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FFXIV Bard Forum
5 15 Newbie question Go to latest post
131 days ago
Black Mage
FFXIV Black Mage Forum
21 210 Essential BLM Macros? Go to latest post
1 hour, 21 minutes ago
FFXIV Dragoon Forum
11 75 which secondary stat is best Go to latest post
77 days ago
FFXIV Monk Forum
4 21 Which attribute affects second wind for mnk or pug? Go to latest post
132 days ago
FFXIV Paladin Forum
9 32 Needs more aggro!
48 days ago
FFXIV Scholar Forum
4 15 My Fairy and I
139 days ago
FFXIV Summoner Forum
9 27 Summoner Macro Guide, Pet Control and General Play Tips Go to latest post
36 days ago
FFXIV Warrior Forum
5 65 Your Warrior's Latest and Greatest Accomplishment Go to latest post
96 days ago
White Mage
FFXIV White Mage Forum
6 26 How I beat Titan HM and learned to love the bomb Go to latest post
37 days ago