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#1 Jan 03 2004 at 3:22 AM Rating: Default
this is a dumb question and i feel retarted. How do you travel to the LoY zones and the LdoN zones. please dont make fun of me lol.
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The LoY zones are for levels 35 and over and can be reached from Stonebrunt Mountains on Odus, I believe. Never been there myself.

The LDoN zones are located mostly in Antonica, with a few in a Faydwer. You'll know where one is when you accept a mission. But you need to be level 20 to start doing LDoN missions, and you're probably better off not starting them until your late 20's anyway.

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#3 Jan 03 2004 at 5:33 AM Rating: Good
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LoY zone in is via Stonebrunt mountains on Odus, either port in via Druid or use PoK book to paineel. From entering Paineel go into the warrens <get a map of the warrens from EQAtlas as it's a bit mazy> drop an invis on yourself and run through to Stoneburnt from there.

there are 5 LDoN zones at present all in the old world.

Butcherblock: lots of undead and suchlike , most commonly used by most people. You can find the camp by the Gfay zoneline.

East commonlands: Orcs and gobbo's. You can find the camp in the tunnel to NRo.

North Ro: Sand elves and elementals. you can find the camp to the left as you exit the tunnel from EC.

South Ro: frogloks and slimes. you can find the camp NE of the druid circle in the forest part.

Everfrost: weird scary stuff. you can find the camp at the 'V' in the river on the open tundra.

LDoN has a min lvl of 20 but points don't start to become worthwhile untill 50+. Remember to talk to the NPC in your home city and aquire your adventurers stone before doing your first LDoN, or you won't get in and everyone will get annoyed at you.

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Thanks alot, this really does help me
#5 Jan 03 2004 at 5:23 PM Rating: Good
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LDoN has a min lvl of 20 but points don't start to become worthwhile untill 50+.
Points aren't worthwhile until 50+, but the loot can still be nice. I got an all/all cloak with AC:6 +7 INT/WIS +3(?) STA and Regeant Conservation II in a mid 30's dungeon last night that my mage is very much enjoying. I've found the dungeons a good deal at most any level, the biggest issue being that, sub 45, you often have to wait a while to get into a pick-up group because there's not that many lvl 30's LFG to make a group out of.

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