Heroes of the Storm Introduces Chen Stormstout

Blizzard has released its latest Hero Page for Heroes of the Storm, and this time around we get introduced to the Wandering Brewmaster, Chen Stormstout.

Heroes of the Storm: 64-Bit Game Client Coming

Yesterday, Blizzard announced that it will be releasing a 64-bit version for the Technical Alpha of its upcoming title, Heroes Of The Storm.

This new version of the client will be available for alpha testers when maintenance is completed on the next patch day, and should provide players with a smoother experience while running the game.

Wowhead Weekly: Episode 9

Party up with Olivia and Perculia for a new Wowhead Weekly: Episode 9! This week comes with a major bonus: comment on the Wowhead news post with your favorite Warlords Guide, and you could win one of 100 Warlords beta keys!

Now, for the topics covered in this week's episode:

BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Now Available

It's almost that time of year again, where the expansive universes Blizzard Entertainment has created all come together and are joined by the very community that supports them. BlizzCon 2014 is rapidly approaching, and if you're unable to attend the festivities in person, the Virtual Ticket is now available.

Play WoW Free Until September 26th

As World of Warcraft prepares for its next big expansion, Warlords of Draenor, the team over at Blizzard is giving new players a chance to jump into the world of Azeroth for free until September 26th with the Standard edition of the game, along with its expansions up to Cataclysm, unlocked.

Wowhead Weekly: Episode 8

Join Olivia and Perculia once again for Wowhead Weekly: Episode 8! The two discuss a plethora of topics including Patch 6.0, the implications of scaling in the Proving Grounds, Wowhead's database updates, Garrison Transmog gear, and the Blasted Lands beta updates.

Wowhead Weekly: Episode 7

Join Olivia and Perculia for a new Wowhead Weekly: Episode 7! Another busy week, so the duo have plenty to discuss: the Robin Williams NPC, the launch of OAuth on Wowhead, Community Tribute items – it's a long list of topics!