems more satisfying to start from scratch rather than have everything right at hand.
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#127 Jul 12 2012 at 10:12 AM Rating: Decent
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Druids have rez now. :D I think your nagging worked lol
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#128 Aug 03 2012 at 1:08 PM Rating: Decent
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A friend of mine is playing and I told him about this thread. He countered with this:

It has a lot of good information.
#129 Sep 30 2012 at 9:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Concerning AA's, especially valuable is this link:

Altho it doesn't have all provides specific info on the costs of higher ranks of AA's which is basically unavailable anywhere else, at least to my knowledge. Let's hope they get the rest of the classes added!
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#130 Dec 17 2012 at 12:57 PM Rating: Decent
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"Paladins of Norrath - Paladins (defunct?) " Yes, this domain is gone.

I noticed that The Spirit Realm has an active Paladin section:
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#131 Jan 26 2013 at 2:47 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm currently returned EQ to have some fun with the new community I'm looking for a group/guild to play with...seems everyone keeps to themselves nowadays

I'm on Vox I'm a lvl 14 war..
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#132 Mar 14 2013 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
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I also recently returned back playing EQ after many years. Comparing to my active EQ days (first half of 2000s) the game now seems bit deserted. Let me share some observations.
1. In the past players were having difficulty finding spawn to kill. Now you have a lot of options and thats not a problem anymore. I guess decline in population, new content and avarage player lvl (most players are high lvls ) are important factors. Anyway, I would be surprised to see people arguing over KSing these days.
2.Mercs have huge impact on game. In the past you had to get in a group if you wanted to make headway. You could solo but the exp gain (due to many factors) was not good compared to grouping. Now depending on your class you can hire a merc and you can solo very efficiently. On the other hand, players seem to tend grouping much less compared to old days. Maybe it is because my level but I can hardly find someone to group with. Most people box (paly more than 1 toon) with mercs and you would see full groups of toons played by same player.
Having said that, mercs are the main reason I returned back playing EQ. My current real life status would not allow me burn time for trying and finding a group and then staying in it for a dedicated amount of time, as I did in the past. Now I solo my beastlord with my healer merc and I play whenever my time allows me.
3. One of the first things I noticed is that it is a lot easier to gain decent or above decent gear as you play. In the past that was out of question.
4. Spells, for one thing, are very easy to obtain now. As a beastlord I go to PoK and there spell merchants even categorized according to spell levels.
5. You can buy some importans potions from vendors, ie. mana / HP regen pots, haste , heal pots etc.
6. You can buy good stuff from vendors in PoK, like rings, earrings etc.
7. You can also obtain cool stuff via quests. I think Serpent Spine twist has huge impact on EQ since it is a very newbie-friendly content.
8. In some ways EQ has similar defects as it had in the past.
For example I read beastlord lvl 62 / 64 warders can *still* not benefit from pet enhance foci due to some technical issues (that is another story) But hey, what are the devs doing right there ? Isn't it their responsibility to handle this issue and repair whatever the issue is ? Nine years ago you wouldn't surprise to see such things but now I am surprised to see such carelessness still persists in EQ.
Another example; Durings yesterday's patching, server status at Everquest home page showed all servers as "up", but you wouldnt be able play EQ. How am I supposed to track the servers to see when they are up and when they arent if they don't show the correct information ?
These are my initial observations. I am sure there will be a lot more. Well, I am eager to witness them myself with my beastlord as I walk the land of Norrath :)
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#133 May 05 2013 at 10:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Question, how do I using a laptop computer without scroll bar zoom out as so I can view my character ingame???
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#134 Aug 01 2013 at 6:00 PM Rating: Excellent
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New thing they added while I was away is a "level" tab in the vendors window. Very useful when trying to buy spells after getting a level. They also fixed the default total to buy for some things (spells for sure) so you have 1 instead of accidently getting an entire stack.

Long lost returning players should also spend some time touring Plane of Knowledge as they have semi-tutorialed it by placing all sorts of labelled NPC such as "auras" (by the north/nexus bank). These NPC explain in brief key features or additions to the game.

Editing this in after saying it on the main forum to a person coming back (that hadn't played since Luclin) that wanted plat, gear, haste item and advice:
The Crescent Reach levelling chain is compact and great xp compared to older content. If your a complete fresh start on a new server, it is also (in my experience) the best way to level and make money at the same time without having to stop and farm a lot. There is a lot of high-value vendor trash in the Serpent's Spine (the expansion this zone & levelling chain is from). Most low mobs have 1 drop that is worth significant plat rather than the usual copper from the low levels. Mobs in this chain of zones also have the /con of "weaker than..." so you can kill higher cons (especially with a tank merc) and get faster xp. Example: spiders in Goru'kar Mesa which a beastlord can likely handle somewhere in the 40s, certainly by 51 where my ranger was eating them up.

By level 20, if you want variety, go to Plane of Knowledge and visit Franklin Teek as he will tell you the "hotzone" (area with xp bonus modded put on it) and offer you a task. The rewards from the task are better at level 20 than what my Ldon era level 65 chanter had managed to earn... and the belt has haste on it (just make sure you pick the appropriate melee or caster version). The tasks can be redone daily (iirc).

If the hotzone is too hard you can usually get amazing xp killing light blues in the previous level bracket hotzone.

If your account is old then visit Alerynal kind of south of the Nexus stone in PoK. The bag of platinum is about 14000 plat so if you need a $ leg up... I just claimed 2 for my "broke and alone on Luclin server" ranger.

If you have a decent baz then skinspikes of various levels will be reasonably priced... using them can make levelling 1-60 very fast depending on class.

The various Defiant armor bits are world drops. Sometimes they are cheap in baz. Some pieces get really overpriced. Honestly, unless you purposely level slow you will end up somewhere around level 55-60 with a mismatched set in different slots and amazing stats compared to old gear. Under /claim the one 999 count claim Gift of Legacies Lost can be used once per character. Note: I usually save this until higher levels when the baz defiant gets expensive and the difference in focus effects can be important as what you get depends upon the level you open the box at.

Also, if the account is older... you will have the yellow text message on login "you have veteran rewards available for this character..." the first reward "lesson of the devoted" is a 30 minute xp gain buff that persists through death, refreshes every day. Veteran rewards are limited (you can't claim it on 30 alts) based on the age of your account. My account was old enough that I had earned another set of rewards so my ranger got to be a veteran. You can look at these abilities in the AA interface (press V is default to view iirc).

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#135 Aug 10 2013 at 1:26 PM Rating: Good
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Thanks Snailish, ive been thinking of playing some F2P EQ i was playing gold about 6months ago and took a break. Maybe its time to return again for a bit.
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#137 Mar 13 2014 at 8:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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Heroic Characters (Presently boosted to level 85) are now an option for the returning player. From the Allakhazam news post:

It's a big patch today! Making their debut are two new race/class combinations (Froglok Monk & Wood Elf Beastlord) as well as Heroic Characters (check out this link for SOE's FAQ about this new feature). You can find the full patch notes posted here.

If you're starting a heroic character, you'll probably want to take note of two things:

•The "dream" version of the Feerrott has been set up to be very "new character-friendly" (clearly intended as a start zone for newly created Heroic Characters):
◦A large area in the northern part of the Feerrott has been made non-hostile (protective NPCs surround the area, keeping hostile mobs away).
◦A soulbinder, a banker, a parcels vendor, and a mercenary liaison have been added.
◦Most (possibly all) Feerrott quest NPCs, spell vendors, and adventure merchants have been moved to this same area.
◦The Plane of Knowledge portal stone to Oggok now points to both the original Feerrott as well as the "dream" Feerrott (an option window pops up).
•If you have a Heroic Character and want access to Tier V Journeyman Mercenaries, you'll want to run through the task "No Heroism Without Fear" (given by Investigator Drolmer in the Feerrott).

Some other things about Heroics:

-You have several pieces of clicky gear with really good effects on them
-If you have been away awhile, they make most clicky gear clickable from inventory now. You can move the icon onto hotbars. All of the Heroic gear is hotbar clickable.
-As a gold sub I couldn't pick Kelethin or Rathe as home city for the new wood elf beast or Froglok monk home cities. Since they put trainers in these home cities, I expect this is an oversight that will get fixed. (Silver/bronze accounts can only set Crescent Reach as home city)
-You can boost any old character with the heroic feature. I did a level 51ish necro I had lying around. I also created a new mage. It works out the same either way, except the necro had a bunch of old gear I had to trash.
-Both my heroic characters are augmentless, so hitting old hotzones (as a returning player) is one fast/easy/cheap way to put on some.
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#141 Nov 03 2014 at 8:59 AM Rating: Good
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i recently came back as i do from time to time. the Eq world is the best in the gaming industry.

loved the merc system. Made actually playing the game for the first 70 levels tolerable. After that, it was begging for groups again and spending what little free time you have doing something close to nothing.

i will leave again for the same reason i always do. Boars me to tears after a few hours of playing. sorry, it just does. love the world, just cant find enough reason to log on after revisiting some old haunts after a week or so.

Heroic toons? why 85? that level is soooo ungroupable. the bottom of the exp spread for grouping with 100. 90 would have been more useful.

Eq has never made any sense to me with the decisions they make. NO PAIN, NO FUN should be their motto. Probably a hit with bdsm fanatics though.

EQ is the only game i have ever played where i have walked away angry at times after playing. The only game where i have played for a couple hours and accomplished nothing. The only game where grouping is just flat out boring. The only game where soloing is PUNISHED unless you are boxing more than one account.

it makes you feel like an abused spouse. kick them and they come back for more.

something for everyone i guess.
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#142 Apr 20 2015 at 2:14 AM Rating: Good
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I dont know what to play. I prefer pve raiding. Which classes are needed or not needed in a raid? Could you write pros and cons?
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#143 Apr 20 2015 at 5:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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Raids need tanks, healer, dps and support.

The best tank class for raiding is the warrior. Followed by shadowknight and paladin.

The best healer class is the cleric. Followed by shaman and druid.

The best dps class is wizard. But also providing excellent dps are magician, necromancer, berserker, rogue, monk, ranger, beastlord.

There are no "best" support classes per se, it just comes down to what the remaining classes have to offer. Enchanters provide mind buffs, can boost dps of other classes and have some decent dps of their own, but not enough to put in the dps class. Bards offer excellent abiilities to improve the capabilities of everyone else in the raid. Bards and monks are excellent pullers, but pulling has become an ability that several classes can now manage to excel at, especially when the mage's call of the hero spell is added to the mix.

Several classes have a buff or two which are very useful to have cast "MGB" (Mass Group Buff) on the entire raid but for some ONE of that class is sufficient to keep the raid buffed. Ranger, paladin, druid, enchanter, beastlord all have those kinds of buffs. Every raid wants at least one player to be able to contribute these buffs to the raid.

Frankly, if I had to pick a class that can most be left out of raids, it would be the necro. Necro dps, based on dots, works well on boss mobs, but even then you can almost always replace that kind of dps with more wizards and mages.

If you want to have the easiest time joining a raiding guild make a warrior or cleric or wizard. If you want a challenge, make a necromancer,

Yes, my comments are arguable. I look forward to the arguments. Smiley: lol

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Sippin wrote:

Yes, my comments are arguable. I look forward to the arguments. Smiley: lol

Sippin is 100% correct. Smiley: wink
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snailish wrote:
Sippin wrote:
Yes, my comments are arguable. I look forward to the arguments. Smiley: lol
Sippin is 100% correct. Smiley: wink

Snailish is wrong. Smiley: tongue
gbaji wrote:
Bush is a complete and utter moron.
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Like I used to tell my young son, I'm right when I'm right and I'm right when I'm wrong. Smiley: wink
Sippin 105 DRU *** Max AA *** Firionia Vie
Master Artisan (300) * Baker * Brewer * Fletcher * Jeweler * Potter * Researcher * Smith * Tailor
My crew: 105 WAR ENC CLE MAG WIZ 100 SHD BER RNG SHM Master Alchemist 96 PAL *** 70 ROG Master Tinkerer & Poison-Maker
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