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#1 Jan 01 2004 at 10:52 PM Rating: Decent
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Having played a necromancer, I know what it's like to be kill on sight, and with that character I've never really made an effort to get myself into good cities like Qeynos, rather just hung out where I'm welcome. I tried very briefly around level 20-25 but with my worship of Innoruk on top of my race it was just not worthwhile after I became able to travel to evil places via PoK. However, I recently began a wizard and want to go the dark elf route. If I go agnostic, will this make it significantly easier to get good faction in a good city, or will it even make me not-KOS in some of them?

While I'm posting I'd like to ask some basic tactics for low level wizards to solo with. From the looks of things it's basically just root-nuke, with melee cleaning house in the very low levels, but if I'm missing any strategies please enlighten me. Thanks in advance
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#2 Jan 01 2004 at 11:37 PM Rating: Excellent
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An agnostic DE is dubious in good cities if I recall. Still KOS to cleric and druid guilds, but by paying attention to your surroundings and doing some faction work you should be able to buy and sell safely in most cities.
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#3 Jan 02 2004 at 7:49 PM Rating: Decent
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I cannot comment on playing an agnostic DE wizzie since a DE who does not worship Inny and/or a wizzie who does not worship Sol Ro is an affront to GOD HIMSELF!

That being a low level wizzie a lot of your solo combat will be root/nuke. Rather un-eventful but effective. You will miss your pet, especially if your root breaks early (and it will, often too) or does not hold at all. This is where the second part of my post comes in. Keep your offensive and defensive skills MAXXED! When you get into groups anytime you get the chance get up there and smack the mob a few times, and let them smack you. A lot of people disagree with that idea, make sure your group leader is ok with it, but it can be the diff between life and death later on. And keep all your weapon skills up. It really sux getting a cool 2hb or piercing weapon when you have used your staff your whole career. You won't ever be mistaken for a fighter but when you are OOM and your mob is regaining HP's faster then you are able to do damage to it it really blows (I've been there).

I recommend this site [link][/link]. A lot of the stuff on there is for higher level peeps but there are excellent learning threads in the forums. Look for a thread called "Whizbang's guide for new wizards" or something similar to that. A lot of good info, and great resources on the entire site itself.

Happy hunting and welcome to the fold.
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