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how do i get combat abilities?Follow

#1 Jan 05 2004 at 2:45 PM Rating: Default
I'm a lvl 37 barbarian warrior how do i get combat abilities(alt-c)?

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In order to get the new combat abilities, there are two places that I know about that have the books available.

The first is the great library in the planes of knowledge. The guys in on the same level as the cleric spells.

The second is in the east commonlands, in the tunnel area that heads to north ro. I am not sure exactly which npc has the books for sale there.

After buying the books, you have to give them to your guildmaster. After that you have that ability.

BTW I would hurry up and do this. At level 20 there is the ability provoke, which I find to be awesome at getting and maintaining aggro.

The other ones at this point are ok, and I have them all, but the one that you will use all the time is provoke if you mt.
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ahhh ok very cool.

Would you say that provoke works better than taunt then?
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They work well in conjunction with one another.

Basically every creature you go to battle with has an aggro list. As characters do things to a creature, the amount of aggro they have to that monster increases. Whoever is on the top of this list is the person that the creature is going to be attacking.

What taunt does is if you are not the highest person on this list is to give you 1 more point of aggro then the current highest person. So when you succeed on a taunt, you will be top on the list. Then it is up to you to keep the top spot.

What provoke does is increase your aggro on the list, and continue to add aggro for a period of time. I am not exactly sure about all the details on how it does this.

So What works really great is to be successful on a taunt and then use the provoke ability to keep aggro. Many times, even if i do not succeed on taunt, I will still get aggro and keep it using provoke.

#5 Jan 05 2004 at 7:00 PM Rating: Good
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Just as a clarification as to where to get the training books:

Go to the Library in PoK. Go to the left. On that floor, there is one book seller (monk I believe). All the other book sellers are either one floor up or one floor down from that level (take the stairs that are right there).

Once you find the book seller for your class, buy all the books that you can use. Then find a guildmaster for your class (which can be a pain in PoK honestly, look for the big two story buildings to the north and south of the library). Verify that you're dealing with a guildmaster by clicking on him. He should give you a list of skills to train in. Simply hand him the books you bought and you'll get the skills.

Hit alt-C to open up the combat menu. You will see a box with 8 hotkeys. There's also a "S" button. Hit that and you should see a list of combat skills appear in a new box. Each will give some basic information (how long it lasts and how long you have to wait for reuse). If you right click on a non-text/non-border part of that window, you'll bring up a little drop down that will also tell you what timers each skill is on (very useful IMO). Skills that are on the same timer can't be used at the same time (or while the reuse time is still going on the last skill on that timer). Skills on different timers can be used at the same time.

In the skills box, there's a "make hotkey" button. Highlight a skill you like and hit the "make hotkey" button. Drop the hotkey into the combat box into one of the numbered boxes. Note that you can use those skills by hitting cnt-# where # is the number of the box you dropped the hotkey into. This is probably a better way to use the combat box then by having it up on the screen (clutter and all that).

That should be all you need to know about using the new combat abilities.

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